Haven S4E12 - "When the Bough Breaks (Part 1)" Recap

People in Haven are dying after hearing a distant baby crying. Jennifer is being set up at a hideout to keep her safe from William. Audrey and Nathan head out to investigate the random deaths. Jennifer tells Duke there is a Guard symbol in the book that fades in and out and he says that he knows someone in the Guard with a tattoo that does the same thing.

Audrey and Nathan believe William has something to do with the new deaths. They spot him at one of the crime scenes and he says that they will need his help or more people will keep on dying. Duke and Jennifer visit Vince and Dave and find that Vince's tattoo fades in and out in sync with the one in the book. The book is signalling Vince but they have no idea why.

William tells Audrey that they used to set up complimentary Troubles to see how they would interact. The source of this Trouble is a baby, Aaron Harker. As they approach, the baby cries and someone dies. William tells Audrey she will have to give someone a complimentary Trouble (a silencing Trouble) in order to keep people from dying. William believes that if Audrey gives someone a Trouble, she will remember who she originally was.

Audrey is obviously not fond of this plan so she speaks with Aaron's father, Ben, who tells them that the crying-killing Trouble runs in their family but it normally starts at puberty. William used the black goo to trigger the Trouble early. Normally, the people in the family teach their children not to cry but a baby cannot be taught. Vince at first wonders if he is the heart of Haven but the group doesn't believe this to be the case. He says that the tattoo is a birthmark on each firstborn in the family. It is a symbol of their being tasked with protecting Troubled people.

Gloria is Ben's step-mother and helps Audrey and Nathan to know more about the Harker family curse. She says that the worst case of it was in 1901 when so many people were killed that the Troubled Harker had to be killed. Since Audrey is Trouble-immuned, she decides to try holding the baby and see if holding it will keep anyone from dying. He cries and his mother dies.

Time is running out before the baby cries again so Nathan tells her to create the complimentary Trouble. Duke is not happy about the idea, concerned about what could happen if she turns back into this big-bad version of herself. William tells her she needs three things to create a Trouble, a strong intention on a particular curse, a suitable person that will fit the Trouble, and one of his black orbs.

Audrey talks things through with Nathan and Duke. They note how the Troubles have matched the person whom they manifested in. Audrey decides that a good match might be someone who can hardly hear and hones in on Gloria's husband Lincoln who could hold the silence Trouble that could save baby Aaron. Vince holds Jennifer's book and it causes his tattoo to start spinning like a compass. They find that it is pointing in the direction of the lighthouse, which they realise must be the heart of Haven.

Lincoln agrees to be cursed with the Trouble. Audrey puts the mark on him and after doing so, everything becomes incredibly loud to everyone except Audrey. The baby begins crying and five more people die. She gets the baby out of the room and calms him down before returning him to his father. William shows up and is disappointed that she is still Audrey. When she tells him it didn't work, he gives her six more orbs, saying she'll have to keep going until she gets it right.

Jennifer, Vince, and Dave are at the lighthouse and she is able to see a trapdoor inside that they can't and they all go through it. Audrey talks with Duke, trying to figure out what to do next. Ben comes over and tells Duke he wants him to kill him to end the family Trouble and save baby Aaron. Jennifer, Vince, and Dave find a giant Guard symbol under the lighthouse and Jennifer reads that they need four people to summon the door.

Ben convinces Duke of what he is pleading and he finally agrees. Audrey doesn't want to re-Trouble Duke, but both he and Ben are volunteering for this. This is the only option besides killing the baby, something Audrey and the others are even more against. Gloria is distraught over having to lose her step-son but Ben is able to make her see that it is for the best and baby Aaron will still have her to look after him. Duke speaks with Jennifer to reassure her that things will be okay before Audrey uses an orb to blacken her hand and prepares to touch Duke.

Haven airs on Fridays on Syfy at 10PM.


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