Haven S4E2 - "Survivors" Recap

It's Founders' Day in Haven, and two boys find a body standing upright, burnt to charcoal. Nathan and Dwight visit the crime scene and learn that the body seems to have been the source of the fire, similar to spontaneous combustion. Luckily, the teeth are intact so they'll be able to use dental records to learn the identity of the victim.

William returns to the bar and Lexie still doesn't believe what he has to say. He tells her that her remembering is going to be a process.

Duke asks Wade if he is going to stay around, but Wade tells him he has been commuting back forth from New York and will be returning, as his wife is unhappy with his absences. Duke tells Jennifer that she is not crazy, and encourages her to stop taking her meds. Wade tells Duke that two men had tried to buy the Grey Gull and Duke learns that they were Vince and Dave.

The burned victim is Sally Marigold, daughter of Frank the fire department captain. Sally's brother Bill burned to death fighting a fire during the meteor storm. The Marigolds are the first lead in the case.

Duke visits Vince to confront him about his trying to purchase the Grey Gull. Vince tells him that the Guard didn't want another Crocker in Haven taking up the "family business." Duke tells him that Wade will be leaving town that night and to keep the Guard away from him.

Nathan heads to the fire station and Frank Marigold tells him that his family are not Troubles. Another person dies from incineration, this time a cab driver. The driver, Jacob, is not a Marigold, so someone else has the Trouble causing this.

Lexie tells William how she came to come to the bar and he tells her that none of those memories are real. He says that she remembers them but she doesn't feel the emotions. Her previous life was in Haven, Maine, but Lexie tells him to finish his beer and leave.

Duke tells Jennifer that his brother isn't cut out to stay in Haven with all the Troubles, sharing a story of from childhood about his brother getting sick when a Troubled kid broke his arm and the bone was sticking out but he couldn't feel it. Duke returns to the Grey Gull and finds Wade drinking, having discovered that his wife has been sleeping with the contractor after checking the nanny cams he installed to confirm his suspicions. Wade tells him he can't go back until he locks up his assets and serves up the divorce papers.

Jennifer picks up a coffee from the Black House Coffee Shop. When she realises she has forgotten her shopping bag, she heads back in and finds everyone inside incinerated. When Nathan questions her, she lists everyone she remembered seeing in the coffee shop. One of the people she lists was not among those incinerated. The extra fifth person was a man with a blue coat and brass button. Nathan finds that one of the victims had been collecting donations for the fire department, as proven by a photo on the money jar. Nathan realises that the Trouble person must be a fireman.

Nathan, Duke, and Jennifer return to the fire station. The firefighters are all headed out. Jennifer spots the man from a photo on the wall. They learn that the man's name is Don Keaton and that he had been in the same fire that killed Bill Marigold and left town immediately after being the only survivor. Don has returned to Haven to receive a medal, and Nathan theorises that his Trouble has been triggered by survivor's guilt. Being reminded of his service brings out his guilt and brings out the Trouble. But today, he is about to receive a medal in thanks for his services in front of the whole town, meaning that time is ticking for them to stop him.

Lexie is upset with William and when she reminds him that he has a gun, he takes it out and takes it apart. She tells him to take the parts and leave but it's then the man returns with a giant man as his personal muscle.

Nathan and the law enforcement are at the Founder's Day celebration. Nathan wants to arrest Don when he finds him and lead him away before he can kill anyone else. Nathan manages to spot him and Dwight begins getting people away. Nathan begins to arrest Don but when he hears an announcement about his medal, Nathan's sleeve begins to smoke. Jordan sees them and wants to go over and touch Don so he'll end up unconscious, but Duke refuses to let her by. Nathan tells Don about his Trouble and talks him through each of the victims of it and how they triggered it. Dwight takes Keaton away and Jordan nags Nathan for being more concerned about Audrey and the Troubled. Duke tells him Jordan is wrong and that he had been helping people since even before Audrey came to Haven.

The shifty man insists on taking William out of the bar and as he begins to leave with them, she quickly reassembles the gun and fires a warning shot, ordering them to let William go. The men leave, while William returns to the counter and asks her if she still thinks she is a bartender.

Back at the Gull, Wade tells Duke he will stay with him in Haven and looks forward to being able to reconnect. Vince ominously comments to Duke about Wade's staying in town. Duke heads outside and Jennifer tells him how afraid she was when the voices began. After the day's events, she now sees how important Audrey is and will try to help them, before dumping her meds out.

Lexie demands William tell her who she really is and William says that if he does this, there will be no going back.

Haven airs on Fridays on Syfy at 10PM.


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