Helix S1E10 - "Fushigi" Recap

Sarah wakes to find she is about to be scanned. Alan reassures her that it will be quick. She sees a vector attack and kill the people outside but Alan wakes her and asks her what's wrong, saying she was screaming. Hatake tells Julia that her mother took Julia and left him after she learned about the abducted Inuit children. He says most were given to families who couldn't have children of their own and that he deeply regrets what he has done. He also shows her a book, cataloguing her life events, indicating that he had kept an eye on her. She asks him about the silver eyes and he says it is a rare genetic mutation. She says he is lying and that she deserves to know the truth. He says he's trying to protect her and she tells him that that isn't his job.

Alan tells Sarah that the tumour is spreading to her brain and she says she just wanted to be able to go in the field, and apologises for lying to him. He comforts her and says that he is really glad she's there.

Anana patches up Balleseros and he briefly checks her out. Daniel comes in and tells them that the Illeria bodies are being disposed of. He thanks Balleseros for his help, who then says that Illeria won't stop until they hunt everyone down to keep their secret. Balleseros tells Anana that they should flee if they want to survive.

Julia tells Alan about Hatake. When he confronts Hatake, Hatake informs him about Dr. Adrian's having taken the NARVIK samples and fled the base. Hatake is certain that there is nothing out ther and that Adrian will simply freeze to death. Alan is unconvinced, and shares his concerns with Julia. They find an abandoned station on the map that he has likely fled to and Alan assumes that Adrian either works for Illeria or he intends to. Hatake tries to convince them not to go, but they go anyways.

Hatake visits Sarah in the lab. He admits he feels guilty for doing terrible things in the name of science. She reminds him about Edward Jenner, who had tested on an 8 year old boy and developed a vaccine for smallpox from the experiment. She goes on to say that his misdeeds will be worth it if they're able to stop the Narvik disease.

Alan and Julia reach the station and find Adrian radioing Illeria. They try to convince him to do otherwise and a scuffle ensues. He slashes Julia and grabs the samples. He runs off but Alan catches up to him. They fight and Alan knocks him through a window. He restrains him and Julia says that the radio is broken but she might be able to fix it. Alan goes off in search of another generator.

Anana and the other Inuits are preparing to flee. Daniel won't leave with them, saying he needs to stay behind and give them a fighting chance. They find that a snow mobile is missing and Daniel insists on going after it to find who has escaped, since news of what really happened will put all of them at risk.

Julia attempts to make the radio work while calling out a mayday and Alan attempts to help, while being taunted by Adrian. A sniper then takes out Adrian and the duo get down while keeping the virus samples close. The shooter calls out to them, saying to turn over the virus and they will be let free. Alan theorises that there is only one, since if there were more, they would have stormed in already. A foreign voice calls out to them over the radio responding to their mayday. When Alan tries to reach for it, the sniper shoots it dead.

Back at the base, Hatake returns to his office to find vector-Peter who has been rifling through his belongings. He tells Peter he wants to help but Peter's not having any of it.

Alan and Julia discuss the various things that led to the end of their relationship, including his becoming distant and her infidelity. They then find an opening leading underground.

Sarah logs some findings of Julia's test results. There's something in her DNA that was either the result of her being cured or the cause of it. She plans to use samples of Julia's spinal fluid to inject into her own central nervous system to see if it will cure her cancer.

Alan and Julia get underground and hear someone singing. They head towards the voice and find a hairless man with silver eyes chained up. He asks them to free him and give him some water. He's singing The First Noel and it's all very creepy. He says his name is Gunnar Mikelson and he tells them he remembers being a scientist, a preacher, and a Viking. More singing and another request to be freed. He then says Constance made him choose a side and that's why Hiroshi had him locked up down there. He says there can be no more than 500 and Julia angrily tells him to explain his eyes. He tells her she can survive four minutes without oxygen, four days without water, forty days without food, and says that rebirth feels like dying. He says they thought they had found the ultimate gift of eternal life but to live forever is to die ten thousand times.

Balleseros visits Anana. She says they shouldn't be running from their home and he says he's learned over the years that home is made from people and not places. She thanks him for what he has done to help save her and the others and he says it doesn't excuse what he's done. She tells him it could be a start to his becoming the man he wishes to be and then they kiss.

Alan doesn't believe Gunnar but Julia is more inclined to hear what he has to say after all that has happened to her. They hear a noise and realise that the shooter has found the hatch. Alan says that they need to hide the virus.

Sarah is still working hard in the lab but as she records more of her work, she falls down seizing.

Julia asks Gunnar how long he has been down there and he says 29. When she asks if he means days, he laughs and says he means 29 years. She asks why Hatake chained him down there and he says he has dreamt of his revenge countless times. He knows that she hates him too and asks why but Alan returns and says they need to go. Gunnar pleads to be brought with them but Alan says it's not a good idea. Julia wants answers but when she gets near him with the bolt cutters, he tries to take them from her. She puts them to his neck to try to get him to stop but then he makes a move to try to kill himself. She asks what he is doing and he says that the longer you live, the more you will suffer and that living forever means watching everyone you love die. He then has her clamp the bolt cutters into his jugular, demanding to be freed. Just then, the shooter catches up to them. He tries to beat the location of the virus samples out of Alan and threatens to shoot Julia but Daniel shows up and shoots him dead. They set the station on fire and Julia throws the virus into it.

They return to the base and Alan learns from Hatake that Sarah has suffered multiple seizures. He looks over her and Hatake informs him that he had to put her into a medically induced coma. Julia returns and Hatake asks them where they were. When she tells him and also lets him know they met Gunnar, he tells her that he had betrayed her mother to Sutton. It would have been a death sentence and so he repayed him with a life sentence. Julia deduces that "the 500" are the ones in charge and Hatake says that there are 500 immortals who run Illeria corporation. Sarah then begins to crash and we hear Julia's voice from the messages she had recorded to Alan, saying that she wasn't scared. We then see Alan watching the message and crying.

Hatake tells Alan that Sarah only has a few hours at most to live. If they are going to act, they must do it now. Hatake says that Julia can save Sarah and we see her standing over Sarah's body.

In the vent, we see vector-Peter taping up photos of Julia. Because this show just wasn't creepy enough.

Finally, we see that Julia still has samples of the Narvik virus.

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