Helix S1E11 - "Black Rain" Recap

A woman looks for food on what looks like a hospital wing of the station and spots a live rat in a microwave. She is caught by some Vectors and Peter looks on at the scene and the rat explodes.

Hatake has Sutton's phone and an alert has gone off on it since she has failed to check in. A countdown begins for six hours. Hatake goes to a safe, pulls out a suitcase containing explosives and begins setting them.

Alan visits Julia, who is still recovering from her spinal tap to help Sarah, whose tumour is now shrinking. They can't explain the science behind it just yet and they also know that Illaria still poses a threat to them. Their conversation is interrupted by a man, who tells Alan that people on the base are going missing.

Hatake is going around the base planting explosives and it's unclear what the significance of each location is.

The man brings Alan to the scene of the rat in the microwave and says that Dr. Takedo (the woman from the beginning) had gone out to look for some food. She was warned not to go alone but she wouldn't listen. Alan says that the vectors are back and they are setting traps, knowing that food is scarce and people are desperate. The man says this doesn't make sense but Alan believes that the vectors represent a next step in evolutionary virology. It creates a new organism as part of a viral collective.

Hatake informs Alan about the upcoming strike team from Illaria of 100 mercenaries who will storms the base looking for the virus. Alan says they need to guard the remaining survivors by placing them in a room against a vector attack. Daniel warns them that they have a limited amount of weapons. Hatake reveals that he has planted explosives around the base and hopes to lure the mercenaries into a select area before detonating them. The rest of them could take refuge in the hidden bunker beneath the base. The vectors are revealed to be spying on Peter through the wall outside the room containing the survivors.

Daniel tells Hatake he feels betrayed over his not telling him about the existence of the bunker. Hatake says there is an escape tunnel from the bunker that will take them to the surface following the blast. He tells Daniel he cannot do this without him. Their relationship is still shaky at best. While they prepare their stockpile of weapons, the vectors are seen doing the same.

Julia shows Alan more findings regarding her DNA and the Narvik virus and long story short, they might be able to find a way to re-program the Narvik virus to destroy itself. Alan says this won't work since they don't have the virus, Julia reveals her not having destroyed all the samples. Alan is furious and says that she is like Hatake. She then says that she is like her father. Alan's still not happy but he says that he will help her.

The vectors are then shown to be draining Dr. Takedo of her blood and collecting it into a bowl.

Hatake brings Daniel down to the bunker and reveals that before him, he had a daughter whom he built the place for. He admits that Julia is his daughter and Daniel is infuriated that all the destruction and mayhem was for Julia. When Daniel tells him they are all just an experiment to him, Hatake says that life is an experiment. Daniel angrily says he will check each explosive to ensure that the base gets "blown to hell."

Sarah wants to help Alan and Julia but they want her to rest since it was only yesterday that she was on the brink of death. Sarah proposes that they use croygenic fluid to slow the virus down to help their plan and they are impressed.

The vectors are then shown to be contaminating the water supply with black goo and then setting off the sprinkler system, raining down on the remaining survivors in the locked room.

The group tries to recalibrate their plan and Alan is angry when Hatake tells them that Peter had visited him as a cryptic warning of what was to come and that he should have put Peter down when he had the chance. Julia calms them down and gets them back on track. They go down to the lab and test their cure on the rats. It would prove slower than they would like to have to dose one Vector at a time so they decide to use tanks designed by Daniel named Arcker.

Julia and Hatake encounter Peter, blasting him with the cold air, which slows him down enough to inject him in the stomach. He begins convulsing on the ground and coughs up black bile before some vectors come charging at them after seeing one of their own in danger. When they get close, Hatake steps forward and blasts them with the cold gas and he and Julia begin injecting each of them.

The team begins tending to the recovering patients. Sarah is shown to be getting headaches and alan is concerned about her though she insists that she's fine. Peter is remorseful, feeling he was unworthy of a cure. Alan informs Julia about Sarah's re-occuring symptoms. The alarm is tripped, revealing that Illaria is on its way.

Alan, Hatake, and Daniel head outside and find that the team isn't making a direct approach but then an explosion goes off. They find that it was a diversion and some mercenaries drop down from the sky. Hatake has an arm injury and is brought down to the bunker with the others. He warns them that there is one man on their way, known as "The Scythe." He gets into an elevator with some of the survivors who think that he (and his two masked companions) are from the army. They are relieved, telling him that they have a cure and are glad to be rescued. When the elevator reaches the bottom, everyone except for the three masked men are dead.

Daniel tells the group that if the others aren't down there by now, then they are not coming. Sarah gets another intense migraine and her eyes are shown to be changing to silver. Daniel clicks the button to set off the explosives, since they cannot wait any longer, but none of them go off. The three masked men are actually one young boy ("The Scythe") with silver eyes and two womyn.

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