Helix S1E12 - "The Reaping" Recap

The Scythe reports back to his superiors that he has not found Constance Sutton and that the cure does exist. He is given a to-do list of: 1. Deliver Narvik virus and cure. 2. Deliver Hiroshi Hatake -- alive. 3. Terminate all other personnel.

Down in the bunker, Sarah is wearing a cap to hide her now-silver eyes. She and Peter are discussing their next plan of action. Peter says they cannot run and hide. Either Illaria will survive or they will. Julia reassures Hatake about Daniel, who has gone in search of the other scientists. Daniel returns and his stern look is all they need to know that the others are dead. Alan, Peter, and Daniel observe the carnage and Peter is highly emotional upon seeing it. Daniel knows that the Scythe is responsible and Alan wants to lure the intruders out.

Sarah puts some colour contacts in. She thanks Julia for saving her life. They talk about the perks of immortality - looking young and maintaining their health. Sarah thinks that with enough time, they could accomplish anything. Julia warns her that they will have to watch everyone they know die and they must also keep their immortality secret. But these issues will only matter if they survive the next 12 hours.

Balleseros is taking the reigns of helping the tribe members to evacuate. Daniel's brother Toluk is weary of him but Anana points out that he has military experience and leadership abilities. She reminds him that he saved her and all of their lives. She trusts him but if she is wrong, she promises to "gut the son-of-a-bitch" herself.

Alan, Hatake, and Daniel look over security footage of the Scythe. Alan is amazed by how young he is but Hatake warns him not to underestimate him. The Scythe and his sidekicks are watching the footage of them watching the footage and they are interrupted by banging coming from a mysterious black box. Scythe asks for one of them to shut her up and the woman goes over and injects whomever is inside it. The other sidekick shows the Scythe security footage of Hatake murdering Sutton and he vows to avenge his mother's death. Mother??? They then overhear the group talking about how they still have samples of the virus and have developed a cure.

Toluk confronts Balleseros and warns him to keep away from Anana and tells him to leave. Juliet tells Daniel he is free to think of her a sister, and he politely thanks her and says that he already has one. Hatake tells Alan he has worked for many lifetimes to try to bring immortality to the people in the hopes of ending disease, war, and suffering. Alan questions how him immortality has effected his humanity, since he killed Sutton. Hatake tells him he doesn't understand. They head outside to retrieve the virus and are caught by Scythe and his sidekicks. Scythe tells Hatake he will answer to the board for killing his mother. Scythe demands to get the virus and Hatake tells him to come and get it. When Scythe approaches, Hatake tosses it aside. One of the sidekicks, Thea, goes to retrieve it and falls into an icy ditch that opens up beneath her feet.

Hatake and Alan run back in and tell Julia and Daniel that one of the three has been taken out. The Scythe and the remaining sidekick, Blake, go back over the footage and hear Sutton reveal that Hatake has a daughter. The Scythe tasks Blake with finding out everything he can about Hatake's daughter. Sarah speaks with Peter. He shares that Alan was quite a stickler for rules even when they were growing up and that he slept with Julia because he loved her. Alan, Daniel, Hatake, and Julia are in an elevator heading down and the lights go out. When they come back on, they find that Julia has been taken.

The group receives a message in a canister that calls Hatake a traitor and contains one of Julia's fingers. Hatake is being summoned to isolation to go alone otherwise Julia will die. Daniel is against the idea, saying that they will kill Julia anyway.

Anana is furious with Toluk for running Balleseros off. He tells her people don't change but she insists that he is wrong about Balleseros.

Julia wakes to find her finger gone and a collar round her neck. The Scythe warns her that it is armed with explosives and any sudden movements will set it off. He wants revenge for his mother and he's on his way to getting it. Sarah tells Daniel that Hatake is risking his life for Julia and would surely do the same for him. "Even monsters have their reasons."

Alan and Peter go crawling through the vents. Alan spots photos of Julia taped up and Peter claims to not remember doing so while he was infected. Down in the bunker, Sarah tries to maintain order and keep the group calm and then she finds that Daniel has disappeared and taken the virus and cure samples with him. Alan and Peter open some vents and wait for Hatake to release some halothane gas but Hatake decides against it and heads in without doing so.

Hatake tells the Scythe to let Julia go, promising that he can do whatever he wants with him instead. When Hatake begs, the Scythe tells him to do so on his knees. The Scythe then reveals that both Julia and Daniel are in explosive collars and he must choose which ones lives or dies. Hatake refuses to choose and the Scythe gives him 30 seconds to choose or both collars will explode. Daniel speaks up and tells Hatake that he loves him and forgives him before sacrificing himself. Hatake flies into a rage and tackles the Scythe. Alan comes in and lands a kick to his head while Hatake disarms the device just in time. The security cameras come on and the entire group sees Blake open the box to reveal the woman inside - Julia's mother.

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