Helix S1E13 (Finale) - "Dans L'Ombre" Recap

In a flash-forward to Day 235, we see a silver-eyed man being tortured by Alan, demanding to know where "she" is. He threatens to board up the door and the man says he fears who he works for far more than Alan. Alan says he knows all about Illaria. The man taunts him about trying to contact all kinds of people about Illaria but no one believed him. The man tells him to go ahead and that all he has is time.

Go back to Day 13 and Julia is demanding to know where her mother is, threatening to kill the Scythe if he doesn't talk. He merely taunts her and she strikes him out of anger. Alan pulls her out and tells her that they can't act like them or they're no better. Julia says she doesn't want to be better - she only wants her mother back. She heads out and sees Hatake grieving over Daniel's body. She offers to let him be alone but he doesn't want her to be alone. She asks why Daniel sacrificed himself for her and Hatake says that he knew he would have made the same choice. She points out that Daniel grew up there but Hatake barely knew her. He says that she is his daughter, flesh and blood, and nothing will change that. He thinks she hates him but she says that she doesn't. She only wants to understand why he didn't tell her her mother was still alive. He didn't want to give her false hope and put her in danger. He didn't want to fail Julia but he already failed by allowing Illaria to take Julia's mother and use her against him. Julia realises that Hatake created the Narvik virus to keep her alive and had no choice. Illaria would have hunted Julia down and now they certainly will.

Toluk and Anana discover the missing snowmobile and can't find any tracks or clues as to where Balleseros is. Anana says he won't last a day out there. Toluk wants to face reality - he might be dead. Anana wants to keep looking. Balleseros is shown to be walking through the snow, pepping himself to take "just ten more steps."

Sarah tells the people in the bunker that she'll be gone for just an hour, wanting to search for Alan. One of the doctors wants to run a blood test on her, since she's not looking so good. His lab is just upstairs.

Peter wants to torture the Scythe but Alan tells him not to. Alan tells the Scythe to contact Illaria and arrange to have Julia's mother given back to them. The Scythe tells them they've already lost. Alan says they have the virus and the cure but the Scythe tells him to check the newsfeed on his device. Alan and Peter find that there has been an outbreak of a virus people are calling "Black Blood." They're wondering the virus got off the base and Alan simply says, "Balleseros."

Balleseros is show again in the snow. He has collapsed but the base is within sight. Anana and Toluk are still looking for him. Anana still firmly believes he is still alive. She doesn't want to leave him out there and Toluk tells her that he made his choice and she needs to honour that.

Balleseros wakes in the base and is smacked across the face by Blake. She spotted him on the base perimeter cam. She says she was tempted to leave him out there and only brought him in because she needed back-up. He learns that the Scythe is with Alan and Peter and that Blake has the virus and the cure. Julia learns that about the contained outbreak and they realise that it must be Narvik A since there have no reports of vectors.

Peter is tasked with babysitting the Scythe while the others plan an assault on Blake to get Julia's mother. When they get in, they find Balleseros, who has just knocked out Blake with the gun she gave him. They end up in a stand-off. Julia says she just wants the crate and tells Balleseros it is her mother. She is permitted to check on her status. Balleseros didn't know about the breakout and says he just wants the list of the Inuit children. Blake wakes and tells Balleseros he's dead and just doesn't know it. Balleseros shoots Blake when she won't stop talking.

The scientist examines Sarah's blood and when he finds elevated levels indicative of cancer, he turns around and finds that Sarah has run off. Balleseros is still demanding the list and the locations. Alan is horrified and Hatake says he is not that many anymore. Balleseros will surrender the virus and the cure in exchange for the list. Hatake says there is no written list but he has the information memorised and offers to write them down.

Julia helps her mother, who doesn't appear to recognise her. Julia gives her name, and Jade says she has a little girl with the same name. Jade asks to be let go, saying she needs to take care of her daughter. Julia says she will take of her first. Balleseros gets the list and gives up the virus and cure. Hatake hands the tubes to Alan.

Peter visits the Scythe, who begins to taunt him with knowledge of his life and history. Peter says he doesn't know him but the Scythe says he understands him. He says he has made a career following in Alan's footsteps. Peter gets angry and puts a knife to the Scythe's throat. The Scythe tells him to get it over with and instead of killing him, Peter cuts the restraints keeping the Scythe bound to the chair. Peter tells him he has no idea what he's put him through. It turns out Peter was the one who smuggled the virus off the base. The Scythe tells Peter that together, they will shape the future of the world. The Scythe then knocks Peter out, warning him that it might sting a bit.

Julia tells Alan that her mother has all kinds of heavy-duty tranquillisers in her system and still remembers Julia as a little girl. Jade then tells them that her mind is fine but her body is what's weak. They tell her where she is and she remembers it, saying she lived there for nearly six years. She opens her eyes and recognises that Julia is her daughter. She says she is even more beautiful than she imagined. She says she wished she had the courage to take her away much sooner. She wanted to keep the family together and had hoped Hatake would change. He was too ambitious and she was a fool. She apologises, saying not a day went by that she didn't think about her. Julia introduces Jade to Alan. Julia says that they were married and Jade says that she has missed a lot. Hatake comes in and is reunited with Jade. She is amazed that Hatake looks exactly the same. An alarm goes off to indicate a perimeter breach. They're unsure who it is.

Balleseros is out in the snow, fiddling with a snowmobile and sees people approaching on snowmobiles. Alan, Hatake, and Sarah meet Balleseors, Anana, and Toluk, who say that they have come to help, bringing more people on snowmobiles. They learn of Daniel's death and Anana is devastated. An injured Peter comes stumbling out with a bloody head wound. Hatake is concerned that they won't be able to escape the Scythe. Alan says that no one is infallible and Hatake says he has only one weakness. Peter looks worried.

The team is preparing to evacuate on the snowmobiles. Alan hands the viles to Julia and she kisses him godbye. Peter looks on sadly. The scientist approaches Sarah, who says that she doesn't want to hear about her cancer being back. He tells her that it's not cancer; she is pregnant. She'll need a more reliable test back home, but he still congratulates her. The team opens the door and finds the Scythe standing with the detonator. He sets it off and explosions go off all throughout the base. Alan calls out for Julia, and finds her being held at knifepoint by the Scythe (his name is Spencer, by the way). Jade comes out of the wreckage with half her face burned, trying to talk Spencer down and offering to go back in Julia's place. Spencer is angry about being called Spencer and slashes Jade's throat. A helicopter comes down and the Scythe grabs Julia and the viles and pushes her onto it. Alan chases after it and throws something onto it. The Scythe goes to look at it and finds it is his mother's head. Alan grabs onto the helicopter as it rising and grabs a vial before being pushed out. The helicopter flies off as the base burns.

Day 235 - Alan is in France at a cafe and reads about the Narvik virus. He gets an Ilaria card secretly passed to him and he scratches the wall behind him - undoubtedly a message for someone. He gets up and meets with Peter, who asks if he found Julia. Alan says he has and that he thinks she is still alive. Peter is relieved and asks how he found her. Alan tells him he doesn't want to know. Alan tells him that if he's not at the checkpoint, to go on without him. They part ways. Alan heads towards an Ilaria building. Inside, a meeting is about to take place. Julia comes in, silver eyes gleaming, and asks in France, "Shall we begin?"

Helix will return on Syfy in Season 2!


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