Helix S1E3 - "274" Recap

Alan discovers Julia passed out in the shower, following her attack from Peter. She has no memory of the attack and he tells her that she needs to rest. When in the hallway, Peter hears a noise in the vents and follows the sound into a lab. He encounter Peter, who says "Help... help me" before passing out.

Sarah and Boyle tend to the folks in quarantine while Hatake watches them from another room. Daniel and Balleseros update him on the security of the base and report another attack. They've been in lockdown for 32 hours and while Daniel is concerned about maintaining order, Hatake asks where Julia is. They then see Alan wheeling Peter in and when Hatake asks why he didn't inform them, he says he figured the security men following him would do that. He then informs them that Peter turned himself in.

Hatake tells Alan he wants to move Peter to a more secure area and though Alan objects, he has no choice but to go along with it. They visit an older, less used level and they decide to use it to to keep the vectors (the dangerous, crazy-looking infected people) isolated. Level R will now be an isolation floor.

Julia has flashes of her attack in her room but still seems unable to remember the full extent of what happened. She hallucinates herself morphing into a vector and once it passes, she tells herself to get it together. "You don't get sick."

Hatake, Daniel, and Alan are in the halls encounter Dr. Sulemani, whose condition has grown far worse. She starts approaching them, pleading for help and saying, "they made me," but Daniel shoots her before she can get too close. Alan is able to extract the bullet and save her life for the time being. She's stable enough to be moved and they move her to the fusion lab. He tells Daniel off and Hatake says that since the base is not in any country, nor a territory, he himself is the law. Alan says that if they continue to use lethal force, he and his team will leave and return in six months to do post mortems.

Julia is examining Peter, who is being heavily sedated, and asks him what he did to her. He mumbles but neither she nor the viewer can understand what he says. She steps out to speak with Alan, who fills her in on the idea for the isolation level. He also wants to develop a test that will determine who is infected so they will know where to send people. Julia and Sarah are given 4 hours to develop the test. Boyle and Balleseros head to the lab where they found the monkey. Boyle plans to use it synthesise a cure.

Sarah and Julia begin their work on developing the test and when Julia sees Sarah's hand shaking, Julia claims that she just needs some rest. When Boyle and Balleseros reach the lab, the monkey is gone and the lab wreaks of formaldehyde. Boyle wants to confront Hatake but Balleseros says it wouldn't yield any results. He tells her he can get her another monkey sample.

Julia reminisces while with a sedated Peter about how being around him and Alan are bringing back the feelings that led to her infidelity and the dissolution of her marriage. Outside, Balleseros and Boyle are where all the frozen monkeys are. Boyle notes that monkeys look scared as if running from something. She asks how he found them and he claims to have been checking the stability in the ice surrounding the base. She calls him out on this lie and tells him he needs to start telling her the truth. The only thing he'll say is that there are some people in the Army who think that the outbreak was intentional.

Sarah is able to determine that with the test they are developing, the result will glow green when positive. Sarah heads off to tell Alan and Julia tests herself. Surprisingly, it reads negative. One of the other escaped infected scientists takes an axe to try to hack his way into a locked room. Alan tries to talk him down while the man insists that Dr. Duchamp (the man inside) has a cure. Daniel stuns the man and Duchamp comes out, saying there is no cure, and locks the door behind him.

Boyle and Balleseros run tests on the monkey sample. Suddenly, some large black things come sprouting like an evil monster and Boyle hits the decontamination button which is able to "kill" it. Balleseros asks why that happened and she doesn't know just yet. He tells her not to tell anyone yet, as Hatake would only cover it up. She still doesn't trust him but she agrees with his idea.

Alan questions Hatake about the cure and Hatake denies the existence of one. Alan threatens to call in the Army once the satellite starts working again. Hatake says he needs to speak with the Board of Directors but agrees to talk when Alan threatens to go to the press. Hatake says they were trying to develop a vaccine to cure every virus, leading Alan to realise they had to grow lethal viruses to develop it. Hatake says that the catch of the vaccine was that there was a 75% mortality rate.

Julia and Sarah test all the people in quarantine and find that 43 people are infected, roughly a third of the base. Alan tells Julia they may be able to develop a vaccine but she warns him that Peter doesn't have much time to live.

Sulemani escapes from the room she was being held in and attacks Daniel. His face mask prevents her black goo from getting on him and the stun baton is ineffective against her. She runs off down the hall and Daniel sits up to see that one of the other doctors quarantined in the room is now dead.

Sarah's hands are shaking again and Julia asks her if she is infected. Sarah is incredibly offended and takes the test, which reads negative. Daniel comes in and tells them that Sulemani is on the loose after killing the doctor. The infected patients begin panicking and the guards struggle to maintain order and they all begin pushing towards the exit. Sulemani attacks a guard and puts her mouth on his and as Julia watches, she remembers what Peter did to her. Alan is trying to reach her and Daniel drops his gun when trying to get to Sulemani. Sulemani begins running towards Julia but is then shot right between the eyes by Alan, who holds Daniel's gun until Daniel takes it back. Alan wants Julia to come up but  she reveals black goo on her hand and says that she cannot.

Alan returns up and informs Hatake that Julia is infected. Daniel wants to seal off Level R and says there is a week's worth of supplies. Alan says that he has lost control and will call in Army reinforcements once the satellite is back up. Balleseros looks unhappy about this news, while Hatake is abnormally concerned for Julia's well-being.

Sarah takes some pills and water while her hands shake. We also see a large scar running up her spine.

Boyle comes in to where Alan is watching Peter. He says "274" and explains that this is the number of people who have died under his care. He says he could live with those death but feels guilty about Sulemani, number 275, who died by his hand. He had never shot anyone before this. When he asks about the monkey, she says that the results were inconclusive and that she will continue to run tests.

We see Balleseros outside, planting an explosive on the satellite.

On Level R, Julia notes the black ooze and begins to wonder why her test came up negative if she is infected. She has an epiphany and goes back to look at the test vials and sees that many of them have turned back to clear. The tests don't really work, meaning that they have no way of knowing if people are on the correct level. She attempts to call Alan but the explosive destroys the dish before she can tell Alan. She begins banging on the Level R door but no one can hear her screaming that the test doesn't work.

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