I Want My Nerd HQ - Help Make Nerd HQ 2014 Possible

We have loved, seriously loved every year at Nerd HQ, and this year Zac is asking for everyone's help to make this year's possible. Not only is it an amazing event, it benefits a great organization : Operation Smile. So say it loud, and say it proud with me " I WANT MY NERD HQ!"
Nerds, we need your help! We started an Indigogo Campaign "I Want My Nerd HQ" to fund Nerd HQ 2014. We want to make the best possible experience for everyone to enjoy and cannot do it without you! Let's keep Nerd HQ alive so we can continue our support of Operation Smile! 
I Want My Nerd HQ - Zachary Levi
I Want My Nerd HQ - Zachary Levi

 Click the video above to hear what Zac has to say and clickhere to help make Nerd HQ possible. Feel free to share the video and campaign link via twitter, facebook, reddit, carrier pigeon, smoke signal or whatever you like to use! Be sure to use the #IWantMyNerdHQ hashtag and get thetwibbon to support the campaign!

In case you missed out on last year's amazing event,
click here for a list of all our awesome on-demand panels with your favorite celebrities.

Thanks and Viva La Nerdolution


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