Lost Girl Recap S4E9: Destiny’s Child

Death train keeps on trucking, while someone is aboard making repairs, a king from the look of the crown. But the train threatens to pull apart faster than he can fix it.

Bo has a meeting with the group, the gang is all here expect Hale.. She’s dark, she was taken, and she has a crazy plan. She has the dark jar of smoke and she wants to use it. The group is divided as to whether Bo should use it or not. Kenzi doesn’t want to chance losing her, but Bo has to know. The not knowing is making her crazy. She opens the jar, and the smoke manifests into a man. From the look of the crowd, he thinks he may be a foe. His name is Hugin, and he charms Kenzi quickly. He’s been gathering information. He’s one of the ravens, his brother Munin was the one who took Bo to their father’s train. They tell them that the Wanderer is a great man and a father to many. Trick asks if he’s so great why is he hiding, but Hugin cautions the blood king against throwing stones. Bo wants back aboard the train, but Hugin doesn’t have a way on. Hugin was stuffed into the jar when Bo was brought on board, by Munin who has run away with Hugin’s wife. Hugin knows if they find Munin, they’ll find the train. Dyson and Lauren plan to accompany her, but Hugin isn’t wanting to play. Bo is forced to say goodbye to them so that Hugin will help her. Hugin takes her, and Tamsin arrives missing all of the action.

Dyson busts open a locker, arming up. Lauren has armed up with her own brand of weapon, some syringes full of goodness. Dyson gives her a knife, for his own piece of mind. My, these two have grown. They set out to save their girl.

Kenzi asks why Trick is so worried about the hot crow, but he claims to not know what she’s taking about, turning the attention to Tamsin’s former employer. Kenzi tries to get Trick to help, but he tells her that he doesn’t have time, when he presses he tells her that he doesn’t have time to explain it to a human and a lowlife. He gives Kenzi a half apology, but runs off all the same. Kenzi searches his offices all the same.

Bo and Hugin are transported to a fae burial ground. He cautions her to stay out of the grave or be sucked down into Valhalla. Crows are more comfortable around death, but Bo hates the place. She wants to get what they came for and scram. A crow flies in, its Munin, and he’s brought back up, seven in all, but Bo likes the odds. Hugin’s wife makes an appearance, and she’s a peach.

Kenzi and Tamsin find a whole lot of old books, and a blank one. That is the one that Kenzi was looking for. It was the book that Trick was writing in with his blood. Tamsin wonders if it’s a bad idea to get involved, but Kenzi knows that Trick is wrapped up in the mess, and the answers are in his past, or maybe his future, either way the book is the path. Bo has always had her back, so its time for her to have hers. Tamsin is onboard, now they only need to get some Trick blood.

Trick heads to find LuWan, but finds instead her sister, Dao-Ming. Trick needs answers not more riddles, but LuWan is helping with negotiations, and Dao-Ming refuses to help him. There’s a memory that he needs, that’s been blocked by someone powerful. Trick thinks he did it to himself, and that interests her. She will help if he answers any question she wants, and he will answer no matter how painful. Her question is why he chose her sister over her.

Hugin and Bo are surrounded by the Crows. Hugin changes sides. He actually hates the Wanderer, and he and his wife are happily in love. The Charade was all a game for their excitement. Bo doesn’t like being duped, nor warming any heart cockles. They think they have her trapped, surrounded, but Bo takes her own fate in her hands and falls back into the fae grave headed for Valhalla. The crows did not see that coming.

In Valhalla a echoy voice describes Bo, eyes of brown and blue, pure and wicked. She knows Bo she says. She’s a Leviathan, and she tries to steal Bo’s soul, but her hand hickey saves her, and repels her. The Leviathan tells her that she was supposed to have to mark, she was the one that was suppose to bear it. Bo wants to leave, but the Leviathan says that no one leaves. Bo is ready to match swords, but the Leviathan wants to match wit.

Ming asks when Trick first used his blood to change history. He tells her that he does not remember, and she rings the truth from him. He has killed million. She asks who he loves most, and he says Isabo, but that’s not the truth, he loves himself most. She wants to stop the process, the memory does not want to come forth, and she’s frightened but he pleads with her to continue, and she does.

The Leviathan lays out her first riddle, and as Bo stalls, fog rolls over her boots. Fog is the answer. Bo is up next.

Kenzi and Tamsin continue to look. They yet to find Trick’s blood inkwell. Tamsin discovers a squeaky board, which holds a Tomtabacko, a Japanese folding box. The box opens from all sides, but the combinations are endless. The girls proceed to open the dangerous item.

The Leviathan thinks Bo is stalling, and she is but not for the reason she thinks she is. Bo finally finds a riddle, one that not even she could answer. Bo uses her riddle to ask her who she should chose Lauren or Dyson. The Leviathan flounders on which would be the correct choice, bouncing back and forth between the two. The Leviathan chooses Dyson, but its wrong since there is no answer. She’s not happy about losing but she prophesizes that they’ll meet again soon. Someone she loves will soon be dead.  The Leviathan keeps her word and sends Bo back above.

The crows are still around the graveyard, where Bo is transported back to. She hides out, listening to them plot their next room. Bo takes them by surprise, knocking one of the crows into the grave. They give chase, but as they try to leap at her, many fall into other graves as Bo runs past. All of the lackeys are taken care of, leaving Hugin and Munin behind. They think she’s outnumbered, but they’re wrong, Dyson and Lauren arrive and they’re ready. Dyson sniffed the crows out.

Kenzi takes the first crack at the box, and gets a horrid shrek. They try again, and find a weird noise. Another flap opened, and a stiletto  flies out.

Dyson and Lauren bring Hugin and Munin to their knees. They ask for the worse, since they’re dead anyways. Dyson and Lauren both describe their worse. Hugin is ready to negotiate. They will get Bo aboard the train and she will let them go. Dyson and Lauren don’t want to see her go, they’re her family, but Bo can’t risk them especially after that little Leviathan warning.

Dao-Ming asks whats the worst think Trick ever did, and he can’t remember, as she clicks her nails she unlocks something else. He tells her she’s low born and threatens to unwrite her from history like he did Rainer. He is the cause of this problem. History and Fate will always catch up in the end. Trick goes to warn Bo.

Kenzi unlocks the correct flap finally. Kenzi pours the blood onto the book and uses her finger to write Bo, but nothing happens. Tamsin touches the book, and it suddenly comes to life bucking in her hands. Kenzi tries to help hold onto the book.

Bo makes it aboard the train.

Kenzi tells Tamsin to let go of the book, but she can’t. She goes all Valkyrie, she was sent to take Trick’s soul.

In the past, Tamsin tried to take a fallen soldier’s soul. But Trick was too proud, teling her that if he did not write it, it does not have meaning. He talks down to Tamsin, telling her that if she was so good, why is she do ugly. He offers her the chance to redeem her soul, to rewrite her path. Tamsin tells him that she would cleanse her soul. He offers her all she is asking for, in return for the fallen man’s soul. He wishes to curse the soul for his defiance, he will make him wander the earth for all time forgotten. Tamsin lets him, and he rewrites the future.

Kenzi knocks the book from Tamsin’s hands and she passes out.

Bo finds the man repairing the Train. He stops his repairs as she approaches. She pulls her blade asking if he is Rainer, the wanderer. He’s not what she was expecting, and by not she means really really hot. She goes on the attack with her blade out, but when his hand goes to her neck hand hickey, and hers to his neck they get all glowy. Someone remembers.

Kenzi gets Tamsin to wake up, and she tells her whatever she does to not trust Trick.

Trick comes sounding the alarm, wanting to round up all the troops. Lauren and Dyson tell him that they lost her, that she went to the train. Trick tells them that the wanderer is Rainer, his mortal enemy.

Bo returns, completely unharmed, and she’s more than good. She finally knows why she went dark. It was her idea, so she would move heaven and Earth to get on the train and free Rainer from his curse. She apologizes to everyone for putting them through what she did. Rainer comes, and Bo tells Dyson to stand down. She did everything because Rainer isn’t her enemy or her father, but her destiny.

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