Lost Girl Recap S4E8: Groundhog Fae

Lost Girl opens like a cheesy Carl’s Jr. Commercial with Bo giving a car a thourough scrub down. Lauren can’t take her eyes off the succubus even as her ice cream melts, not even Dyson can interrupt Bo’s vision. Dyson wonders if they can help, but they’re in quite the trance. Hale snaps them out of it, and a customer takes a piece of candy. Everyone feels good about tonight. Bo pays for gas, and grabs a sweet from the counter while the boys gush over Krampus. Dyson warns Bo that stealing Krampus candies could land her on the naughty list. Bo hands over her keys, and Lauren steals the back seat. The customer is fed to the engine of his car, and the mechanics watch as Bo and company drive away.

Trick reads Kenzi some creepy Krampus tales. It’s a summer Christmas, and Kenzi wants to make it look like winter Christmas. Dyson and Lauren are suddenly bossom buddies, and Kenzi lays one on Hale. Lauren breaks up the kissing, and Kenzi lays down the rules of the night to make Bo feel all the better.

Bo meanwhile is conked out in the car, they left her during her little siesta. She comes in to find a party in full swing. She doesn’t know some of the party guests in her house. Bruce chases away Choka, who’s dying for a lickdown. Dyson and Lauren debate whether or not to give Bo a package addressed to her, when she walks in on them. Vex is all dressed up in her corset, but his entrance gives them a distraction. Bo sets out to find Kenzi, who’s making time with Hale. Her Kenzi senses are tingling, but she ignores it. Bo finds Kenzi’s door locked, and complains to the old man that no one has noticed her missing, that Kenzi hasn’t checked on her, and that Dyson and Lauren are suddenly the wonder twins. He tries to cheer her up, but it doesn’t work. Tamsin arrives, and apologizes to Bo planting a kiss on her. She tells her it doesn’t matter, that she won’t remember any of it in two seconds. The lights go out, and a beachball crashes into the glasses, Oppa!

Bo wakes back up in the car. It all starts over, the party, Choka, everything. She thinks Choka slipped her something, but he tells her he’d remember her. Bruce saves the day, Bo heads to the bar. Weird guy watches from the wallpaper. Tamsin comes in, and she’s surprised that Bo remembers her kissing her before. Bo asks Tamsin how long she’s been doing groundhog Day, but the thought never crossed Tamsin’s mind, and she’s only done this about a 100 times. Tamsin grabs a random guy and tells him, but he laughs about it. She tells her that no matter who she tells she gets the same reaction, until she kissed Bo. She and Bo kiss again, but nothing happens. Tamsin ponders that perhaps they have to kiss someone with a connection to pull their memory out of the loop. Bo is still all hurt about the wonder twins, and Kenzi and Hale, but there’s no time for that. The lights go out, and a beachball crashes into the glasses, Oppa!

Bo wakes back up in the car, and she breaks up the kissing couple in the hallway, telling the girl that the guy is getting a rash everywhere. Choka arrives, and Bo looks for Bruce to rescue her, but he’s not there, so she slugs Choka. Bo wants to call time out on everything. Bo plans to get her Yule on. She arms wrestles the Sasquatch, Tamsin chugs down a mini keg as everyone chugs around her, Bo plants a couple of huge kisses on Tamsin.

Lauren and Dyson try to decide whether to tell Bo about the box. They lay out the pros and cons. Lauren wants to proceed with caution. The two try to one up each other, Lauren saying that she knows Bo better, and Dyson pointing out that he not only sacrificed his love to save her, but also never spybanged her he has learned that Bo can handle herself, and to never get in the way of her destiny. Vex tells the two to present their case to him, and he’ll decide. Vex is kind of Bo’s pet, so it may just be crazy enough to work.

Bo wakes back up in the car, and this time she has a little sit down with Tamsin. Kenzi took her leaving pretty hard, I mean she did kind of raise her. Tamsin needed time to find herself. The wall grabs a guy as Tamsin opens up that she needs to talk to Bo about something, but it’ll have to wait with the latest development. Oppa!

Bo wakes back up in the car, she warns Choka to stay away from the walls. Tamsin tells her that the afro cutie is still missing, and Bo tries to figure out more differences. She remembers that Bruce didn’t save her the last few times from Choka, he’s been missing. Bo tells Tamsin to tell her everything she did before coming to the party. Tamsin did nothing out of the ordinary, except maybe the gas station. Normally in the case of an unknown Bo turns to Trick, and the two go off  to look for the Rudolph clad blood king.

Dyson and Lauren talk over Bo still. Dyson  brings up his almighty wolf chi power up, claiming that without it Bo would not be here, and therefore he should be the one to decide whether or not to give Bo the box. Lauren objects. Vex awards a point for his arguments, but takes one away for not noticing his “jumblies” in the bra. Ha! Vex is always entertaining. Lauren tells Dyson how when she first met Bo she was a killer, and that she was the one that curbed her hunger. Maybe Lauren doesn’t really remember how things went down, she wasn’t exactly the one who tamed the beast as she lied and cheated to gain her confidence. Lauren said that she loves Bo also, so they should throw the box into the fire. Dyson points out that Bo got kidnapped by some smoke, and sent herself a package. They both admit to not knowing anything. They’re in the same boat, where Bo is concerned. Dyson and Lauren hug it out, and Vex throws peanuts. He wants to know what he gets for the little kumbaya moment. Lauren is going to reattach his hand, Dyson offers to play drunken nurse.

Bo and Tamsin find a drunken Trick in the tub. He doesn’t remember anything except helping Kenzi decorate and then Oppa! She tells him that they’re stuck in a time loop, and that people keep disappearing, but before he can process, Oppa!

The loop starts again, she hopes Kenzi is having better luck. Kenzi and Hale are still making out. Her Kenzi senses tingle, and Hale has another awkward comeback.

The loop starts again. Kenzi senses tingling, and another weird Hale comeback. Bo awakens with someone else’s panties.

The loop starts again. Kenzi senses tingling, weird Hale comeback, and this time she smacks him. She’s definitely not having better luck.

Another loop start. Hale’s reading poetry, and Kenzi is all mushy. Kenzi opens the magic fae box from Bo, and pulls out some crazy specialty condoms for everything from fat free to fireproof. Hale checks his watch,  and although he wants to do this, he knows its not gonna happen. How did Hale get out of the time loop?

Bo tries Trick for the ninth time, and rushes through the explanation of the problem. Trick has been useless up until this point. She asks him why he hasn’t helped her find the wanderer, and he tells her that he’s terrified.

Another loop. This time they go to Hale, and tell him that they’re in trouble, and it may be the Unamense. He tells her that its not them. They ask where Kenzi is, and he tells them that she is off freshening up again, Oppa. He is out of the time loop! Bo smacks him about the loop, apparently it’s the work of Krampus. Tamsin is a little upset about the little prank. Hale tells them that every year Krampus chooses a couple of fae and makes them repeat the loop, that its perfectly harmless. Bo mentions the wall eating, which isn’t a normal Krampus thing. He feeds on regret.

Kenzi finds Krampus tearing down the d├ęcor. He’s not happy about the lack of offerings, and really hates the Rudolph! Kenzi asks Bo where she’s been, and she goes to confront Krampus. He warns her that she’ll rue the day she chose to desecrate the Yule lore. Krampus melds into the wall, and before he can grab Bo, Tamsin jumps in the way, and he takes her instead, as Hale watches. Everyone saw it this time, and there’s panic. Bo asks after Kenzi, she’s upstairs safe with Trick, and then asks about Krampus. Krampus is normally a nice guy whisking kids off to some kind of candyland, not eating people though walls. Bo retraces Tamsin’s steps, which leads her to the gas station. Bo berates Hale for playing along with Krampus’s time loop, but he tells her that it isn’t what she thinks. He wanted to perfect his game for Kenzi, and Kenzi overhears his confession. Bo hopes that in a few minutes the loop will reset and Kenzi won’t remember, Hale isn’t so sure, either way it isn’t right. Beach ball hits the glasses, Oppa. No reset this time. The time loop has been broken. Krampus has found enough regret to tide him over, and Bo has to find Krampus. Hale arms her, and warns her that she may think that Krampus is harmless, but he isn’t.

Lauren returns with Vex’s hand, and he worries that she can’t reattach it, but Dyson has faith in her mad skills. First though, Dyson wants to know what they’re doing with Bo’s box. Lauren points out that no matter what she says, that Dyson will say the opposite, just to  get her goad, but he says that he wants no part of her goad. Vex tells them that they want the same goad, and better yet they no longer hate each other. It’s true, they finally get eachother.

Bo heads to the gas station, its dark and quiet, and there’s no sign of Tamsin. The candy bowl is empty, but there’s a trail of gumdrops, leading to the engine, which is a lot roomier than expected. It’s some sort of Time Lord engine, much bigger on the inside.

Hale heads up to talk with Kenzi. He apologizes for is stupidity, and she asks how many times they hit a home run. Not even one time, though a few times it came close. He wanted to make the night perfect for her, and she tells him that although she digs him, it’ll never be perfect. He worries about disappointing her, and he opens up that he’s never been with someone that he really cares about. Kenzi kisses him, looks like all is forgiven. Kenzi goes to freshen up, to give Hale a second chance, but he tells her that there’s no rush.

Bo makes the leap inside the machine. There’s some sort of assembly that’s grinding people up into those little gumdrops. Eww and Bo ate one of those. Tamsin is next in line, and Bo wants to get her out, but Tamsin tells her that its alright, she was naughty and now she’s going to be candy. Bruce lugs around some candy disappointed, he got stuck in the machine and broke it and he has to wait to be candy. Bo tells Tamsin that she’s been naughty, but that she’s a good person and doesn’t deserve to be candy. Tamsin tells her that if she’s made into a lollypop she wants Bo to get the first lick. Brainwashed Tamsin is fun. Bo has trouble breaking the binds, and she uses the dagger Hale gave her to stop the machine and give her time to save Tamsin. Freed they don’t get far before Krampus comes to stop them. The succubus is done playing though, she’s about to go all Bad Santa on his butt. He tells her to take her if she can. Tamsin doesn’t want to go, to save everyone from herself. Bo tells her that she likes her, but Tamsin tells her that she won’t when she finally confesses, she was the reason that the Wanderer found Bo.

Tamsin was a bounty hunter in a previous life. She was a slave to money, she accepted a bounty from a monster, sure that the one he sought could never exist. Eyes that were both brown and blue, someone virtuous and lustful, not dark or light. Bo was never suppose to be real, and Tamsin cannot forgive herself for letting the monster find Bo. Bo tells her that none of it matters, that she forgives her. Krampus comes back, still upset over her lack of respect for the old. He tells her to admit she ate his candy, that the candy was a reminder. But the little man is not Krampus. The real Krampus comes in all his horned glory, and puts a halt to Jeffery’s plans. Bo fills Krampus in on Jefferey’s actions. Jefffrey admits to it all, and tells him that either girl would make a worthy sacrifice, but that he choses Bo. He sends away Tamsin, and Bruce, even Jeffrey, all set free. Krampus wants to use the darkness in Bo to make candy for the ages. He tells her that he’s never made blue candy, and straps her down. She tells him to let him go and she’ll let him live. He wants to stop her from breaking hearts, from all wickedness, but she isn’t scared of him. He tells her that if she lets go that he’ll set her free. She tells him of her fears, of losing the people she loves, of her own powers, of what the wanderer will make her. He sets Bo free, and she’s inside of the gas station with Tamsin. She confesses that she’s scared, and Tamsin tells her that she’s there, and there’s nothing to fear. Bo wakes in the back seat of the car, but Tamsin assures her they’re out of the loop and all is back to her kind of normal. Bo worries that the wanderer could be her father, Tamsin doesn’t ease her fears, telling her that thing would do anything to create his perfect mate, even to create her. Kenzi finds Bo and Tamsin outside, and she has a cute motherly reunion with her wayward “daughter” Tamsin. Kenzi and Hale worked things out, and the thought upsets Tamsin’s tummy, but Tamsin isn’t allowed to enter the house due to fae traditions on Yule. Kenzi tells Bo that Lauren left with Vex to sew back on his hand. Bo cannot enter either, being dark and all, but tells Kenzi to go inside. Before she goes, she gives Bo the box that Dyson and Lauren had been arguing over. With Dyson passed out he couldn’t stop her. Bo opens it, and inside there’s some black smoke, perhaps Wanderer smoke?


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