Lost Girl Recap S4E11: End Of A Line

Prepare the Kleenex. An episode called End of A Line just doesn’t sit well with me.

Kenzi tries to distract herself with some zombie movies or Jerry Macguire. Tamsin wonders if that’s it with Bo and the Wanderer, but Kenzi isn’t sure. She’s been by Bobo’s side for four years, and now finds herself all Tiny Tim on the outside looking in. Bo overhears her, and tries to reassure her that she’s not brainwashed, that things were never perfect with either Dyson or Lauren. It’s a whole messed up history. She tells Kenzi that with Rayner there is something more, they have more in common, but Kenzi is still her better half, she completes her. Tamsin spills that Hale may have asked Kenzi to move in, and she’s worried that Kenzi is leaving her. Kenzi sends her off for snacks, and someone stumbles in. One of Kenzi’s movies just may have come to life. She tries to skewer it with her sword, but it doesn’t work. Someone (Linda Hamilton) comes and does some slicing and dicing for her.  Tamsin grabs their visitor, she was suppose to be dead. She lost her hand because Tamsin didn’t deliver Rayner to him fast enough. Acacia is hunting Revenants, saving Bo wasn’t intentional. Tamsin searches the Revenant, and finds the Wanderer’s card in his pocket. Bo tells them that he went to the battlefield to pay homage to the dead she says, but Tamsin wonders if he isn’t there to raise the dead. Bo is certain that Rayner is a good guy, but Tamsin points out that Rayner is missing from the history books. Bo reluctantly goes to the battlefield to see which of them is right, leaving Kenzi to clean up the body.

Vex comes to visit Trick. Trick laments that he really hasn’t done his job past or present well. Vex knows the stories, but Trick tells him that history is written by the victors, his written literally with his blood. There is real evil in the world, the Garuda was evil, the Parapus. Vex thinks he has a better chance of meeting Godzilla than the Parapus. Vex tells him that his family may still be around if he hadn’t betrayed them. Trick tells him that his father was a brave general, a hero. But to Vex he was anything but doting, and hardly knew him at all. Trick offers to let Vex know his father better.

Kenzi expects Hale at the door, but finds Dmitri instead, and he’s not alone. Dear old mom is with him.

Bo, Tamsin and Acacia head to a place where the cults of the dead hang out. These would the guys to go to to find a Revenant. Acacia thinks that it means Rayner is guilty. Bo prepares to meet it with her blade, but Dyson arrives, and takes care of it with his bare sexy hands.

Dmitri continues to size up Kenzi’s stuff, while momma is busy cooking something. The cousins bicker, and Hale arrives. She tries to get rid of him, but Hale invited them, and Kenzi is less than happy about it.

 Tamsin has some uncomfortable history with  Harvey, she hunted down his mother and delivered his head. Bo thanks Dyson for coming, who came because Tamsin called. Tamsin takes Dyson off to talk with some others while Bo and Acacia talk with Harvey. Neither woman likes the other very much, and Bo warns her that if she comes on the wrong side of Tamsin again, she’ll make her pay for it. But Acacia maintains that she only came down on the Wanderer’s side because she had no choice. Harvey still has some aggression towards Tamsin, but he’s willing to let her make it up to her in a dirty way. Acacia asks him roughly who the head belongs to, but he tells her he doesn’t know. Bo sucubuses him to get the information, and he becomes a more willing subject. He drinks some of the blood of the head, like it’s a fine wine. It’s the only way to find out who owns the Revenant. He tells her that the dead belongs to Acacia. She killed the guy, but didn’t raise him. The two grapple a little, and Harvey gets the little cat fight on film.

Tamsin asks how Dyson how he’s holding up, and he says never better, but she doesn’t believe him. A crazy guy over hears them talking thinking that they’re talking to him. He babbles on about a trio of sisters, two who died and one who survived because she could raise the dead, and she took his love from him. He babbles that she is dead and alive, and there were three and there is one.

Tamsin finds Acacia and Bo still fighting, while Harvey records it. Bo smashes Harvey’s camera, and goes to check out Tamsin and Dyson’s lead.

Kenzi’s mother comes to find out why she’s mad at her. She offers Kenzi a pair of earrings that she loved. Her mother’s boyfriend ruined her life, and her mother had a drinking problem. She makes excuses, but Kenzi was a little girl forced to live on the streets because her mother chose her boyfriend. Kenzi was put into some horrible situations because of it, situations she’s surprised she survived. Her mother tells her that she kicked the man out six months ago, but didn’t know how to get in touch with Kenzi until Hale called. She had to come and see her little girl. She tells Kenzi she has the strength of her father, and Kenzi embraces her. She’d been worried about her, and Kenzi reassures her that she did the right thing. Her mother wants to celebrate, and urges her daughter to wear something other than black.

Acacia tries to make sense of the Wanderer’s getting off the train and playing house. Tamsin admits that Rayner doesn’t remember anything after he got off the train, when she killed Rayner she didn’t deliver his soul to Valhalla, but to Trick. It was Tamsin’s fault that he was on the train, she helped make him the Wanderer. Acacia thinks that they should take out Rayner before he remembers her, and what she did. Rayner’s Revenants are after Tamsin.

Bo and the group head to Laveau’s, the voodoo priestess. Laveau offers up her gifts, everyone knows of Bo who took out the council of hate. She knows a lot about Bo and even Dyson. Bo asks who sent the head in the bag, and Laveau says that she will wake all the dead, and makes Acacia’s blade take over her. Tamsin holds Acacia. Laveau was behind this mess, she wants the seed and she thinks Bo has it. Dyson knocks her out.

Hale commends Kenzi’s mother, Galina on the fine meal, being one of the best. Galina tells him of course it is because Kenzi helped. Galina brings up marriage, and things get a little tense. Galina prepares her smart phone, and Hale takes Kenzi by surprise when he drops onto one knee. He knew she was the one from the beginning. No one makes him laugh like she does, makes him want to be a better man, or does the opposite of what he tells her to. He asks her to marry him, and before she can reply, Dmitri’s phone ruins the mood. The caller is asking about money, and Hale says its her father. Looks like Galina slightly stretched the truth. Kenzi throws her mother out, and Hale’s proposal was ruined.

Dyson and Bo take Laveau to Harvey for answers, but turns out the two Necromancers were working together against them, and now more Revenants come crashing in. Dyson lets his wolfy side come and play, and Harvey and Laveau threaten either she hands over the Unamense seed or dies. Bo assumes that Laveau is the head Revenant, and beheads Laveau, but its not like a vampire flick, they don’t all fall dead. Bo drinks the blood from Laveau’s head before handing it to the mournful Harvey. She orders the Revenants to be at peace, and they fall down.

Galina begs Kenzi not to throw her from her life, but Kenzi tells her that she cannot forgive all the things that he did to her. Her mother tells her that he wouldn’t have done anything had she not been so defiant, and raises her hand to strike her. Kenzi catches the hand. She always thought her mother was a victim, but now she sees the truth. She’s just a coward who doesn’t value herself, and cannot value her own children. She says goodbye to her. Dmitri gives Kenzi a word of advice before leaving, that Hale is good, not to call it off.

Dyson takes a much needed shot, and Bo asks if he wants to talk about it. Bo wants the truth, and Dyson admits that atleast with Lauren he knew she cared, but he cannot say the same for the Wanderer. He may be with her to just get revenge. Dyson admits that he will always be there for Bo, but if Rayner turns out to be the bad guy, he won’t be able to help her with that. Bo doesn’t believe his words, she and Dyson have always been more than lovers, but he’s unsure what they are now. Destiny isn’t something she understands, and doesn’t expect him to. He points out that Rayner kidnapped her, but she says it wasn’t like that. She can’t explain it to him. She says she would have stood by him too when she was…in love hangs between them. She believes she loves Rayner, and that she cannot chose her path. Dyson knows differently.

Trick and Vex enjoy each other’s company as Trick tells Vex tales of his father. Trick’s books move on their own. Rayner is being written back into history, literally. Vex goes to leave, and Trick brings up the sixth Unamense seed. He tells him that it is missing, that someone stole it from him. Vex thinks he’s being accused, and Trick tells him that it’s not too late if he did, that he sees good in him, and he can stop more suffering. Vex doesn’t see the good in himself, and turns and runs.

Acacia tells Tamsin that it was good seeing her, but Tamsin knows that this little visit was planned. Acacia used the Wanderer tarot card to get her involved. Acacia doesn’t deny it. She has a grudge against the Wanderer, he took her hand. Tamsin assures her that if the Wanderer is who she thinks he is, she will be the first to take him out, and that she’ll do it right this time. Acacia tells her to keep her wits about her that Massimo is up to something big, looks like the druid isn’t as dead as they all thought.

Tamsin comes home, and Bo tells her that she has questions for Rayner, but she can’t ignore how she feels. Rayner gets written back into history, and when Tamsin looks at the hottie, Bo points out that its Rayner. It’s not the Rayner that Tamsin remembers, it isn’t her boss.

Hall looks at his engagement ring, as Kenzi ribs him. Hale apologizes. He’s clearly distraught, but Kenzi thinks that they should slow down. She tells him that they have all the time in the world, and she doens;t want to be her mother. She doesn’t want to rush into anything. Hale asks if she’s letting him down easy. She’s certainly not letting go of him, he’s the best thing in her life and she seals her promise with a kiss.

Bo ponders Rayner, and Kenzi is gushing with good news. She accepted the ring, but hasn’t said yes yet. She’s considering it yet. Bo heads out for snacks and candy.

Dyson continues to drown his sorrows. Tamsin asks if he remembers the first day that they met. Tamsin crawls into his lap, and he tells her he can’t think straight at the moment. Tamsin kisses him, and tries to get him to stop thinking.

Kenzi looks for some grub going over options, when Massimo looking a little worse for the wear grabs her. She calls for help, and Massimo manhandles her, blaming her and Bo for his burned appearance. Kenzi tries to grab for her sword, but Massimo gets it away from her. He taunts her to sparkle at him. Hale rushes in, grabs the druid by the throat, and fairly mops the floor with him. Kenzi watches as Hale Sirens him, but something is wrong. Blood comes out of Hale’s ears. Massimo drives a sword through Hale, and he falls into Kenzi’s arms. Massimo holds the immortality twig from the clan Zamora. He got the twig because Kenzi gave it to him. He calls the debt paid in full. Hale tells Kenzi that he loves her with his dying breath, and Kenzi is all alone. Bo finds Kenzi lying atop a dead Hale. Kenzi tells her that Massimo killed him, and its all her fault. She tells Bo she gave Massimo the twig for her power. She asks Bo to do the chi thing and give it back, like she did with Dyson. Bo tells her that there isn’t enough chi to do it. Bo refuses, to afraid that she will lose Kenzi too. Kenzi doesn’t care if she dies in Hale’s place. Bo tells her that she will always choose Kenzi. But Kenzi is inconsolable; she was going to say yes. Bo is forced to succubus Kenzi to calm her while her heart breaks, while both their hearts break.

Anyone have a tissue? It’s only going to get worse from here, stock up now.


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