Lost Girl Recap S4E12: Origin

Dyson delivers Hale’s eulogy, to his large family and friends. Kenzi sits separate from Bo and Tamsin, she sits long after everyone else leaves. Bo sits next to her. Kenzi thinks that she’ll scream, Bo tells her whatever she needs, but Kenzi needed Hale alive, and Bo couldn’t give her that. Bo promises to be there for Kenzi. A knight comes out of trees, and Bo draws her dagger. The knight removes her helmet and pledges her fealty to Bo. Kenzi leaves in disgust, since Bo shanghaied the funeral.

The knight tells Bo that she arrived just in time, someone did not want her to deliver her message. Dyson comforts Kenzi on the other side of the Dal. Bo doesn’t know who the knight is, but she does know that she is not her Queen. Tamsin is impressed by her armor, having not seen some like it in ages. Bo dismisses the kinght, but the knight talks of mortal danger. With the death of the Unamense the Priapas will rise, and he seeks Bo. She has the prophecy in hand, and Tamsin reads it herself. The death of the Unamense empowers the Origin seeds. Kenzi leaves, and Bo rises to go after her. The knight tries to stop her, but she doesn’t care about the prophecy with her family broken. Kenzi tells Bo that they have to get him, that he has to die, and Bo promises that he will pay.

Massimo stirs up something in his mortar. Bo, Dyson and Kenzi have come to kill him. Massimo happily spills that they know nothing. Rayner is set to die in seven days, when the Wanderer rises, another curse befell him and he will expire unless the curse is broken. Kenzi looks for the twig of Zamora, breaking things along the way. He tells her that he did Hale a favor driving the dagger into him, saving him from the disappointment he would had forever bound by her weak human body. Dyson wolfs out on him to wanting more answers about Rayner. He whispers in his ear, giggling. Dyson tells them that they can’t kill Massimo yet, that revenge will have to wait, he has to bring him to Trick. Kenzi pleads to Bo, but Bo tells her that if he has information then they have to get it first. Kenzi feel utterly betrayed. First Bo couldn’t bring Hale back, and now she cannot avenge him.

 Lauren tries to find record of Rayner in the history books, and finds ink on her hands. Rayner is still being written back into the history books. He’s described as a demon beast, evil pure. 1000 years has ended he shall be unbound. He will betray the fae. Lauren hears the Morrigan talk about Bo and Rayner. She knows that they killed the Unamense and suspects that they killed Hale. It’s only a matter of time before they come after her she believes, but she plans to strike first. Lauren has heard all she needs to and runs before seeing who The Morrigan is talking to. It’s Trick. He tells her that she’s not going to kill Bo, she thinks he has a soft spot for family. He missed Hale’s funeral for this, and Trick knows he was a better leader than the two of them. The Morrigan wants to know what he wishes to do about Rayner, he tells her that they have to put their differences aside first.

Bo and Tamsin go to the source, to speak to Rayner about his impending death. The Knight, Rosette, knows Rayner well. She was one of his best lieutenants from the train. She thinks that she failed him. Bo asks if any of the prophecies she knows mention Rayner dying, but there is none. The alliance between the two of them lifted his earthly curse. Tamsin finds mention of another curse. If the first curse is lifted, he shall be cursed again to suffer and perish in seven days. Well crap, Rayner has been there for six days. The only way to break the curse is with the blood of his enemy, the one who cursed him, Trick, but also Bo since she’s kin. The curse can be broken, and the priapus can be found, they just need a symbol, a clue.

Bo’s idea brings them to the Tarot card. Rayner tells her that the purpose of a Tarot card is to guide. Bo tells him how it revealed itself as a ticket to Kenzi when she touched it and it burned. Nothing happens when Bo touches the card, so she burns it manually with a match. It shows the Roman numerals MMXV. Bo thinks it’s a time, 2015, but Rayner thinks it may be something different, a code or a date. Lauren arrives and suggest topography coordinates, and they need to talk. In Bo’s bedroom she shows her what she’s found on Rayner, but the picture is certainly not the hunk in her kitchen. The book doesn’t even look real, and the ink is still wet. Lauren reminds her that Rayner wasn’t in any histories, until he got his memories back and then history remembered him too. Lauren shows her where it sounds familiar. The Warrior (Rayner) shall escape his curse, the Valkyrie (Tamsin) shall be reborn, the blood of Zamoran (Hale) shall be spilled, and it goes on. The women of the horse shall rise, between the warrior and the queen one of the two shall die. Lauren doesn’t know who the Queen is, but Bo tells her they suspect its her. Lauren wants to stop the prophecy, but Bo thinks that she’s doing this to get back at her. Lauren confesses that everything that she’s done, including staying with the dark has been for her. Bo bitterly asks for her plan or the truth. Kenzi is hurting so bad, and Lauren wasn’t there for her. She was in the dark archives digging up dirt on the man intertwined in her destiny. She chose Lauren before, and Lauren broke her heart. Rayner interrupts telling her that he’s figured something out.

The Morrigan bickers over a waxing, and Lauren lies in the morrigan’s bed ready to celebrate. She wants to join the dark officially. She’s tells her that she’s a human in the fae world, and the Morrigan has given her strength and confidence. The light made her a pet, but the dark gave her respect and freedom. She tells her that she’s felt more like herself in years. The Morrigan doesn’t need to sleep with her to claim her, and Lauren admits that she has no where else to go. The Morrigan may not understand humans, but she does like to play.

Rayner, Bo and Rosette head to see the women of the horses. A woman (Amber from Bitten) comes out to greet them, and Rosette springs on her. She’s the one that attacked her she says, Bo uses her influence on her for answers. The woman tells her about the horse symbol, it’s great and all powerful. She tells her that if she finds it, her blood will destroy it, that the daughter’s intentions are unclear. The Priapus, it’s her father.

Kenzi sits mournful looking at a picture of her and Hale and the blade that killed him. Vex tries to distract her, he wants to get roaring drunk and cuddle up to some Rachel McAdams flicks, but Kenzi isn’t interested in fun. She wants revenge, with blood, guts and pain. Vex is interested. Kenzi tells him that she wants to kill Massimo, and even admits that she gave him the twig of Zamora. She knows that Massimo is in the lair, and he’s the only one who can help her. She tries to move him into action, but Vex admits that he’s putting her into a bad position. She needs old crooked Vex. He tells her that he will kill Massimo and instagram her the whole thing, but Kenzi wants the kill.

Bo tries to figure out what she isn’t suppose to get her hands on, and what it has to do with her father. She remembers a horse in her room as a baby, and in her visions she was haunted by a carousel, they’re all clues Rayner says that he wants to meet her. She’s always wanted that, but now she’s terrified because of rumor. Rosette thinks she should be afraid. Bo reasons that if he is evil a part of her must be evil, that theory just doesn’t hold water. Her mother is batshit crazy, and she’s pretty sane. Rayner points to how the history books have painted him, and he’s anything but that monster. Rosette pipes up reminding her that if she completes her alliance with Rayner, her father has been released. She wants to know why he was imprisoned, and by who. She wants to save Rayner, but he understands that the price may be too high.

Vex opens the door to Massimo’s cell, and pulls him out. Kenzi tells him that it must have been horrifying to think what he would look like if he survived that fire. She holds the blade at his throat as he tells her how he could smell and feel his hair and flesh burning, but he prevailed thanks to her. Kenzi asks where the twig of Zamora is. He refuses to tell her, and she threatens to cut out his tongue. He calls to Vex, and Vex pulls the blade out of her hands. Massimo, hot mess that he is, is Vex’s. She reminds him that Massimo killed Hale, and he knows, but he gave his blood oath that he would protect him after he was abandoned by his mother. He’s grown fond of pest after all this time. Kenzi moves to hit Vex with a candlestick and he stops her. Pinned under the mesmer’s power Massimo wants to let her feel the sensation of burning flesh, but Vex stops him and sends him away. Vex tells her that they all have burdens to bare.

The Morrigan enjoys Lauren’s specialized attentions, the girls share a laugh in the after glow. The Morrigan tastes salt, and she doesn’t like it. Lauren tells her that she’s sweating, that good sex will do that to you. She feels weird, and Lauren drops a bomb on her, she’s been transformed into a human. Lauren used the Morrigan’s own DNA to make her a human.  The Morrigan tells her that Bo has a soft spot for humans, and she’ll grow to like her, because they both screw anything. Lauren slugs her one good, and uses her bloody nose for a sample. If the Morrigan’s body rejects the change she warns, she could be dead within the hour.

Dyson sits at the Dal with Bo. She doesn’t know what to do about the whole destiny bit. She asks him if they did the right thing with Massimo, and he’s unsure. Tamsin bring out a bottle of the good stuff, and they get Dyson to open what Hale left to him. Bo reads a poem inside, which doesn’t really rhyme, until the last line appears mentioning the Queen. On the back is a crest of the Order of the Knights Raynide, it means loyalty to their Queen. Tamsin tells her that its not just to their Queen, but The Queen. Bo tells them that they think she’s that Queen. Tamsin says that it means so much more than that. She is the one, Dyson tells her.

Massimo looks over some of his little trinkets. Vex has found a place for them to go to hide out, but Massimo tells him that he has to stay to see that it’s finished. He killed the heir of Zamora, and now Vex isn’t sure what to do with him. Vex tried to raise him right, but its all falling apart. He asks Massimo to come to England with him, be like it always has been, just the two of them. Massimo agrees, until he gets a call, and goes running.

The Morrigan is the one that called him, it’s the momma the psychopath needs. She tells him not to pout, and brings him in for a kiss. He relishes the sound of her heart, happy to see that Lauren did indeed make her human. The Morrigan pushes him away. She hopes that he has some miracle in his bag, but finds nothing she thinks will help her. He asks for her trust, but he’s never delivered what she’s asked for. He’s always been a disappointing monster, and now, he’s a monster on the outside too. He begs her to stop, and Lauren arrives.

Bo, Rayner, and Rosette head back to the Order of the Knights Raynide to see if she recognizes anything that she isn’t suppose to touch. There are horses everywhere, and too many people to fight. The intruder alarm is sounded, and the trio come out of hiding. The horse whisperer does not like her much. She tells Bo that she’s interfering with destiny. Bo walks closer, touching each horse, and the whisperer becomes agitated, drawing her sword. Rosette takes on the woman, as Bo and Rayner try to figure out how to  open up the horse. She recites Hale’s poem, and the saddle opens. Rosette takes down the woman who says that the hand fasting cannot be done. Bo’s been there done that, with my favorite Loki, and she’s not looking at going down that aisle again. She asks Rayner if they’re suppose to wed.

Kenzi continues her mourning. She rips apart the picture of her and Hale, crumpling up Hale’s face. Bo is glade Kenzi is home. Kenzi asks about her new lady knight. Bo tells her that she can push her away, but she loves her. Kenzi focuses on her interesting book. She reads about Bo’s prophecy that mentions everyone but her. Bo tries to convince her that she is apart of all of them. Kenzi asks her to unclaim her. Bo thinks that it is her grief, but Kenzi no longer wishes to be there. Rosette comes with news of Rayner, but Bo tries to quiet her as she convinces Kenzi that she doesn’t want to leave. Bo refuses to let Kenzi go. Kenzi remains adamant, and Bo gives in. She unclaims her. Rosette beckons again, and Bo writes a note for Rayner. Kenzi leaves.

Massimo is losing his mind. He got her everything that she ever wanted. Massimo tells Lauren that they will work together, but Lauren tells him that she will not work with a mad man. He is doing extraordinary things he believes, and he has the origin seed. Lauren begs him not to eat it. He places it in his mouth and eats it, as she begs him to stop. The druid falls over in agony as the seed takes hold.

Rosette bring Bo to Rayner, and she lights a bond fire. Bo will bind with Rayner and save his life and deal with her father on her own terms. Rayner thinks that it is their destiny to bind and fight together for the fae on a mutual quest, and for the record her tells her that he does love her. Rosette bind their hands and says the words to bind and align him. Once completed Rosette laughs manically. She tells them that she will rise with the Wanderer as her soldier and together they will release the lord of darkness. Bo does not like her words, as she says that he will rise from Hel, the evil mirror of Valhalla. Rosette betrayed Rayner, she believes that the Priapas will protect her and give her power of her own. Something compels Rosette into the flames as she begs and pleads. Rosette burns and Bo and Rayner’s hand hickies flare. A doorway has been opened.


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