Lost Girl Recap S4E10: Waves

Bo tries to process all of her memories. She’s covered in blood. Rayner tells her that it had to be done, that they gave her no choice.

Diana argues with someone of the phone. She’s on a tight deadline, but she gets what she wants from her caller. She goes for a nice dip in the pool, but something is in there with her. As she struggles to get out of the water, it eats her legs.

Dyson and Lauren try to figure out the new situation with Bo. Dyson blames himself for letting Bo go on the train by herself, and Lauren ponders possession. They’ve been locked out by Bo, and they’re scrambling for answers. Kenzi arrives bearing caffeine, she’s got a new case. It’s not a good time, but she tells them about the girl with the missing legs at Alaria Tech Biometrics. Kenzi reasons that this will give Bo some elbow room, and their minds off their trouble. Kenzi tells them that they have to trust their girl. Diana rolls in.

Rayner joins Bo, wearing nothing but a towel, and Bo is feeling some regret. She wonders if it is all a mistake. She went back to the train to save Rayner, she went dark for him, but she wonders if cutting off her friends was necessary. He insists that it was. She has all her memories back, but it doesn’t make things any easier. Rayner seems a little too understanding, which usually points to things not quite right.

Flashback to the train. Bo has a few choice words for the Wanderer for harassing her friends, kidnapping her and blowing up her favorite pub. It’s not exactly love at first sight for Rayner, he’s dismayed that it’s another brunette. He kicks the jukebox, sick of the song. And she demands an explanation, and Rayner isn’t forthcoming. He doesn’t know why he kidnapped her. He tells her that there’s nothing to see there, and to move along. He calls a maid in to take Bo away, telling her that Bo will be getting off at the next stop.

Lauren offers Diana a glass of water, which she of course refuses, and gets on with the story. She’s fae, an orphan pixy who was raised by humans. Dyson asks if she suspects anyone, maybe some suspicious research, since all signs point to an inside job. One name comes to mind: Darren Claire, a head of development. Diana has set up two temp corporate profiles, Kenzi and Dyson will go in, giving Kenzi a chance to show off her shadow thief skills by stealing more than just Lauren’s panties. Dyson does not take the credit for teaching her that trick. Diana think Kenzi will blend in well in the mail room, and Dyson as an efficiency manager, she warns that the building is heat monitored, so if they get flustered big brother will know, but at the same time, they’ll have the inside knowledge if anyone around them does too. She warns them to stay alert, calm, and blend in.

Dyson gets stuck with the mail cart, and Kenzi takes the desk position. Lauren keeps in contact with the pair, and Kenzi tracks the heat. Dyson reminds her to stay calm and cool, and he goes to deliver mail to Mr. Claire, but Mr. Claire’s assistant stops him. Mr. Claire doesn’t get anything handed to him directly. Dyson marks the mail, and hands it off. Kenzi is being watched, and Dyson takes care of the guard before she resorts to random gypsy technology. She crawls through the vent, and lands in the office. It’s full of legs, lots of frozen legs. Kenzi hides out, and finds the mail going down a shoot. She digs through to see what’s in the box. Kenzi finds some really pricey medical bills for Darren’s assistant., Tad. She sends a copy of the bill to Lauren, and Dyson sends some pictures of the pool area. Lauren asks for a plant sample, and Dyson investigates further. The pool is saltwater, and he finds a pearl in the filtration system. Kenzi calls dibs on the pearl.

On the train, Bo tries to break free, when the maid comes in. She tells Bo that the next stop isn’t for three days, that if she jumps she’ll evaporate, and she can’t leave without an elemental or she’ll get sick and die. She moves to freshen up Bo, laying out some new clothes. Bo isn’t interested in looking ravishing. The maid explains, that Rayner is a great man, and asks that she give him, and the rest of them a chance. She gives Bo an invite for dinner.

Lauren examines the pearl. Dyson asks why she isn’t in her new dark lab, but Lauren tells him that she wanted to remain close. None of them have heard from Bo, but Kenzi tells them to keep the faith, she’ll call. Lauren finds that the pearl isn’t a pearl. It’s a crystallized salt deposit, which gets Dyson’s attention. He tells Kenzi to get out of there immediately, its mermaids. Kenzi fires an employee for excess spending, but she can hardly contain her excitement over mermaids. She’s all over the happy mermaid mythos, even Lauren remarks how fascinating they are, not heeding Dyson’s warnings of their psychotic nature, he tries to convince her that they’re not a part of a Disney movie. She convinces him that they need to finish the case, but he urges her to be careful.

On the train, Bo isn’t really happy with Rayner’s handmaiden’s matchmaker skills. He tells her that she’s usually better at it, the other girls at least dressed up. Bo is still wearing her black leathers. She tells him that she is not looking for happily ever after, she had that. He bitter tells her congratulations and reiterates that he did not bring her there. She asks what he wants with her, and he’s a little surprised, that the handmaiden told her his name. She tries to get rough, and Rayner has had enough. He brings her to her knees, with a knife at her throat. She won’t stop until she gets answers. He tells her that she will not change anything. Her eyes flare, and that peaks his interest. He asks if she’s a succubus, and what the dark fey devour, but she can’t answer the latter, she’s unaligned. He tells her that’s impossible. The death train is impossible too. She asks what kind of fae he is. He tells her that he’s cursed, and asks that she calls him Rayner. She takes his dinner and leaves.

Kenzi targets Tad’s efficiency. She asks him to take a walk, and he can’t, not with both of his legs missing. He tells her that he’s the most efficient person in the company, and wants to make this little pow wow quick. Kenzi asks if his disability affect his work. She asks about his legs, and he spills about it. He got sick in college and he was forced to amputate his legs or die. Darren Claire stepped in and paid for it all, and now its Tad’s mission to protect him, and to make sure that no one stops him in anyway. Kenzi asks if Tad would protect him if he did something scrupulous, and it’s clear he would at all costs.

Kenzi clears Tad of being a mermaid, and finds a big file of creeper mail. Lauren needs another sample, and Kenzi gleefully goes back in hoping for a mermaid sighting.

On the train, rayber plays an eerie tune in Bo’s room. She less than pleased to find him there, and likes his music choice even less, she asks for something more cheerful, and he plays The Final Countdown. Bo notices that he plays Risk, but he tells her that he lost a long time ago. He confesses to her that he use to have foresight in battle, he was able to see his opponents attacks before they happened. He use to fight both the light and dark. He has seen the awful reality of war, tyrannical rule was on the rise. Bo asks who’s rule, but Rayner can’t answer. He closes the organ. He can’t remember why he’s there, who took his power. She understands the torture. He tells her that one can live with or without almost anything, but she knows that’s not living.

Kenzi tries to hack into one of the leg samples with no luck. Someone approaches, showing up blue on the heat signatures. He arrives before she can get out or hide, and uses his powers to make her cough up water, she’s drowning slowly. He stops the water. Darren questions her about stealing his legs, and mail. Asks her about the letters, and she’s a little disappointed about the merman. Tad mistook his sister’s letters for those of a stalker. There are over a dozen pearls there, meaning that she plans to kill him, and Kenzi can’t help but think he deserves it for stealing Diana’s legs. Darren knew nothing about Diana losing her legs, and concludes his sister must not know how to attach them yet. Kenzi asks where his legs came from, and Darren tells her that when Tad got sick, his team created a tissue fusion system. Darrren tells her that he’s not safe, that Dominique is coming and asks her to bring him to Diana. She isn’t sure she can trust him, surrounded by legs and all. But he tells her that all the legs were willing donors. He almost quotes a Disney movie, and Kenzi believes him. Leg pieces come through the mail, Dominique is close. Darren warns that she’s in the pool water system, and Kenzi has to fish her out. Kenzi has the best bait.

Doctor Lauren prepares to go for a little dip with the big bad wolf watching close by. She slides into the pool and waits. The water begins to ripple, and Lauren deploys a supersonic device, to break the mermaid’s cloaking. Dyson grabs hold of the floundering Dominique.

On the train, the two minute warning sounds, a station is drawing near. Bo snoops and finds a butterfly beneath the glass. It brings a memory and a tear to her eye. She opens the case, and brings the butterfly back to life. Rayner sees the fluttering butterfly, and asks what she did. He realizes she is the one he’s been waiting for. He tells her that she’s going to miss her stop, urges her to go while she can, but she doesn’t want to. Poor Beast, I mean Rayner, he was so close. Bo comes back, and they passionately kiss. She asks what she’s doing, but she can’t stop.

Dyson hauls the mermaid to land. Lauren remarks how she’s so beautiful. Dominique wants Lauren’s legs. She needs them to get to her brother. Every mermaid gets one year to do walking, to get legs and walk on land. Dominique did her walking and came home like she was supposed to, but not Darren. She longs to have her brother back, to stop being ignored. She sheds a tear, and it turns into a pearl, her eighteenth. Their sister promised to come and get Darren to come back, but she lied, so Dominique took her legs. The trio was dupped.

Kenzi brings Darren to Diana. She thought that Darren took her legs to cut her out of the company. Kenzi notices how cold Diana’s skin is. Diana isn’t a pixy, she’s a mermaid, and she has her eyes on Kenzi’s stems. Darren prepares to remove Kenzi’s legs, when Dyson and Lauren return with Dominique in tow. She tells them that she wants them home, and both of them berate their little sister. Dyson springs forward wolfing out a bit, but Darren uses the lungs full of water trick on him. They promised her that they would return, but they lied to her. They offer Dominique legs, and she turns to team mermaid. They plan a new leg switchout. Darren goes all evil villain plotting to take over the world, but Doctor Lauren isn’t about to let that happen, and hits the trio with a dose of fresh water.

Basking in the after glow on the train, Bo has missed many stops. Bo wonders if her friends are safe. Rayner tells her that Kenzi and Dyson are close to breaking the spell on them, and when they do they will remember her, and Bo will no longer remember Rayner. He tells Bo it was worth it, even if he never sees her again. It is his curse. He tells her that no one has ever come back. She tells him that all the clues are in place, they will lead her back to him. She tells him that she told the singer to come find her, Hugin in a jar, and if that is not enough she has one thing further. She prepares to pledge dark, and have Rayner as a witness. It goes against everything she stands for, and he doesn’t want her to do it. But Bo knows that it will never stick. She tells him that if she goes home and finds out that she’s dark, she will move heaven and earth to find out how that happened, which will bring her back to him. When she returns she will destroy the contract, and save him from the train. She pledges to get him back everything, his memory and power. He worries that he’s a monster, and she tells him that if that’s the case she will kill him herself, but for now he must keep the train running, and himself alive. And time finally catches up to what Bo remembers, culminating in her leap from the train.

The Unamense gets a visit from Bo and Rayner. They tell her that she has broken their laws, that the Wanderer was not meant for the physical plane. He throws a card at them, and they fling it back at him, it disappears in a hail of sparkles in him. His power is back, he sees that Bo is in danger. The Unamense says that this is too much power for a rebel, the reason he was cursed. Bo tells them that rule forces a rebellion. Bo’s words are blasphemy, and they decree for her crime they will kill her claimed human, the doctor, the wolf, the siren. All will perish and then they will kill her. She orders for the Wanderer and Bo to be captured, and they fight. Bo doesn’t think she can take on the keeper, she blocked her attack last time, but Rayner is sure with his help they can take her on. Rayner gives her the commands, and Bo takes down the keeper.

Kenzi and Dyson mop up the mermaid suds. She decrees that they make an awesome team. Kenzi notices that Bo never called, and that worries her.

Bo and Rayner have slaughtered all of the Unamense except the keeper, who crawls away. Bo asks Rayner what is next, but Rayner tells her that she has this. The keeper warns that if she continues down this path she will suffer a worse fate than her mother, but Bo is done listening, and kill the Keeper.

At home, Trick comes to see Bo, but he’s an uninvited guest. Trick comes to her, tells her that Rayner will ask her to slay the Unamense, and he begs her to stay her hand. Ooops, too late. He tells her that their powers will be amassed into one remaining seed, the origin seed, the one that was stolen. And in the wrong hands it would be disastrous. Trick asks for her word, but she cannot give  it to him. One of the Unamense has survived, and has the seed.


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