Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1E10 - "The Bridge" Recap

Edison Po is broken out of prison by a team of men who also have the Centipede marks. Po is the same man who was met by Raina, the girl in the flower dress, in episode 5. Skye is still investigating SHIELD's files to try to learn more about her origins. SHIELD is reunited with Michael Peterson, who we see pushing a bulldozer around as part of some strength training regiment. May thinks it's a bad idea to bring Mike on board. Mike wants another chance and Coulson is willing to give it to him but warns him that he will not get a third. Ward also think it's a bad idea to bring Peterson on board but Skye is more open to giving him another chance.

The team finds a facial recog match for one of the Centipede soldiers, a Bryan Hayward. They set off for Cleveland, where her sister Laura goes to school. While on the way, Coulson has Mike go down to the lab for FitzSimmons to run tests on him to confirm that he is stable. While down there, Mike tells FitzSimmons that there work saved his life, since they developed the tranquilliser that Ward shot at him which stabilised him.

Skye is able to learn that the girl in the flower dress met with Edison Po in prison. Peterson identifies her as the one that recruited him to Centipede. In the big bad's evil lair, we learn that they are struggling with the soldiers being tremendously drained after exerting themselves with Centipede strength. Ward reaches Laura and poses as someone on a gaming commission in search of Bryan because he has apparently won $50,000. He hands her a teched out phoney business card that allows the team to listen in on her calling Bryan and trace his location to Oakland, California.

Coulson lets Mike know that he will be getting his shot out in the field. He's given a special suit that will monitor the readings of his body but is also comfortable, and nice-looking, for when he's busy kicking butt. The team raids the Centipede facility but are caught by the super-soldiers and a fight beings. Mike is better equipped to fight with them than May and Ward, but he's injured during the battle. FitzSimmons warns Coulson that his vitals are low since much of his body's energy was spent on the fight. Still, he's able to get the upper hand on one of them while the other two escape. The soldier still there is killed by an eyepiece like the one seen with Agent Amador. Raina and Po see Mike from the eyepiece. Raina is surprised at his still having his abilities, since he hadn't been in to receive injections in some time, and Po creepily states that he is the key for them to achieve Stage 3.

Coulson is alarmed by the fact that Centipede was behind the eye pieces and that their reach is far wider than they originally knew. He later commends Mike for his work in the field, but then asks why he has spent all his time training instead of visiting his son, Ace. Peterson doesn't want his son to see him as a monster and is worried after what happened at Union Station. Coulson advises him to think about his son before jumping into becoming an agent. Mike decides to call his son but then learns that Raina is with him.

Mike informs the team that Raina wants to trade Ace for Mike so they can learn how he stabilised his condition. He asks Coulson to escort him to the trade off which takes place in the middles of the bridge. Rain reveals that the deal wasn't for her to receive Mike, but Coulson. Mike knew this all along and apologises to Coulson. Coulson is not angry, knowing that Mike only did it to protect his son. Mike even tries to fix things by threatening to kill Raina, but she tells him her employer does not care if she dies. Ace is returned to Mike, who runs back towards the team. After giving Ace to Skye, he runs back to try to save Coulson yet again but then an explosion happens on the bridge that Mike seems to have been in the middle of.

The team looks on in horror as a helicopter rides away carrying all the bad guys present and Coulson. On board, Coulson tells Raina that he won't give up any information but she says that he will tell them what they want to know - what happened to him the day after he died.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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