Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1E15 - "Yes Men" Recap

Lorelei ditches the married man she picked up at the end of the previous episode and picks up a biker gang, led by a man named Rooster.

Simmons takes a blood sample from Skye and insists on her continuing to rest up while the GH-325 continues to heal her. Skye thanks her for saving her. Ward comes in and tells her she looks better than when she was dying. He even smiles. He also blames Mike Peterson for not protecting Skye and Mike is currently being hunted down by SHIELD. Skye is more compassionate towards his condition.

Simmons is unable to find any of the GH-325 in Skye's blood. She wants to find a trace of it so it can be used to save more lives. Coulson is against the idea of her getting the drug to anyone. Coulson meets with Agent Sitwell to try to get more information but Sitwell says he doesn't know where Nick Fury is and won't be found unless he chooses to come off grid.

The team tracks large electromagnetic surges in the California desert and determine that they herald an Asgardian arrival. Fitz is excited about the possibility of it being Thor, but Ward reminds him that not all Asgardians are allies (Loki). As the team drives towards the energy, someone beams down right in the middle of the road. It's Lady Sif! She warns them that their world is in danger.

Lady Sif boards the Bus and is amazed to see Coulson alive. She thinks it's dark magic until Coulson convinces her otherwise. He requests that he be the one to break the news to Thor and she agrees. Moving on from that, Sif tells the team that Lorelei was imprisoned for 600 years on Asgard but broke out during the events of Thor: The Dark World. Her voice can ensnare men, though she has to use her touch on the particularly resistant ones. Sif has a necklace/collar that they must get on Lorelei to prevent her from speaking.

Lorelei is displeased by her minions bringing her cash instead of gold, as she doesn't see it's worth at first. Rooster's wife storms in, and is angered at learning that another woman has ensnared her husband's affections. When Lorelei tells Rooster to make the noise stop, he strangles his wife.

On the Bus, Sif and Coulson are tracking Lorelei through crime reports. Coulson asks if Sif has encountered any blue alien races, and Sif says none of them have visited Earth. They're worried to learn that Lorelei is forming an army. The team prepares for battle, and Fitz introduces the new weapons, now called I.C.E.R.s. The team then tracks Lorelei down but the local law enforcement open fire on them, having been enchanted by Lorelei. A shoot-out begins and Sif kicks a trailer over to give them cover. Nice.

Sif storms into the bar and tells Lorelei to come with her but Lorelei is not afraid of her. Sif disposes of the bikers inside and Lorelei slips out during the chaos. Ward sneaks around out back and fights off Rooster. Lorelei hops down from the roof and begins working her magic on Ward. He's able to resist her voice but then she touches him and it's bye-bye SHIELD, as Ward takes Lorelei off to somewhere grand, per her request.

Back on the Bus, Sif is angry about losing Lorelei and the fact the Collar of Silence is now broken. Fitz is tasked with working on fixing it. Skye insists on helping, so Coulson has her work on finding where Ward (and Lorelei) have gone. Simmons then privately requests to Coulson to send the blood to HQ for further testing. He orders her not to do so, but Simmons is determined. She insists that she has a duty as a scientist (for the greater good) but Coulson tells her that until they can determine why the GH-325 was kept under such a substantial lock and key, they will not bring SHIELD in to the loop.

Ward takes Lorelei to Las Vegas, and she appreciates the cheesy decorum of Caesar's Palace. Ward tells her he knows she doesn't value him any more than the bikers but that he doesn't care. She asks if this is because of what he feels and he admits to having had feelings for someone on his team and that is seems foolish now. Lorelei is smitten with Ward, and tells him he will have a gift from her after he delivers her an army. Then it's sexy time. Afterwards, Lorelei tells Ward about her 600-year imprisonment, the collar, and the torture. Turns out Lorelei is indeed scared of Sif, but Ward is confident about his ability to taker her out. Good luck with that, Midgardian.

May and Sif chat and Sif reveals that Lorelei is actually skilled at combat, but chooses to use men because she gets a thrill from taking them from womyn. May says that Ward is lethal and one of SHIELD's best, and Sith can tell that May cares for him. She tells May that she once lost a man whom she cared for and says that Ward is not the man he once was. Sif warns May that Ward may try to kill her, but May replies (like the ultimate badass she is), "He might try to kill me, but he won't." Damn.

The team is able to track down the hotel room Lorelei and Ward stayed at but they're gone now. Fitz announces that he has fixed the Collar of Silence. Sif asks to inspect it, but Fitz then traps her in the Bus cell. Look like Lorelei has now worked her spell on Fitz, too. Just so we're clear, it does seem that the collar is fixed. Sif begins beating at the walls and now Ward and Lorelei are flying hte plane, somewhere. When Coulson figures out that Fitz has been enchanted, he feigns loyalty to Lorelei. Skye and Simmons are locked in Skye's hospital room. Lorelei encounters May in the kitchen and beats her with ease. Ward opens the roof in the cell where Sif is trapped and she goes flying out (not intentionally) with the collar in hand. (Her sword is still in the cell).

Ward comes out to meet Lorelei and May tries to talk him down. Lorelei taunts her now-connection with Ward over May and admits that Ward told him who it was on the team that he had feelings for, and it wasn't May. (I knew it! I knew it! Ward and Skye forevah!) Ward continues to hold May at gunpoint while Lorelei heads off to the cell to get Sif's sword. Coulson goes to unlock Simmons and Skye and Simmons nearly takes his head off with a fire-extinguisher before he shows that he is still in the right state of mind. He orders Skye to unlock the roof, confident that Sif is still out there, which she is.

We see Sif clinging to the top of the Bus. Lorelei heads into the cell to steal the sword but surprise! Sif is back in the room! Skye overrides the system and locks Lorelei in there with Sif. Lorelei asks Sif to leave her to have Earth but Sif will not be swayed from her orders. Lorelei delivers some low blows about Sif's obedience (like a pet) and her inability to get the men she has desired (including Thor). Oh, it's on now! They fight over the blade and it's split in half. They begin fighting while Simmons distracts Fitz and Ward and May begin fighting. Coulson knocks Fitz out once Simmons has lured him away.

Sif wins her fight and Lorelei begs Sif to kill her. She taunts her to try to bait her into doing it but Sif merely puts the Collar of Silence on her. "You were saying?"

Ward prepares to shoot May but when he pulls the trigger, May reveals that she unloaded his gun during the scuffle. (Behold May, the new Supreme). Ward then returns to his normal state, but May lands another blow to the face anyway. Sif apologises to the team for Lorelei's destruction and Coulson tells her it must have been hard to not kill Lorelei. Sif tells them that Odin ordered her back alive and that she is bound by her code, just as SHIELD agents are. (But wait! Odin isn't really Odin anymore, so is this going to lead into a Loki film? Or Thor 3? So many questions!)

May tells Coulson to share whatever he has been keeping secret with Skye, since it doesn't look as if he'll be sharing it with her. May heads to the cockpit and Ward is there, offering to let her punch him again. He tries to apologise about matters of feelings (and the heart?) but May tells him there's no problem with it. Before he leaves, May tells him that if what he said to Lorelei was true, then he was more honest with her than he is with himself.

Coulson speaks privately with Skye about GH-325 and its alien source. Coulson apologises, saying he tried to stop her from being injected, since they don't know what the consequences will be. Skye is the voice of reason, saying that it's fine because they're both alive and seemingly fine for now. They'll go after the answers together, but Coulson is determined to keep things secret from the team until they learn why Fury went to such lengths to keep it secret. Coulson tells Skye that the first thing they'll do is go after the person responsible (?) and make them pay. We then learn that May is listening in on this conversation. She dials an encrypted line, identifies herself, and delivers "update log 93": "He knows. I repeat: Coulson knows."

This was such a fantastic episode that I'm even more excited for what's to come with Agents of SHIELD! There was nice interaction with the filmverse, and new developments that mean a whole lot more for the show to explore for the rest of the season (and hopefully season 2?) Secrets may get tired and irksome on soapy shows, but they're fantastic when spies are involved! Also, Skye+Ward is definitely canon; my ship has been vindicated.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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