Once Upon A Time Recap: Witch Hunt

The Wicked Witch digs through Regina’s things, marveling at all the stiff she left behind. She sends her flying monkey off to find Regina.

Red wonders if Regina has really changed, Snow thinks that she has, but she’s not doing well with Henry gone. Regina has a plan though to get back in her castle. One of the monkey’s comes in for the attack, but when Robin’s young son is nearly attacked, Regina steps in and turns the monkey into a stuffed toy.

Snow and Charming don’t remember any of their time in the Enchanted Forest. Snow doesn’t think that Regina is involved in the curse. Hook got a note, telling him to get Emma, but the Charmings didn’t send it. Worse, there are many people missing, or turning up missing. Neil hasn’t been founded yet either. Emma decides the best course of action would be to get their memories back.

Everyone tries to make sense of what they’ve just seen. Belle knows of the only place that has flying monkeys, Oz. If it’s Oz, Regina knows that who is in their castle, and worse of all its not a personal vendetta. Regina has done nothing this time to deserve it. Regina plans to go in alone to take down the shield, and although Snow wants to help, Regina insists on going at it alone.

Red brings Henry cinnamon for his pancakes, he still doesn’t remember Storybrook. Snow and Charming come to meet up with Henry and Emma, and they make up a story how they could know Emma. Regina drops her cup when she sees Henry, but Emma quickly grabs her away. It breaks her heart that Henry doesn’t remember her. Regina insists that she didn’t have anything to do with this latest curse, and Emma doesn’t count her out yet.

Robin’s men continue their thievery, but this time, its for a bow so that they can hunt. Little John is a horrible shot, and he chases his Turkey to the Storybrook town line, a flying monkey takes him away.

Robin tells the others about Little John’s disappearance. They think that it may be because he tried to leave Storybrook. Emma decides that maybe a town hall meeting may be the best way to find out the guilty party. Accusations start to fly, all pointing their fingers at Regina, but Regina maintains that she isn’t guilty, even Emma doesn’t believe her. Backed into a corner, Regina becomes what they’re all accusing her of being the Evil Queen, while the real culprit sits in the front row watching it all gleefully.

Regina moves the boulders, and Robin comes out of the woods to help her. He knows that the Wicked Witch was after Regina not his son, but he still owes her for saving him.

Emma comes to meet with Regina. Her little stunt was just that a stunt, to make the real culprit think they got away with the curse. The girls are working together, so look out Wicked Witch, you’re going down. Emma gives Regina the potion bottle so that she can replicate the memory restoring spell. Emma knows Regina well enough now that she can tells when she’s lying, and this time, she isn’t lying about laying the curse.

Regina and Robin navigate the tunnels, to take down the shield, and they get to know each other. Regina may own up to her mistakes, but so does Robin. They find that a door is open, one that shouldn’t be. The crypt to Regina’s mother’s final resting place is open, which means that the Wicked Witch is far more powerful than she thought. Robin asks about the child Regina lost, and she admits to him that he’s lost, but not dead. She has to forge forward, no matter what.

Snow reads about cradle cap, not knowing anything about babies, and talks Henry into going to the library with her. The Wicked Witch, Elina, tells her that cradle cap doesn’t hurt the baby, and Snow quickly bonds with her as she acts overly helpful and sweet as pie. When Snow asks Elina who she was back in the Enchanted Forest, she tells her that not everyone is famous, and Snow buys the story hook, line, and sinker.

Robin and Charming track blood drops and find Little John.

Regina puts Robin on watch duty, while Regina digs through her potions. When she doesn’t answer his queries, he draws his bow on her. She mixes together a sleeping potion, not for use against the witch or even Snow. She tells him it’ll be used on someone no one will ever miss. Robin tells her that she can have a second chance, but Regina doesn’t want it. The curse cannot be broken by anyone but Henry. She’ll do as promised and lower the protection spell, and then go to bed forever.

Regina tries to duplicate the potion, but it doesn’t work. Emma thinks that maybe they’re going about it all wrong, they need to smoke out the perpetrator. They just need to get the word out that she’s close to making a memory potion so that the culprit will try to stop her. Grumpy gets the word out and Zelina makes a run for it.

Robin, Charming and Hook take Little John to the hospital. He’s still in critical condition, and as the doctors rush to save him he begins to seize. The seizure gets worse, and Little John transforms into a flying monkey. Is it a spell or some mutant flying monkey virus?

Regina and Emma have a stakeout, but its long and boring. Regina asks about Henry, about his friends and life in New York. Emma admits that she almost didn’t come back because they had a good life, but she remembers, and says that Henry would say that a hero would come back. Someone enters Regina’s office, and Regina and Emma race to see who it is. They corner her, but she gets away.

Regina heads to put out the flame, and thus take down the shield. The flame goes out with little issue, and the shield drops. Charming orders everyone to move on the castle, and Regina prepares to prick her finger. The Wicked Witch stops her, she thought she’d get more of a hello. She introduces herself as Zelina. She acts indifferent to everything. Regina wonders how she managed to break her spell, saying that no one is that powerful. Apparently Mommy Dearest kept more than a few things from Regina, one of them being that she has a sister, Zelina. They’re just half sisters, and Zelina is the elder sister, and she’s not only green but a little bitter over not having a mother. And furthermore she too has ties to Rumplestiltskin. Regina tells her that both their mother and Rumple are dead, but that’s fine because Zelina wants to take everything away from her. She wants Regina to suffer, but Regina has nothing left to lose. Gauntlet thrown, Zelina flies off. Now Regina has something to live for, someone to destroy.

Regina isn’t sure meeting Henry is a good idea, but Emma tells her that she will be fine. Emma introduces Henry to Regina. Regina tells Henry that his mother has told her a lot about him, because she’s proud, and she offers to show him around, and even take him out for ice cream. He likes the idea, and although odd, the introduction went well.

Hook and Charming tell Emma, Snow and Regina the news about the flying monkey. Now they know who cursed them, just not why.

Zelina goes to feed her prisoner. She’s brought back Rumplestiltskin, and he doesn’t exactly look grateful, in fact he looks like he’s been stuck in crazy town.


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