Secrets, Lies & NSA Ties "TENTACLE 8" Comes To DVD March 18


Brett Rickaby (The Crazies)
Teri Reeves(Chicago Fire)  

Josh Morrow (Y&R) 
John Callahan (All My Children)   
Amy Motta (Spread)
Matt Borlenghi (The Turn) 
Bruce Gray (All My Children)

LOS ANGELES, CA - Grand Entertainment Group (GEG), an independent multi-platform content and distribution company, will release the much anticipated indie thriller
TENTACLE 8 on DVD March 18. The film directed by John Chi, stars Brett Rickaby (The Crazies); Teri Reeves (Chicago Fire); Josh Morrow (Y&R); John Callahan (All My Children); Amy Motta (Spread); Matt Borlenghi (The Turn) and Bruce Gray (All My Children).
When a mysterious computer virus wipes out highly classified personnel files at the NSA, a top secret investigation is prompted.  RAYMOND BERRY (Brett Rickaby), an NSA operative is thrown into a detention center, where he is suspected of crimes against the United States.  He fights to stay alive, hoping to reunite with TABITHA (Amy Motta), a CIA agent he has recently fallen in love with.  Ray discovers that Tabitha is not who she says she is, complicating his plans to escape his former life and start over in anonymity.  Inspired by films like ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN, THE INSIDER and CHILDREN OF MEN;TENTACLE 8 is about the tenuous and arduous journey to protect and preserve the truth, no matter how extraordinary the circumstances might be.

"With news stories of NSA leaks from Edward Snowden to Julian Assange's WikiLeaks, TENTACLE 8 could be ripped straight from the headlines," states Grand Entertainment PresidentDavid Rand. The DVD will include bonus features and will be available at most major retailers and for $19.98 MSRP.

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