Sleepy Hollow S1 Finale - "The Indispensable Man"/"Bad Blood" Recap

Abbie returns home and calls Ichabod, leaving him a voicemail and signing off as "Leftenant Mills." He struggles with autocorrect until he finally manages to communicate his intended reply: "POOR. TELEPHONE. RECEPTION." She is then approached by Andy, who sneaks up on her. She responds by cuffing him. He warns her that Moloch is after a map in Washington's bible. He also reminds her of the prophecy stating that Ichabod will deliver her soul to Purgatory. He also blurts out that he loves her. Bro. Timing. She calls Irving and while her back is turned, Andy breaks his thumb to escape.

Abbie meets with Ichabod where he is able to learn from the bible that George Washington was resurrected following his death for a group that included Rev. Knapp and was tasked with drawing a map from the spirit world to Earth. Ichabod realises that with this map, he could get Katrina out of Purgatory. They call Henry to meet them Knapp's grave to get his prayer beads. The beads are meant to point to the map's location but when Henry handles them, they burn his hand. Turns out the beads are hexed. Abbie warns Ichabod that perhaps there is a good reason that the map has been so heavily guarded. The floodgates could be opened and lead to Armageddon. They are then attacked by Moloch's minions but Abbie shoots them dead. With great difficulty, Henry was able to get flashes of visions that lead Ichabod and Abbie to Washington's real burial site which is an underground tomb not far from Sleepy Hollow.

Moloch swarms Andy with flying bugs and Andy becomes encased in a cocoon. Later, he emerges from it looking like a bald, evil, alien demon. Also, Irving is angered to find that law enforcement are questioning his family regarding the deaths at the cabin. They even take a sample of Macy's DNA. To save them, he turns himself in and (falsely) confesses to the crimes. Before being sent away, he leaves a datebook for Abbie.

Ichabod, Abbie, and Henry reach Washington's burial site. They find the map in the hand of Washington's corpse but then Alien-Andy shows up. A fight ensues for possession of the map. Henry is able to use his magic touch to weaken him enough for Andy's remaining humanity to surface and plead with Abbie to destroy the map. He begs to be released and she stabs him through the head. It doesn't work and Alien-Andy comes chasing after them but they trigger the tomb's booby traps which causes much of it to collapse, trapping Andy while the other three escape. Once outside, Abbie tells Crane about Andy's warning and she is able to convince him to light it on fire. But he later re-draws it from memory after wallowing over missing Katrina.

Ichabod buys some clothes from a Revolutionary War re-enactment. Abbie comes to the cabin to tell Jenny and Ichabod about Irving's confession. Henry arrives to tell them that he had a premonition that the second Horseman of the Apocalypse, War, will arrive by nightfall. There will be an eclipse and it is also the 13-year anniversary of the day that the Mills encountered Moloch in the woods. They need a witch to perform a binding spell on the ground from which War will rise. They have no other witch to ask so they must indeed release Katrina. This is when Ichabod reveals that he re-drew the map.

From Irving's datebook, Abbie is able to learn that Sheriff Corbin and Rev. Knapp were meeting on a semi-regular basis. She tasks Jenny with learning the reason for this. Abbie, Ichabod, and Henry reach their destination. Henry warns them not to consume any food or drink or they will be trapped in Purgatory and to hold onto each other in their hearts. Ichabod and Abbie recite an incantation, a portal appears, and in they go!

Enter Purgatory-land and Abbie and Ichabod are separated. Abbie wakes in Corbin's cabin with a bandage on her head. Andy and Corbin show up, perfectly normal, alive and well, and tell her she got a concussion during FBI training. Remember how Abbie was set to go join the FBI before Headless decided to roll into town? She enjoys all the warm and fuzzy feelings of being reunited with her loved ones and having some happiness restored. Corbin brings out plates of apple pie a la mode and just as Abbie is about to take a bite, she remembers Ichabod and her actual location. The pie starts bleeding and then she gets the door open. Before she runs out, a now decapitated Corbin and what-the-heck-happened-to-your-neck Andy beg her for help.

Ichabod wakes in England in a version of history where the British won the war and his father has not disowned him. They're about to toast but then he remembers Abbie and Papa Crane becomes an angry, belligerent, monster. Ichabod then runs out.

Ichabod and Abbie wake up in the woods surrounded by all kinds of creepiness. Ichabod finally comes across Abbie and in order to prove that they both are who they say they are, they fist bump. (Cute!) They then enter the church where they find Katrina. She tells them that the only way she can leave Purgatory is if another stays behind to take her place. Ichabod offers herself but Abbie insists that she be the one to do it. Katrina gives Abbie a protective amulet against Moloch. Ichabod hugs Abbie tight, promising to come back for her. Ichabod and Katrina chant and jump back through the portal. Moloch attacks Abbie out in the woods and she uses the amulet to burn him before running off.

Jenny follows Corbin's tapes to a church outside town. She has a revelation and calls Abbie while driving back. She leaves a voicemail saying that Moloch's mention of the saint's name was meant literally. She warns her not to trust someone but before she can get the name out, Headless appears, shoots at her, and she crashes.

Ichabod and Katrina are met by Henry. Katrina struggles to regain the strength of her powers but eventually she's able to use them to lead the way to the four white trees. She then struggles with binding the ground.

Abbie meets the teenager versions of herself and Jenny inside a child's dollhouse. They tell her that Moloch hid the memory of what they saw that day. Then, Abbie learns what Jenny had tried to tell her before she crashed.

Henry reveals tremendous magical abilities by tossing Ichabod and Katrina up against two of the white trees and (magically) binds them with vines. He brags that he had given Ichabod he answer so many times before revealing that he was the Horseman of War unearthed 13 years prior as witnessed by Abbie and Jenny. He goes on to reveal that he is Jeremy Crane, Ichabod and Katrina's long-lost son. Moloch raised him from the box in which he was confined by Katrina's coven. He also reveals to them the hole in which he was trapped. He took the name Henry from the church St. Henry's parish, which was the church Jenny had visited. She had located the sign with the name on it that led to her revelation.

Henry summons Headless, who rides off with an unconscious? sleeping? Katrina and then Henry throws Ichabod into the box in which he was buried. Ichabod is yet again magically bound with roots and Henry breaks the second seal. Henry shuts the box on a screaming Ichabod. War has begun.

Sleepy Hollow will return in Season 2 on FOX!


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