Sleepy Hollow S1E10 - "The Golem" Recap

Ichabod wants to speak with Katrina to confront her about his having a child so Abbie summons Henry Parish to help him do so. Henry warns him that reaching the realm of the dead is very dangerous and will likely have serious consequences. Henry chokes Ichabod - the closer he is to death, the less distance he will have to travel to reach the realm. Katrina tells Ichabod that she left their son in the care of a pastor and his wife in order to keep him safe, also leaving a doll with him that she made to ensure he would never be alone. She never saw her son again and therefore her purgatory resembles the church in which she left him. Her own Coven was responsible for banishing her to purgatory and Ichabod promises to find out what happens to their son. A demon bangs down the church door and Ichabod returns to the realm of the living. We also see that same demon rise from the ground in the woods. Yikes.

Abbie tries to convince Henry to stay with them, as he is like them in his not having any family. He agrees to help them for the rest of the day until the last train leaves at 12:44 a.m., which he intends to be on. They all depart for the library to do research and are watched by the creepy demon stalker. We then learn that Irving lost religion after his daughter was hit by a car. He is told by a priest that witnesses are martyrs, destined to die in their service - that had better not be foreshadowing Irving's fate! The priest tells him to have faith - isn't that what they always say? Broken record, jeez.

At the library, the gang learns that the woman who was looking after Jeremy (Ichabod's son) died in a house fire, accidentally set by Jeremy. Apparently he inherited Katrina's magical powers. Jeremy's foster parents died and he was placed in a home. They then realise the librarian is missing and when they go after her, she has been killed by the demon stalker. Henry realises he won't be catching that train.

Irving visits his ex and daughter and he apologises for being gone so much. His wife tells her that if he'd said that a year ago, they'd still be together. Macy overhears the conversation and cheerfully greets her father once she makes her presence known.

The group finds a box that reveals that the now-dead librarian was a witch. When Ichabod opens it, Henry becomes ill, saying it wreaks of pain, death, and anger. Ichabod finds a book containing a drawing of a doll. Abbie recognises the doll from her vision - it's the same one that Katrina gave to Jeremy. Henry is able to see that the priest that governed the orphanage that Jeremy sent to was an evil, abusive man. Jeremy's pain swelled so deeply that his powers made the doll come to life and kill his abuser. That demon now stalking this group is Jeremy's doll come to life. Ichabod realises that this demon was from Katrina's vision and that he unintentionally brought it back with him. He also says that the librarian was a member of the coven that banished Katrina. All other members of that coven are now at risk.

Macy and her father go for a walk in the park. When he tries to get some hot cocoa from a street vender, the man reveals himself to be possessed and questions the strength of Macy for what's to come. Naturally, Irving throws a fit and man-handles hot cocoa demon but then the demonic entity jumps bodies and the poor now-unpossessed man is confused and frightened. He also has no memory of what he said while under the (demonic) influence. Irving and Macy leave the park but they are still being watched.

Ichabod expresses remorse over not being able to help his son during his life but Henry makes him see that the good in Ichabod's being no doubt was inherited by his son. Ichabod realises that the bible Katrina gave to him will have the answer - that the doll is a Golem, a creature comprised of it's creator's passions. They track down "The Four Who Speak as One," who are the witches who sent Katrina to purgatory. They're currently living as a carnival act in a carnival that of course happens to be in town. Ichabod enters their tent alone and they're creepy with strange voices and razor sharp teeth. They tell him that his arrival will seal their fate - they will die that night.

They had imprisoned the Golem in purgatory to stop it. They tried to do the same to Jeremy but he was too strong so they buried him in a box, and invoked a hex to stop his heart (but maybe he's still alive, too?) They tell him they will die that but that Jeremy's blood can stop the Golem as it was what created it. The Golem arrives at the carnival and begins wreaking havoc. Ichabod is cut with a piece of glass and begins delivering a highly Ichabod-like heartfelt monologue to the Golem. The Golem attacks anyway, so Ichabod stabs him with the piece of glass covered with Ichabod's blood and it's bye-bye-Golem.

Henry still leaves but is glad to have been able to help them. Abbie gives Ichabod a Christmas stocking with his name embroidered on it. When Abbie steps out, Ichabod sees some glass crack as a precursor to another vision. This time, he sees himself in the woods and Moloch warns him that his death is assured, Abbie's soul will be his forever, and Ichabod will be the one to give it to him. When Abbie finds Ichabod on the floor, Ichabod emotionally tells her what Moloch has just told him.

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