Sleepy Hollow S1E11 - "The Vessel" Recap

Ichabod is skinny jeans and a button-up? Oh Sleepy Hollow, you know the way to my heart. They talk about Moloch and Abbie sends him back into the bathroom to try on a boondoggle. She assures him that Moloch has nothing. She also tells him to get his clothes dry-cleaned if he's going to keep wearing them.

Irving has the previously possessed vendor come in for a polygraph. He passes it since he has no memory of the threat he made. He also has the woman come in that the demon possessed afterwards. The demon jumps possession into one of the officers. Irving gets a call from the demon and he can see from the caller ID that the killer is in the station. He asks what the demon wants and it tells him he wants George Washington's Bible, or they'll take Macey. Irving identifies the possessed officer but by the time he gets to him, the demon has jumped into another body.

Irving meets with Ichabod and Abbie to let them know about the demon and the bible. He wants them to help him take down the demon to protect his family. Abbie and Ichabod get to work on researching while Irving gets Cynthia and Macey to a safe house. Abbie and Ichabod find a DVD of Corbin trying to exorcise a possessed Jenny seven years ago. They ask Jenny about it and tell her they need to continue watching it to stop Moloch and save Macey. They determine that the demon that had possessed Jenny is the same one they are currently up against. In the video, it correctly prophesied Corbin's death and said that it would kill Abbie. Jenny says she cannot help them further and leaves.

At the safe house, the possessed cop named Jones is one of Irving's protective muscles. He then jumps into Luke, who is tasked with checking the perimeter.

Ichabod follows Jenny out and she tells him about being possessed and the memory gaps involved. When she became concerned about Abbie's safety, she no longer trusted herself even after she had been exorcised. She broke a law to get locked up each time she heard the voices. Jenny never told Abbie that she was protecting her. She then agrees to help them save Macey.

Irving had called a priest, who sets up holy barriers, including a salt circle that a possessed Luke is unable to penetrate until Jones breaks it. Luke then snaps Jones' neck and tosses him off the porch.

Ichabod shows the group a white circle in the possession video and they're able to learn about the salt circle and its ability to contain the demon. Abbie has them play the video in reverse and they find that the demon's name is Ancitif. Luckily for them, there's information about him in their books. They find information on a blessed lantern that can be used to contain Ancitif. Benjamin Franklin received a few of them as a gift and there's still one in the area.

Abbie calls Irving to let him know about the lamp. The call is interrupted by "Luke," and when he storms in, he finds Luke knocked out and a now possessed Macey levitating in the living room. The sun has not set and Jenny knows that a shady group of people has a lantern. They'll need to break into the warehouse and steal it. Abbie is firmly set against Jenny being the one to steal it, since it will send her back to jail. Abbie intends to go in instead.

Possessed Macey snaps the priest's neck and Irving pleads for the demon to give Macey back. Ancitif demands that he take him to the bible and even threatens to kill Cynthia. Irving calls Abbie and Ichabod to let them know that he needs to give up the bible and warns them to stay away. They know that he's calling them as a means of warning them and wanting them to get there in time to stop them. They deduce that Macey has been possessed.

Ichabod and Abbie get into the warehouse but they struggle to get the lantern off a high shelf. After retrieving it, they exit the warehouse to find themselves surrounded by a militia. Jenny's able to get them out by holding the militia at gunpoint and promising to return the lantern once they've used it. They head to the archive where the Irvings are trying to get the bible. Jenny is the first to step into the room and Ancitif recognises her from her previous possession. Abbie steps in and they lure him into a salt circle. Ichabod then steps out and sucks Ancitif into the lantern, who doesn't go quietly. "Our plan is in motion. The Witnesses can't stop it. Darkness will reign!" Macey returns back to normal and her parents gather round to comfort her. Jenny become emotional at seeing the Irving's family reunion and Abbie steps forward to hug her sister, who returns the gesture.

At the cabin, Ichabod mixes baking soda, water, and lemon juice. The solution is used to reveal invisible ink in the bible. It will now glow in the dark. Science. He spreads it across the page, revealing writing in Washington's handwriting. "December 18, 1799." Abbie points out that Washington died on Dec. 14, 1799. They need to determine how he could have written a date four days after he died - let's just assume they're operating under the assumption that it was written as a dated entry.

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