Star-Crossed S1E3 - "Our Toil Shall Strive To Mend" Recap

The fearful passage of their death-marked love,
And the continuance of their parents' rage,
Which, but their children's end, naught could remove,
Is now the two hours' traffic of our stage;
The which if you with patient ears attend,
What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.
~ Romeo and Juliet, Prologue, Lines 9-14

Roman dreams he hooks up with Teri and upon waking, looks under his pillow where he finds a strange leaf. He confronts her about the leaf and says that regardless of what happened in their past, they can only be friends. It's Julia's first day of high school and she finds amusement in Emery's boy troubles with Roman. The students are told that they will be visiting the Atrian sector and after class, Emery suggest to Gloria that the Atrians share their stories of Arrival Day. Roman stays behind to suggest that Emery not come, saying she would be at risk, but Gloria gives the assignment to Emery.

We learn that Grayson lost his brother on Arrival Day and Drake lost half his tribe. Human students are wearing ribbon around their wrists to remember those they lost on Arrival Day. Julia claims she has a schedule conflict and is therefore unable to assist Emery with her project but Grayson offers to help instead. Julia confronts Roman about her "miracle" cure but he denies any involvement. When she threatens to go to the doctors, he pulls her into a broom closet to tell her that though he did help her, the truth of the cure would put all Atrians at risk. He pleads with her to keep it secret, but she then removes her top to show glowing blue markings all across her body. She warns him that if this is going to be kept secret, he has to find a way to fix this.

Roman manages to trick his uncle into telling him about a cure for the blue markings - yet another plant is something he will have to use but he must employ the cure before the side effects become permanent. The students arrive in Atrian sector and there are yet again protestors outside the gates but they are not allowed in. Roman tells Julia about the cure and that if it's not applied before they reach her face, the markings will become permanent. Roman denies Emery's request to share his Arrival Day story but his sister steps in and offers hers up instead. When Drake makes a scene in front of the humans, Officer Beaumont takes him away before the Trags, where he pledges allegiance to them. They task him with the mission of breaking into the Atrian vessel, which they have been denied access to, thus enabling the Trags to lay waste to the humans.

Emery and Grayson interview Sophia and afterwards, Emery finds the cat's cradle she gave Roman on arrival day. Roman comes in and tells them they have to leave. He's only trying to protect her, knowing that the Trags are watching them but she thinks that he's just brushing her off. Officer Beaumont trains Drake in physical combat to prepare him for joining the Trags. Drake asks him various questions about the outside but Beautmont tells him the only question he should be concerned about is whether or not he's willing to kill for his cause.

Julia speaks with Roman and warns him that his cold treatment is hurting Emery's feelings and he tells her about the danger Emery is in, with being a jerk the only way to keep her safe. Roman's uncle tells Beaumont that Roman still has feelings for Emery. When Beaumont offers to "take care of her," Roman's uncle says to leave it to him. Emery follows after a young Atrian girl that has repeatedly been following her. She shows her a memorial of lost and missing Atrians and then the little girl asks to be filmed - speaking a message to her lost mother in Atrian. Other Atrians begin to surround Emery, not wanting her to be in their sacred place, but Roman's uncle intervenes to keep them from bothering her. He tells her that some believe that some Atrians fled on Arrival Day and made a home for themselves elsewhere.

Roman brings Julia to a grow house to search for the cure. The Trag leader comes in and Julia has to hide while she threatens Roman, demanding to know what he's really doing there. In a turn of events, Teri comes in and we learn that the Trag leader is her mother. Roman covers by saying that he was there to meet Teri for a date and she agrees, covering for him. Teri's mother wants Teri to be a Trag and tells her that one day she will have to choose where her loyalties lie. Roman manages to sneak Julia out safely.

It's the 10th Anniversary of Arrival Day and Emery has brought her completed video, as approved by Gloria. The Atrian Seven and the other guests arrive shortly thereafter. Teri gives Roman the cure for Julia's side effects, but warns him to be careful since no one knows what sort of side effects it will have on humans. Roman delivers it to Julia and tells her she must eat it. Officer Beaumont takes Drake away and tells him he has disabled the security cameras so he may get to the vessel.

Gloria gives a speech before playing Emery's video. It plays for a few seconds but then the feed is apparently hacked by the Red Hawks, who deliver a threatening message to the Atrians. The crowd begins to grow restless and Roman heads to the stage and begins a speech where he shares his arrival story, and says that there are more humans out there like the girl who saved his life than like the Red Hawks. Teri leaves in jealousy. Drake boards the ship and finds a cube, which he takes. Drake is cornered by a guard and Drake (not surprisingly) gets the upper hand. When the man begs for his life, saying he has a family, Drake spares his life. Teri shows up and using an Atrian leaf, puts the guard to sleep, telling Drake he will have no memory of the encounter when he wakes up. She then tells him that it is about time she embraced her destiny (as a Trag). Meanwhile, Julia takes the cure in her car and though the veins at first begin to recede, she then appears to be consumed by a massive blue light.

Gloria commends Roman for saving the day and the integration program with his speech. It would seem that Roman is one step closer to becoming the leader his father always dreamed of. Emery overhears Grayson's parents say that they were responsible for the video, express anger at the day's events not going as they had hoped, but remain pleased that it will not be traced back to them. Grayson encounters her and he tries to explain at first but she is furious at his using her and her project for the Red Hawks political cause. He says that he doesn't agree with their views but there is little he can do as they are his parents. Emery is too angry to continue the conversation and storms off.

Julia visits Roman and shows her now blue-vein-less arms to him and thanks him. The Trags leader thanks Drake for his retrieving the cube and for bringing her daughter into the fold. As a reward, she demonstrates the cube's function. She places a Cypher leaf into it, where it turns to black dust, and she blows it into Beaumont's face, sending him reeling back and eventually falling down dead with the front of his face eaten away. She tells Drake that Beaumont was a traitor and that soon they will unleash Black Cypher onto the humans.

At her home, we see Gloria reunite with her child who bears Atrian markings, indicating that she is an Atrian who has concealed her own markings.

Star-Crossed airs on Mondays on the CW at 8PM.


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