Star-Crossed S1E5 - "Dreamers Often Lie" Recap

Romeo. I dreamt a dream tonight.
Mercutio. And so did I.
Romeo. Well, what was yours?
Mercutio. That dreamers often lie.
Romeo. In bed asleep, while they do dream things true.
~ Romeo and Juliet, Scene 1, Act 4, Lines 49-53

In the next step of the integration program, the Atrian Seven are being permitted to go into town though they still have to be back in time for their curfew. The guards will be accompanying them. Grayson gets tickets for him and Emery to see a showing of The Omen. Roman checks in with Lukas, who tells him he still hasn't been able to pin-point the location which means the phone must have been turned off.

The Trags Drake with delivering the box to a Trag that's living on the outside after removing her markings. There's a loose slat under a blue bench in the town square in which he must leave a note with a meeting time and place. Teri appears offended that Drake has been given the task instead of her, especially when it's her mother giving out the assignment.

Gloria, her mother and son hide out in their safe room as some Red Hawks attack and vandalise their place. Her mother warns her that she is putting all of them at risk and that the Red Hawks beat a man half to death for supporting the Atrians. Her son is in danger so Gloria decides to take her son to Algeida, as Knox had promised to take him there if things ever got too dangerous. Her mother points out that he had also said that only an Atrian could find it.

Emery and Grayson go on their date. She asks about whether his parents would bring harm to the Atrians and he insists that they only hate them but wouldn't hurt them. Their date is interrupted and Grayson says that Eric needs a ride and that it's an emergency. He asks her to save him a seat while he  goes off. He picks Eric and two other men up and they are chased by the police. Eric doesn't even know who the men are, only that they are Red Hawks. They pull over and the men run out while Grayson is still sitting in his car. The police officer finds the spray cans of red paint in the backseat.

The next day at school, Lucas tells Roman that the phone has been turned back on more than once and it's currently on the third story of the school. Emery asks Eric where Grayson is, as he never made it back to their date and all he will tell her is that he has been arrested. Lucas and Roman find a mobile device and a piece of paper that only Roman can read (Atrians can see farther on the UV spectrum) and finds a strange message in his father's handwriting. He decodes the hidden message within the message: Algeida. He tells Lucas that Algeida is a place where some Atrians live, deep in the bayou, free from humans. Roman used to think it was a fairytale but now he's not so sure. Lucas warns him that this could be a set-up but Roman is determined to get answers regarding his father.

The Atrian Seven head into town. Teri asks Drake for the cube, saying that the guard has a thing for brunettes and never checks her bag. Once off the bus, she says that she'll give it back once he sets up the meeting place and time. She claims that her mother ordered her to help after he left. Sure. Taylor is still crushing on Drake, saying "high schools are boring." She wants to find someone who can help her get Drake and sets her sights on Sophie. She interrupts Lucas' chatting with Sophie to tell Sophie that she will take her out shopping.

Lucas helps Roman to decrypt a line of the message, after which Roman heads off to follow that lead. Taylor takes Sophie into a store in which she is able to virtually try on clothes by standing on a platform and having an image of herself appear wearing various outfits. She then asks about Drake and says that he pretty much keeps to himself. Roman comes across Drake right after he has slipped in the note. Roman asks about Algeida and Drake tells him about a gatekeeper from Atrian legend. Legend has it that it's so deep that not even an Atrian can swim there and the gatekeeper must light three fires. He asks Drake whether he wants to help him find Algeida and Drake declines, mentioning the Red Hawks' attacking him the last time he snuck off. As Roman goes off, Gloria watches him from afar.

Grayson's parents scold him for taking the fall for Eric, not wanting his or the Red Hawks' reputation to be tarnished. They say that they've gotten Eric to confess, they'll get Eric a lawyer, and offer him a job when he gets out. Emery visits Grayson and he tells her how Eric's taking the rap for a hate crime and says that Eric would never be so violent and Emery suggests they go talk to Eric to see if he remembers seeing anything, saying that she's willing to trust Eric if Grayson sees something good in him.

"If you are an Atrian, you will see." Roman follows this message and spots a trail on the spectrum only Atrians can see. He follows it and is watched by someone in the woods. Another Atrian, perhaps?

Drake and Teri head to a club where Drake has set up the meet with his contact. Teri agrees to stay away and come over when he gives the signal. Taylor and Sophie come in, too, and Taylor present Sophie with a gift. Taylor spots Drake, and it's really sad to see Sophie get used like this. Though Taylor's not entirely bad, seeing as how she's not racist (specist?) against Atrians but using a nice person like Sophie is still vile. Lucas comes over and takes Sophie off to hang out and Taylor heads off to Drake. He tells her she can't sit there, as he is waiting for someone, and she says that his wait is over since she is there now. The conversation stays cryptic, as Drake begins to think that she is actually an Atrian and she just wants to get some sex. They head into a restroom and Taylor begins stripping. He's hesitant at first but then she unleashes the dirty talk and they make with the sexual shenanigans.

Eric tells Grayson and Emery that the actual assailants were on motorcycles and one of them had a custom sexy skeleton on his bike tank. Grayson and Emery still want to help him but he doesn't seem confident that they'll make much of a difference. Back at the club, Teri approaches a girl from school, Zoe, and says that she knows that she is the undercover Trag. She denies it at first but eventually whips out a pretty intense looking blade.

Drake begins to realise he has made a mistake and when he grows suspicious, he splashes water on Taylor's face and is upset to learn that she is a human. Zoe insists on speaking with Drake and Teri's attempts to rise up in the ranks is not doing so well. Drake comes out and Zoe scolds them for being amateurs and Drake for not being able to keep it in his pants. She warns him that the Trags will not be happy when they find out but says that there is work to be done. She has Teri hand over the cube, which she puts in her purse, and walks out with Drake. Taylor watches them leave together, looking quite upset.

Roman comes across a building in the middle of the bayou and lights three fires as the next step in finding Algeida. Back at the club, Lucas approaches Sophie, who has changed into her new dress and tells her she looks amazing. She thanks him but being clueless to the fact that he is interested in her, walks off before he can say anything else. Taylor is nursing her bruised ego with liquor and darts. Sophie approaches her and gets brushed off. Teri then comes over and shoots a dart right into the bullseye. She says it's a stupid game and she is terrible at it anyways. Taylor justifies this by saying she is playing with a handicap, waving her flask about. She tries to offer Teri some but Teri says that she does not share with humans. Taylor reminds Teri that she's stuck there until the bus comes and Teri then accepts a drink.

Drake and Zoe head out into the middle of nowhere and when Drake tries to remind her that he thought Taylor was his contact, she says he is stupid if he actually believed that. She reminds him that the Trags give out severe punishments to traitors and that she cannot wait until all the humans are choking on Black Cyper. She orders Drake to begin digging, though we don't know what for just yet.

Grayson and Emery are at a Red Hawks hang-out place and come across a motorcycle with a sexy skeleton on it. Grayson gets the location of the owner, named KP, and tells Emery that he will go in alone to identify whether it was one of the guys who jumped in the back of his truck and that all he needs to do is get a name and then they'll be able to leave and go to the police. But then she insists on going in with him.

Taylor and Teri are bonding over their disdain for men (mostly Drake) and alcohol. "We don't need validation from men or anyone else." Drake asks Zoe if it hurt to get her marks removed and she says nothing has hurt worse but a Trag does what needs to be done. They come across Beaumont's body and Zoe says he will be of more use to them dead than alive. Grayson and Emery are ambushed by KP and another biker and held at gunpoint. He tells KP that his parents are the leaders of the Red Hawks and they don't look too kindly on insubordination. KP decides that he'll kill Grayson to prevent his name from getting back to them and Grayson tries to wrestle gun away but fails to do so. Emery stops KP from pulling the trigger by saying she has just sent his name and photo to Eric and that if they don't check in, his name will still get out.

Zoe reveals to Drake that Black Cyper grows from a dead Atrian's body just like regular Cyper. She places a Cyper plant in the cube, changing it to black, and says that they will plant it in Beaumont's body and when it sprouts, the spores will spread throughout town and kill the humans. She tells Drake that when she was in the sector, the humans sent her father to the crate. She was left alone for several years and was angry and lost until the Trags came and gave her a purpose. Drake admits his mother is in the crate and they bond over the fact that they would visit the wall of the missing just to remember what their loved one's faces look like. She asks if he is willing to pay the price and he takes the cube and plants it on Beaumont's body before filling the hole back up.

Roman sneaks up on Gloria, realising that she was the one who left the message and was communicating with his father. He also knows she's been following him. He demands to know why she keeps lying and she is forced to admit the relationship she had with his father. She says that she needs to know that if the integration program fails, Algeida will be there for all Atrians. She is insistent that he take her to Algeida and he says that it's right there. He lit the three fires and no one came, though he waited for hours. He says that Algeida is a myth, just like his father. Ouch.

Lucas asks Sophie why she changed her dress, saying she was beautiful in it. She tells him that though she likes him, she has a thing for someone else and then looks at Taylor. He follows her gaze and is surprised, to say the least. As are we.

Emery spots Roman in town and he says he went exploring. She asks if he found what he was looking for and he says that freedom isn't all it's cracked up to be. She invites him to go into Lucas' party and he says he can't because of the curfew. She starts to walk away and he tells her it was nice to see her outside of school. She tells him it's his town too before heading inside. Roman spots Teri wobbling out and asks if she is drunk. She tries to make a pass but Roman merely guides her back to the bus. He asks if she's seen Drake and she tells Roman that her mother didn't think she could handle it so she gave the mission to Drake. Uh oh.

Grayson tells Emery that KP confessed and the case against him has been dropped. He and Eric are now free and Grayson commends her for being able to face off against the bikers. He apologises for putting her through all of this but she says that she's not since she was able to get to know him a lot better this way. She says it must be hard for him to be around all those Red Hawks and he says it's been easier since she arrived.

Gloria is still looking for Algeida and as she's about to leave, she finally spots the boatman. She has her mother bring her son out. The boatman is not keen on helping her but she reveals that her son is also the son of Knox's and that he is in danger from the human's. He says that he will be taken care of and have everything he needs. He makes her swear to keep the place secret and she looks on crying as her son calls out for her.

Drake looks at his mother's face on the wall of the missing and Roman approaches him, saying that he believes Drake will see his mother again. Drake says he believes that too after today and Roman asks how she will feel knowing that her son is a Trag. He tells him joining the Trags is not the answer but Drake is not convinced. While Roman is riddled with uncertainty, Drake is not. Drake is fully prepared to "lead the charge."

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