Star-Crossed S1E6 - "Stabbed with a White Wench's Black Eye" Recap

Alas, poor Romeo, he is already dead:
stabbed with a white wench's black eye; run through
the ear with a love song; the very pin of his heart
cleft with the blind bow-boy's butt-shaft; and is he
a man to encounter Tybalt?
~ Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, Scene 4, Lines 13-17

Zoe catches some Red Hawks prepping an attack on the Atrian base. She knocks them and tells them to start talking after setting the bomb's timer on. The bomb goes off and the Atrians panic, since it was close enough to hear and feel, but no Atrian is hurt. Emery hears the news about the bomb while on a run and confronts a tabloid reporter named Matt Bendell. He asks about Cyper and even has footage of her talking about it with Julia - surely he can't use footage of underage girls? Emery keeps her cool, playing it off as nothing more than a conspiracy but Matt knows that both her and Julia are now recovered after being sick. She offers to get him a juicier story, which he says he'll publish instead if she can get it to him within 48 hours.

Roman and Drake's relationship is tense. Roman isn't keen on Drake using the memory of Knox to justify murder but Drake doesn't want to be integrated into a society of people that want to annihilate him. The news confirms that the Red Hawks were behind the attack and Emery asks Grayson about it. He says that his parents weren't involved and don't encourage violence. He also asks her about his parent's charity ball (what year do you live in?) and really wants her to be by his side. She'll get back to him about it.

Zoe tells Drake to deliver a message to Vega about Grayson's parents being the head of the Red Hawks. The guards squealed right before she blew up them up with their own bomb. Both Zoe and Drake will be headed to the charity ball, since Drake will have instructions to get to Zoe from Vega. Taylor asks Zoe what the deal is with her and Drake but Zoe tells ther the inter-species thing grosses her out. Taylor says she's over Drake but it's hard to tell if she's just lying to Zoe or also lying to herself.

Julia is worried after Emery tells her about the tabloid reporter. She suggests she reveal that Grayson's parents are the leaders of the Red Hawks and "Hatrians." Emery doesn't want to blow up Grayson's family and is going to try to find another story to run with. Eric tells Grayson he's done with the Red Hawks, having changed his tune after Grayson ending up in jail and the events of the previous night with the bomb. Emery tells Grayson that she'll be his date to the charity ball and Roman watches from afar.

Drake catches his staring and Roman insists that they're just friends. Drake tells Roman that Grayson's parents are the leader of the Red Hawks and that no human, including Emery, is to be trusted. Zoe interrupts their tense moment to give Drake his invitation. Roman tells Drake he'll be his plus one since he's going to be keeping an eye on things in case Vega is planning something for the ball.

The ball is a fancy event and Drake is wearing a bow tie. Seriously. Roman and Drake are met by Montrose, a councilman, who was in the midst of telling the Senator to donate to their scholarship funds. The Senator asks how he can improve the Sector, but just wanted a photo op with some Atrians to boost him images. Ms. Bennett comes by and tells them they look nice. Drake doesn't like being paraded around. He tells Roman to focus less on him and more so on the problem humans. He then begins gawking at Emery, who has just walked in. Grayson's mum spots him staring and rushes Emery off to give her a tour of the house.

Drake delivers a ransom note to Zoe. They've been ordered to kidnap Grayson and leave him in the woods. The ransom is a prisoner release. Zoe wants her dad back and Drake wants his mum. Drake doesn't know how they'll knock Grayson out but Zoe has an idea and tells him to meet her at the bar in an hour.

Grayson's mum talks to Emery about family and says that it's important for her to stick close to "your own" in times of need. She tells Emery she's sweet and is glad that she's been spending time with Grayson and that she shares the same values as them. Emery is just about to tell her what's what but they're interrupted by a servant in the house that tells her about a meeting she has with the Senator. She says she has a "conflict" with that and walks off. Matt approaches Emery and asks if she has a story yet and she says she'll have something soon. Emery finds Julia and she gives Emery something Lukas made that will act like a magnet that will corrupt the video file on Matt's tablet. Emery says that she can also tell Matt about the Red Hawks meeting happening after the party but she needs Julia to find out from Eric where the meeting is.

Drake spots Taylor but after some intense eye contact, she walks past him to flirt with a waiter. Roman wanders the house and Grayson asks him if he's lost. Roman tells Grayson Emery deserves to know the truth about Grayson and his parents. Grayson tells him to get out of his house and he tells her this is really about Roman's feelings for Emery. Things are tense and Emery breaks up the moment. When Roman tells her that Grayson's parents are the leaders of the Red Hawks, she tells him that she already knows. Roman is upset and leaves. She follows him out, trying to say that Grayson isn't a Red Hawk but he lists all the bad things the Red Hawks have done and it's such nonsense that she can't follow facts. She insists that it's not that simple and that she has been fighting for all of them. She knows where she stands with Grayson and is sick of Roman pushing her away. He pleads with her to understand that it kills him to walk away from her but he has to keep her safe. She says she doesn't need protecting but he tells her that he's fighting every day to make sure certain Atrians don't come after her. He says he would give her everything, but he can't right now and it wouldn't be fair to ask her to wait for a day that might never come.

Julia manages to give a bogus story to Eric that gets the name of the bar out of him. Emery tells Grayson he should stand up to his parents. She gets a text from Julia and leaves to go find her. Zoe walks up and offers Grayson a shot, which he takes. He's been drugged. Though he's still awake, it's lights off inside. She tells Drake to handle Taylor while she gets Grayson to her car. He flirts with her and when she offers to go upstairs with him, he rejects her, seeing that Zoe is in clear. Roman is looking for Drake and sees him and Zoe with Grayson from the second story window. He's not able to reach them in time but he finds the ransom note from the Trags, demanding the release of five prisoners or Grayson will be returned one piece at a time. He takes the ransom note and runs off with it.

Emery warns Grayson to not go to the Red Hawk meeting, saying they're going to be hit that night. She asks him to trust and he agrees to not go. Matt tries to tell Ms. Bennett about the Atrians but Emery interrupts.

Zoe tells Drake that if Roman blows her cover, he'll have to eliminate him. She tells him they don't have friends, only the cause.

Emery is in Matt's van and he has drone cameras watching the bar with the Red Hawk meeting. He's thrilled about the information given and she turns down his offer to continue work with them. She discreetly pulls out the magnetic device.

Roman catches up to Zoe and Drake, having swum and Drake asks to talk to him but she wants to run him over instead. Drake swerves the steering wheel and the car flips. Roman helps Grayson out of the car and Drake says that Zoe gave him something. Roman tells him that the humans would punish them but Drake says he's doing this for the Atrians. Zoe hits Drake with a gun and tells Roman to listen or she'll shoot Drake.

Emery knocks something over to cause Matt to get out of the van to fix the feed. She uses the device on the tablet but it's going too slowly for her liking. He gets back in the van and fixes the feed right as Emery finishes corrupting the file. The feed has just come back on and Margaret Montrose, Grayson' mother, comes out, revealing herself as the Grand Matriarch of the Red Hawks. She gives them a speech rallying their efforts and tells them they are amassing more explosives and will soon attack the Pods (where the Atrians sleep). Matt is thrilled by the story and Emery is upset.

Zoe has both Roman and Drake at gunpoint. Drake has betrayed their cause and Roman is a witness. They both have to die. Drake manages to knock her down and begins strangling Zoe, saying he is a warrior and can't let her get away. Roman talks him down but as Zoe walks off, she laughs and says that they have signed their own death sentences. She tells to enjoy their time and that their days are numbered.

Drake tells Roman that he might as well be with Emery, since they'll be dead soon. They prepare to get Grayson back to his place, agreeing to tell him they found him drunk and passed out on the front lawn. Matt brags to Ms. Bennett about the Red Hawks story. He tells her about his corrupted video file and that there were two girls talking about Cyper and she asks which girls it was.

Margaret Montrose is arrested after Matt's story is published. Julia assures Emery that she did the right thing. Emery admits that she doesn't know if she can be with Grayson after she and Roman talked. She says she would rather have "someday" with Roman instead of being Grayson or another boy right now. She hasn't told Roman how she feels yet but Julia pulls her downstairs and tells her she should head to the Sector gate and meet him. But of course, who shows up at her door? Grayson.

Emery apologises about his mother and Grayson is upset about being lied to regarding the violence. His father wanted him to be a part of a press conference and spin the story but he refused. He finally took a stand but now he doesn't know what to do. He has nowhere else to go.

Zoe hitchhikes and tells the driver she doesn't have far to go. She also has her dagger ready, to dispose of him if need be.

Roman walks to Emery's but just as he's about to knock, he sees Grayson putting his head on Emery's shoulder and he leaves with sadness in his eyes.

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