Star-Crossed S1E7 - "To Seek a Foe" Recap

Capulet. What noise is this? Give me my long sword, ho!
Lady Capulet. A crutch, a crutch! Why call you for a sword?
Capulet. My sword, I say! Ol Montague is come
               And flourishes his blade in spite of me.
Montague. Thou villain Capulet! --- Hold me not; let me go.
Lady Montague. Thou shalt not stir one foot to seek a foe.
~ Romeo and Juliet, Act 1, Scene 2, Lines 78-83

Grayson has been crashing at Emery's place and he asks her to go with him to confront his mother about what she has done. Zoe is stalking Roman and Drake after promising vengeance on them. Julia and Drake are both telling Emery and Roman they should be confessing their feelings to one another. Also, Sophia's still hung up on Taylor. When Lukas goes to help load some things in Taylor's car, he gets infected with some black cyper that was set by Zoe to infect Taylor. She laughs at the scene and drives off. Emery spots the black cyper and gives it to Roman, who shows it to Drake. They head back to the Sector to get some answers. Drake offers to take Roman to the place where the body was buried but Roman says they need to figure out how to counter the black cyper first.

Emery and Sophia go to visit Lukas in the hospital. Lukas' mother greets Sophia with a hug, saying that Lukas has talked about her a great deal and she appears touched by the gesture. Lukas' lungs and airway have been badly burned. Roman and Drake visit Roman's uncle who tells them about the devastating abilities of the black cyper. The only cure is freshly cut black cyper mixed with Atrian blood. He also gives them a bomb to put in the middle of the plant that will destroy it but only if they get to it in time.

Emery learns from a hospital worked that they found another person with similar symptoms. Drake and Roman return to the site and find that Zoe has moved the body. We then see she has it in a shed somewhere and there are only hours before the plant will be released. Roman and Drake fill Emery in on black cyper. Taylor is panicking about possibly being infected and Drake goes over and tells her nothing is going on between him and Zoe. She is worried about Zoe not calling her back. Drake flirts and gets Zoe's address from Taylor.

Ms. Bennett has swiped some DNA from Emery and Julia and has taken it to a lab where they are trying to determine if either girl was cured by cyper. Roman tells Emery about Zoe being a hidden Atrian and explains to her what Trags are. He also says that one of them had tried to kill her on the night of the carnival but he stopped it. He explains that if he was with her, the Trags would try to kill her. She is glad to finally know the motivation behind his actions.

Drake breaks into Zoe's place and is injured by a booby-trap. Roman and Emery are in the woods, searching for the black cyper. Grayson calls Emery, wanting her to come with him when he talks to his mother, but she apologises and says she has something else to take care of. Drake looks through some of Zoe's photos and is able to track down the location of her Trag hideout and calls Emery and Roman to let them know. All three of them head out for the lake house.

Grayson asks his mother what else she has lied about. She says that they were just trying to protect him. He tells her his dead brother would be ashamed of her. She tells him that Emery was the one responsible for getting her locked up. She tries to get him to think that Emery was just using him to get access to information from the Red Hawks. Grayson doesn't believe her and storms out.

Julia is tutoring Eric and they appear to be getting closer. Emery calls Julia to check in on Lukas and learns that he is running out of time. She and Roman approach the lakehouse and Emery is nearly shot by Zoe's arrow but Roman saves her. Roman and Zoe begin to fight while Emery heads off for the plant with the charge in hand. When she reaches it, is is very much alive, moving like a sinister extension of Poison Ivy. Emery takes a leaf from the plant, sets the charge, and places it in the centre of the plant. Just when Zoe gets the upper hand on Roman, Drake shows up and begins fighting her instead while Roman heads off to help Emery. The plant is growing too quickly and Emery is trapped in the middle of it. Roman tells her to hold her breath, grabs her, and they jump into the lake as the bomb goes off. Roman gives her mouth-to-mouth underwater and it's all very ethereal looking. After they get out o the water, Emery plants a real kiss on Roman and their pent-up feelings are finally released. Drake comes over and tells them he's glad they're both alive and that Zoe was caught in the blast.

Emery still has the leaf and brings it to the hospital. Roman shuts the blinds and prepares to use the black cyper on Lukas. Sophia comes in and asks to be the one to save him, telling Roman he's not the only one with human friends and can't save the world on his own. She sticks the black cyper in her arm and Lukas recovers, with Sophia being the first face he sees when he wakes.

In the lab, Ms. Bennett learns from the scientist running the test that Julia has cyper in her blood. Drake visits Taylor and tells her Zoe's family encountered some money problems and left town. Taylor says that Zoe never even let her in her house, saying she couldn't trust her. Drake assures her that Zoe simply was embarrassed and told him to tell Taylor she was the best friend she ever had. It doesn't really make much sense since modern technology allows people to maintain contact regardless of where they are.

Outside the hospital, Emery tells Roman everything has changed in a good way and that now they know what they're up against. He asks about Grayson and she says she can't keep lying to him and can't stay with him because of how she feels about Roman. They kiss before Sophia comes out. The Atrian siblings have to head back to the sector. Unbeknownst to Emery, Grayson saw Emery and Roman kissing.

Roman thanks his uncle, who says he is glad to have earned his trust. After Roman leaves, we then see that his uncle has a secret cabinet with many more bombs inside.

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