Supernatural Recap S9E15: #Thinman

Tonight we’re taking a little break from the angel conflict and the Ghostfacers are back, so prepare for plenty of laughs and hopefully some ghost hunting ridiculousness.

Selfie photo marathon complete with duck faces reveal someone in the girl's room. She hides in her closet when the lights go out, because of course that’s going to be a safe place. She calls 911, but its too late, he fills the closet with blood.

Dean shows Sam a picture of the wallflower killer. He prepares to go with Dean to investigate. In Springdale, Washington Casey’s mother is questioned by the boys. The bloodstains remain on the girl’s carpet, and she had no known enemies. Everything around the home seemed normal, except for cold  spots. The police have come up with nothing, but her mother has called some Supernaturalists, they’re coming by today to take a look. The Supernaturalists happen to be some familiar faces the Ghostfacers.

The Ghostfacers are joined at the diner by the Winchesters. Dean threatens the guys to leave town or get a kneeful of lead, but they claim that the Winchesters don’t scare them. They plan on handling the situation, but the boys don’t want them in the way. The Ghostfacers know what they’re doing, but the crew has been extremely reduced, down to just two just Harry and Ed, the others are still alive, just no longer part of the team. When Dean mentions the ghost, Harry laughs, they both do. They don’t believe it’s a ghost, but rather the ThinMan.

The Supernaturalists have even written a book on him. Dean and Sam look at their website, and read into the Thinman who does look like the culprit from the selfies. He stalks his victims until he kills them. There are thousands of sightings, so it can’t be shrugged off so easily. Ghosts don’t usually haunt multiple locations, and the sightings date back to before the Veil went down.

Ed films in Casey’s room while Harry stalks his ex-girlfriend on Facebook, his head clearly not in the game. He puts crazy complicated girl aside and tries to focus on ThinMan. Ed finally sees just how serious the situation is. With the Winchesters in town the entire game has changed. It’s not just about finding ThinMan, its about making the haters eat their words Harry believe. The other Ghostfacers left to lead a normal life, and now Ed and Harry have a chance to make a splash to the big leagues. Harry dreams of the fame, and ladies it will bring.

Dean looks up local cases, nothing is connected. Sam finds cases all over the country that are though. Victim dies, and photos are found with ThinMan lurking in the background, the ultimate creepy photobomber. Some of the photos are obviously faked, but Casey’s was certainly not. Dean and Sam try to figure out how Casey’s photo landed online. It came from a blocked IP address, and the boys know it was not the ghost.

The police station finds the sheriff out of town, but the chatty officer is more than willing to help. Casey’s phone is cracked, with no explanation, and the photo was posted long after she died. He thinks it could have been supernatural, and the Ghostfacers may have a hand in that, they came by and dropped off their book.

The manager at the diner shuts it down for the night. As he  goes through the receipts he keeps hearing knocking. He checks the security cameras, don’t look now, but the ThinMan is there. He slashes the manager’s throat; poor guy never had a chance.

Dean and Sam head to the crimescene, and the police officer is there too. Dean is none too happy to see the Ghostfacers on the job already. He thinks it can’t hurt, and tells the boys about a medium who found a boy the police could not. Sam gets down to business looking for security camera footage, while Dean confronts the Ghostfacers. The ThinMan has a huge following, and Dean wants to know what ThinMan is actually. The Ghostfacers use the moment to start a monologue, which reveals that they don’t know nearly that much. The boys pour over the footage while the Ghostfacers make a run for it.

Someone’s posted the diner footage on the Ghostfacer’s blog. Harry changes into a ninja, he wants to draw out ThinMan. Again, Ed thinks that maybe Sam and Dean should take over as the bodies continue to stack up. When he suggests that they leave it to the professionals, Harry scoffs and they head to the woods.

Sam and Dean go over the facts, and look for likely suspects. Teleporting brings up thoughts of cross-roads demons. Sam tells Dean that the diner video is already online, like someone wants to popularize ThinMan, that he’s gone viral instantly. Dean tells him the other video that would have gone viral would have been Sammy’s video as a child jumping off the roof dressed as batman. They have a little moment, before there’s all the regret. Ed comes to visit the boys, he tells them that the case is his.

Harry is still out in the wilds, and city outskirts recording and looking for ThinMan.

Ed confesses the true reasons that the Ghostfacers broke up, and that he made up ThinMan to save Harry from his crazy ex-girlfriend. Ruh-roh.

Harry continues through the woods with his running monologue, while ThinMan lurks in the shadows. Could this be a Scooby mystery gone awry, is it a man in the mask, maybe the boy from the diner who served them?

Ed faked one case on a horror site, and from there it just sort of blew up. Ed thought is was great to finally have a following. Sam tells him that he has to tell Harry the truth. Ed fears that if he does tell him that harry will leave. Sam tells him that secrets destroys relationships, but Harry isn’t around to tell. Sam lays into him about leaving Harry alone to search, but the boys aren’t so sure.

Harry has found a stick pile in the woods, as he searches the stick pile is moved, and worse they’re not alone. ThinMan takes a stab at Harry, and Harry fights back, getting away. The boys find him as Harry nearly collapses. The boys bind his wounds, and Harry gushes that ThinMan was real. There are tire marks at the scene, and as Harry berates them Ed makes a confession. Back at the motel, Harry is more than a little angry. He left his girlfriend, the one he wanted to marry to run around chasing ghosts with Ed. Harry’s can’t have a second chance at that life, and Ed wants to keep going, to solve the mystery. Harry isn’t able to forgive and forget. There’s no more Ghostfacers, the trust between them is broken. Ed is willing to give Harry what he needs to prepare the relationship and Harry just wants to brood. He doesn’t do the brooding nearly as well as Sam does. Sam checks in on Harry, he’s one that can actually understand how he feels. He tells him that there are things you can forgive, and there are things that you can’t but its up to him to decide which one this is. Dean gets some information about the tire tread, it belongs to Roger, a night security guard. So the ThinMan may be able to teleport, but he also has a night job, just what the heck is he? Ed overhears the boys, and Harry tells him that the Winchesters are off to clean up the mess. Ed wants to help people still, and do what they set out to do. Ed wants to make it right, and Harry is hard pressed to let him go at it alone.

The boys head to the security guards site, and the police officer is worried about heading in with a warrant, they lead the charge, and he tasers the heck out of them. The boys awaken to being chained up, as the officer sets the scene humming all the while. Norwood confesses that it was a team effort, and not real teleportation. Thin Man arrives, and he actually is a man in a mask. The guy from the diner removes his mask. His boss was a jerk so he killed him, and Casey wouldn’t date him. The sheriff isn’t really out of town either. Roger killed him since he wouldn’t give Norwood the time off he wanted. A pair of spoiled boys. Roger thinks that the pretty boy “dean” has never known what it feels like to be ignored. Roger and Norwood met online, the two conspiracy theorists came across ThinMan, and wanted something more, so they brought him to life. Dean taunts them that it doesn’t make them ThinMan, taking the focus off of Sam trying to get out of his binds. They’re nothing more than Scream copycat killers, Roger points out that a dead man tells no tales. They’ll be the stars of the best video yet. Everyone gets into position, and lights camera action, but Sam isn’t loose yet. Good thing they have company. The Ghostfacers arrive on the scene. Thinman kicks Harry in the crotch, but Ed is there. He holds Thinman at gunpoint, but Norwood is there too, knocking Ed out. Norwood goes all supervillain on them, revealing that they had planned to let one live, but with them both dead they’ll be no one left who knows that they created ThinMan. But the boys have escaped and they get the drop on roger and Norwood. Dean uses Roger’s own knife against him. Norwood draws a gun on Sam, and Ed heroically jumps in the way. Norwood prepares to shoot them both, but Harry is faster shooting Roger.

Dean packs up, and tells Sam that he staged the bodies to look like they killed eachother. Sam still has a hard time believing that they were just people. Ed asks if things are good between them, but Harry doesn’t think that they ever will be. The chapter isn’t closed, the book is. Harry killed someone because of him, many people died because of Ed’s actions. Ed did everything for himself, and that’s one thing that Harry can’t forgive. For now its complicated. Harry asks the boys for a ride, and they give it to them, they have a complicated relationship of their own. Ed watches Harry leave him. Dean asks if Harry is ok. He tells them that he is, he just always thought that Ed would be there forever, but that now everything is different. They know exactly how he feels, more than either of them would ever say. If the boys can get over their issues, than so can the Ghostfacers, this can’t be the end of them.


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