Teen Wolf S3E21 - "The Fox and the Wolf" Recap

In a flashback to 1943, we see a pair of soldiers dumping bodies into a field, preparing to burn them. The nogitsune arrives and kills both of them. Fast-forward to present day, where we see Mr. Yukimura in his classroom on a Saturday and he kills a fly. Nogitsu-Stiles shows up and not-so-cryptically questions him about the blades/tails Mrs. Yukimura has used to summon the oni. Mr. Yukimura doesn't surrender any information so Nogitsu-Stiles resurrects the fly and sends it down Mr. Yukimura's throat. He begins to choke and Stiles says, "They always talk."

Kira and Scott look at a photo from 1943 that has a woman in it that looks like Kira. They then get word that Kira's father is in trouble and they hurry to the school. Kira has brought "magic mushrooms," which Kira's mother uses to make Mr. Yukimura cough up the black goo in his throat. Kira questions her mother about the photograph, and her mother reveals that it is her in the photograph. Turns out Kira's mother is a lot older than we originally thought - close to 900. Kira's mother shows them that the sword was shattered the last time it was used (in 1943). There was a nogitsune in the internment camp in Oak Creek but all records about it were erased. Mr. Yukimura reveals that his passion project of looking into Oak Creek was what led him to meet his wife, who reveals that the nogitsune came from her.

In a flashback, we see Noshiko (Kira's mother) stealing various things from the soldiers for her fellow prisoners. An elderly woman named Satomi advises her to follow the rules. The soldiers know that things are being stolen and they come in threatening them. However, we later learn that Noshiko was involved with one of the medics, who knows about her stealing. He advises her to be careful and that taking too much puts her and the others at risk.

Derek and Chris are released from jail by Sheriff Stilinski. He shows them the brain scans from Stiles' test and they are exact matches to Stiles' mother's scans, meaning that the nogitsune had tricked them into thinking Stiles was sick. He asks them for help in saving his son.

Noshiko and her medic figured out that the doctor at the camp was selling medicine on the black market while the prisoners were dying of pneumonia. When Noshiko informs the others about what's happening, things get out of control and a riot ensues. In the chaos, Satomi gets struck in the chaos and we learn that she was a bitten werewolf. She throws a bottle with a lit rag at Noshiko's boyfriend and he is set aflame.

Sheriff Stilinski and Allison have a quiet moment where she admits that she is failing economics. He commends her fearlessness and then she begins crying, admitting that she is frightened and riddled with uncertainty. He assure her she's going to be okay. Then the Sheriff gets a notification that someone is breaking into his house and when he checks the surveillance footage, Nogitsu-Stiles is sitting on his bed and waves at the camera.

Getting back to the riot, the guards open fire on the prisoners. Noshiko is hit and her heart beat slows to the point that she is believed to be dead. Reese dies screaming in agony, since the doctor also sold the morphine. The two guards seen at the top of the episode are tasked with getting rid of all the bodies, while the doctor is transferred to a different facility. Noshiko wakes next to Reese's body and in her grief, she summons a powerful nogitsune to get revenge. She says that her body was too weak to be possessed by the nogitsune so it possessed Reese instead. (Reese's body was bandaged because of his burns so this is where the bandaged man came from). Noshiko returned to Oak Creek and found that the nogitsune had killed everyone. She fights the nogitsune using the sword but is only able to kill him with the help of Satomi, the elder werewolf. After Reese dies again, a fly flies out of his mouth, which Noshiko traps in her hand.

Noshiko says that exercising the nogitsune from Reese's body shattered the katana but that Kira can put it back together. The symbol on the sword means "thunder," but in French it can also mean "love at first sight," (at which Kira spares a glance at Scott). Noshiko says that Kira is a thunder kitsune and Kira then uses her powers to mend the katana.

Sheriff Stilinski, Chris, Derek, and Allison find a coded message on Stiles' chessboard that Chris says is a threat from the nogitsune. The Sheriff uses his detective skills to deduce what the nogitsune is truly after. The nogitsune isn't simply trying to kill them; it wants irony. They need to trick the trickster.

Noshiko gives Kira the sword and says that she and a wolf (Scott) must kill Stiles, as it is the only way to save him. Kira and Scott insist that there has to be another way. They leave for Derek's loft, where Allison has summoned them via text. Following their departure, we see another flashback of Noshiko running through the woods with the fly trapped in a jar. In present day, Noshiko tells her husband that she will take it (another smaller blade) somewhere safe, but he tells her that's not what he worried about. He says that history has not done well with making children into killers and she replies that these children have played their part in it long before they came back to Beacon Hills. In returning to the flashback, we see Noshiko bury the jar deep within the roots of the nemeton and the sacrifice (Scott, Stiles, and Allison dying) was what summoned it and released the demon yet again.

At Derek's loft, Sheriff Stilinski arrives and (Nogitsu-)Stiles greets him. "Hi, dad."

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