Teen Wolf S3E22 - "De-Void" Recap

Sheriff Stilinski, Allison, Derek, and Chris confront nogitsu-Stiles at Derek's loft while Scott and Kira are on their way over. The sheriff handcuffs him but he breaks out of them. Allison tries to tase him but he catches the wires and the electricity does nothing to him. Derek tries to attack him but nogitsu-Stiles tosses him around like a rag doll. Chris points his gun at him, the sheriff tells him not to do anything, nogitsu-Stiles shouts at him to shoot him, but Allison intervenes, realising that this strife is what the nogitsune wants. It's then that the oni show up and nogitsu-Stiles reveals that the reason he summoned them was so that they would protect him against them. The sheriff fires his gun at them and when Chris tries to do the same, he finds that his gun won't shoot.

Scott and Kira arrive right after the oni and nogitsu-Stiles disappear. Mrs. Yukimura goes to the basement of Eichen House and looks at Rhys' body. Nogitsu-Stiles arrives and when she tries to stab him, he takes the knife and stabs himself in the gut. He says, "Chaos is come again," and a swarm of flies comes flying out of the wound and when they disperse, he is gone again. One of the flies goes to the hospital, into Isaac's room, landing on his arm, crawling into him through the spot where his IV is, and Isaac finally wakes up.

Scott brings Kira back to his place and she lays down on the bed, preparing to go to sleep. She asks Scott to come lie down with her and he does. They have their first kiss and as they drift off to sleep, one of the evil flies tries to get in through the window, but they don't notice it.

Allison tells her father that she removed the firing pin from his gun to prevent him from killing Stiles. He then tells her that this is the reason womyn are the leaders in their family. When Allison gets to her room, she finds Isaac waiting in there. It's strange that she's not intuitive enough to see that something is off about him.

Derek tries to figure out what the nogitsune was trying to communicate with the chessboard and Peter notes that his wound isn't healing. Derek tells him that the wound will heal, just more slowly as it is from the sword of an oni. Peter tells Derek that chess is Stiles' game, whereas a nogitsune has lived too long to play by any rules. After Peter leaves, a fly enters Derek's wound.

Ethan and Danny hang out in the locker room after some lacrosse. A fly enters Ethan as Danny asks him whether his leaving school was about his brother. Ethan says that it is and always is about his brother. Danny asks him if he is all right, since his tone changed after the fly entered him, and Ethan replies that he's fine and will take a shower now. He tells Danny to join him.

Lydia's driving with Aidan sitting shot-gun. Her magical abilities send her on a different path that leads her to a parking lot where they find a wounded Stiles. While there, an evil fly crawls into Aidan's ear.

Allison wakes up to find Isaac looking through her stash of weapons. He wants to kill the twins but Allison says they all agreed to give them a second chance. He leaves with some of her weapons and when she tries to get up, she finds that he has chained her to the bed.

Stiles is brought to Scott's house, where Deaton gives him some kanima venom. His wound does not need to be attended to, as he is already healing. Nogitsu-Stiles delivers a cryptic warning regarding Ethan, leading Aidan to go off in search of him. Meanwhile, Sheriff Stilinski is at his hearing, which will determine whether or not he'll keep his job. Near the end of it, Agent McCall speaks up on his behalf, leading him to be able to keep his job. He later tells him that the reason he pursued the case against him was so that he could stay in Beacon Hills to be near Scott. The sheriff tells him he should tell Scott everything (What?)

Derek shows up at the Argents and becomes angry with Chris, regarding the death of his family. He ties him up and threatens to set him on fire, but wants to wait till Allison returns home so she can watch him burn.

When Melissa is alone with Nogitsu-Stiles, he reveals to her that Stiles knows the truth about why Scott's father left, that Stiles saw something, and that she had called the Sheriff right after "it" happened? (What?) Meanwhile, the rest of the group is running out of options so Lydia suggest that they call Peter. He advises them against turning him into a werewolf, saying that it is more of a battle of the mind than of the body. He suggests that Scott use the werewolf-claws-in-the-back-of-the-neck method of getting into Stiles' head and for Lydia to go with him. In secret, she had made a deal with Peter to do this in exchange for the name of his daughter.

At school, the twins get into a fight with each other before Isaac shows up and brutalises both of them. He prepares to kill them by lighting them up but Kira arrives, katana in hand, along with Allison. They barricade the boys in the locker room, where they wolf out on each other.

Scott and Lydia go into Stiles' head where they wake strapped to beds in Eichen house. She tells him to use his supernatural strength to break free, which he does, and after they are both free, they find themselves separated. Lydia flashes back to the night she was bitten by Peter and Scott finds himself making out with Allison in a closet. On the outside, they see that Lydia is getting a nosebleed. Peter begins clutching her, telling her she's stronger than this, and screams her name in her face. It penetrates the mind vision and Lydia is able to run off while Scott realises it is a trick. The pair both find themselves reunited in a big white room, where Stiles and the Nogitsune are playing a board game on the big magic tree stump. Lydia advises Scott to signal to the rest of his pack, which includes Stiles, by howling. This causes dream-Stiles to see them, and all werewolves infected by flies, to fall over (asleep?) just after the girls at the school were busy unleashing some girl-power-whoop-ass on the possessed werewolves and Chris had broken out and was prepared to shoot Derek if he needed to.

The duo wake up and Lydia fulfils her end of the bargain by whispering Malia's name to Peter. Just then, Stiles wakes up and begins throwing up a seemingly endless bandage from his mouth. Once he has finished throwing it all up, the bandages come together to form a bandaged man. The gorup descends on the bandaged man but Scott suddenly has a realisation; he begins undoing the bandages and it turns out the bandaged man is a now unpossessed Stiles. The vomiting Stiles was actually the Nogitsune and when they turn around, they find that he has taken off and abducted Lydia.

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