Teen Wolf S3E23 - "Insatiable" Recap

Deacon reaches his hand down the throats of the infected wolves and gets the evil flies out. Deacon says that what's more worrisome is that this was likely a distraction. He says that the others are trying to make sure that they know which Stiles is which. Mama McCall is checking what we're assuming is the real Stiles. She says that he's definitely a real person and medically seems fine. Even Stiles is weary of whether or not he is himself. Yoshiko, Kira's mum, arrives after Stiles asked her to come to test whether he is really himself. The oni are summoned and they check Stiles and brand him with the self sign, showing that he is indeed Stiles. Yoshiko says that the nogitsune would have taken Lydia for her power. Lydia is shown to be in a hallways with pipes. Nogitsu-Stiles asks her if she can hear that (screaming) and he says that it's louder than usual because a lot of bad things happened down there. He asks her what the voices are telling her and points out that the voices are right in saying that Stiles is dying. She tries to run away and and says she won't tell him anything but he says that she won't have to because she'll be screaming. Also, it looks like she's in Oak Creek, the internment camp where everything began.

Yoshiko begins showing Kira how to play a board game, Go, that Scott saw Stiles and the Nogitsune playing. She says that it the nogitsune is playing a game and that she must learn how to play in order to save her friends.

The sheriff is staying at the station, refusing to go home until he gets news about his son. Scott and Stiles show up to deliver the news that it really is his son. He asks them if it's over and Scott says, "Not yet."

Derek asks Chris why he didn't pull the trigger and Chris says that he's not his enemy anymore. Derek asks why they're not going after the nogitsune and Chris says it is because it won't be long before he comes after them.

The sheriff, Scott, and Stiles try to figure out what the nogitsune would need from Lydia and Stiles points out that she has a knack for finding dead bodies. Stiles has a memory triggered when Scott says the phrase, "the whole story," and he realises that Meredith, a girl from Eichen House might be able to help. When they call Eichen House, they learn that Meredith has been locked up since she wouldn't stop screaming. When they reach her cell, they find that she has escaped and we see her lurking in the hallway.

The twins go searching for a scent in the woods and find themselves shot by wolfsbane rounds. Isaac and Allison find Lydia's car and Isaac says that the car is strong with the scent of anger. Allison picks this, of all moments, to ask him if whether he remembers the night that he came to visit her and whether he was really himself when they had sex - though they never actually say the word "sex." Teenagers. He says that it was him. They're sitting in the car and Allison gets an idea. She blows on the glass and when it fogs up, she finds the message, "Don't find me."

Coach is angry about his hospital bill and then his class is interrupted when Danny spots Meredith sitting in there. What? Why?

Stiles isn't doing so well. He's in pain, aching all over, and is cold to the touch. Scott is concerned. He gets a call from Kira, who tells her that Meredith is in Coach's class. He is trying to get answers out of her and she admits that she is from Eichen House and that she escaped because she wants to help. She says that "they" scream when someone's about to die, and that they are all screaming right now.

Derek helps the injured twins out of the forest. Kira tells Coach that people can't take Meredith aaway when orderlies show up, saying that bad things will happen to him, Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and well everyone really if she gets taken away. Coach is annoyed to see the orderlies who appear to be some bullies from when he was in school. They're just as rude as ever. When he goes to show them Meredith sitting in his office, they find that she is gone away.

Allison is working on her sniper rifle and Chris comes down and tells her that it's time for her to graduate. He teaches her to make silver bullets and she says that the arrow is her weapon and so she wants to make silver arrowheads instead. She tries to talk seriously with him and say her goodbyes since she was never able to do so with her mother and she tells him that she loves him and she is proud of him and the two of them together.

Lydia encounters more bars and is still being followed by nogitsu-Stiles. He contemplates on what everyone is doing right now, and whether they're really trying to find her. She asks him what he wants and he simply says, "More." He tells her about how the trickster stories are always about food and how he is hungry for what she feels. He is insatiable.

Meredith is plucking piano strings and tells the voices that she can hear them but can't understand. She pleads with them to be a little louder and an orderly approaches her with a stun gun. She asks to have another second and Coach sneaks up and tells the orderly that the school has a very strict no-bullying policy. He allows the gang to take Meredith and stuns the bully-orderly yet again. Once the gang has Meredith in the back seat of their truck, they ask where Lydia is but Meredith doesn't know who Lydia is.

The gang gets home and finds Scott's father there with Isaac. He insists on speaking with Scott alone and Meredith goes upstairs with Stiles and Isaac. She realises that Lydia is the red-headed girl and she says that she can only find her if she tells her. She already asked and her response was that she didn't want to be found. Meanwhile, Scott's father tells him that a dent on the floor is from Scott's head. Papa and Mama McCall were fighting and when Scott's father grabbed Scott by the wrist, he pulled back and fell down the stairs. It was the last time he ever had a drink and it was also when he left.

The twins are in a coyote den with Derek and they're terribly banged up. They don't know who came after them and the twins said it was only a matter of time before someone they pissed off came after them.

Scott chides his father, saying that he has had plenty of accidents throughout the house and doesn't need an apology from him. He coldly tells him that he'll see him at graduation or whenever he decides to show up again.

Stiles and Isaac realise that Meredith might be a banshee too so Stiles begins coaching her on how to hear. She asks if anyone is going to get that, claiming a phone is ringing. He feigns a conversation on the phone and hands it to Meredith. She says a phrase in French and Scott is able to use it to figure out where Lydia is. Scott calls Allison to tell her.

Kira's father begins talking her through the board game. He can tell by looking at the board that she is playing black and that the white pieces are set up in the style of her mother - aggressive. Kira's mother is marching with the oni into Oak Creek.

Derek shows Peter the shells of the ammo shot at the twins and when he examines them, he says, "That's not possible." Allison calls to say that she's going to get Lydia and he pleads with her to wait. She won't listen. Stiles' condition is worsening and he is the only one unconcerned about it. He says he remembers everything that he did while possessed and makes them promise that no one else will get hurt. Lydia tells Nogitsu-Stiles is nervous and that he knows that they're going to kill him. He says that that is why he's keeping her so close.

Scott gives Kira, Allison, Isaac, and Stiles a pep talk, saying that they were able to save Malia and so now they are fighting to save one of their own. They head inside and find Kira's mother and the oni. Kira tells her mother that she realises that she was actually playing her. They want her to call off the oni but she is intent on saving Stiles.

The oni surround Stiles and Lydia it's then that he snaps the last tail. Now nogitsu-Stiles controls the oni. Not good! He watches as the oni fight the gang and Kira's mother has to sit back and watch on the sidelines. Lydia is still down in the locked room. Scott and Stiles get to her and she is frantic, saying that they weren't supposed to be there, she apparently sent a message to Scott that he didn't get, and she demands to know who else is there. They begin heading towards the surface but when Stiles is too weak to continue, Lydia stays to look after him while Scott charges on.

Up top, the oni land several cuts to Isaac. Allison watches and prepares to shoot with her silver arrowhead. When she lands one shot, the oni that she hits is destroyed. But then another oni comes from the side and fatally stabs Allison. Down low, Lydia screams. Scott gets to the surface and nogitsu-Stiles heads off with the oni. Scott cradles Allison in his arms and he tells her that Lydia is safe. He tries to take away her pain and she tells him it's because it doesn't hurt. She says it's okay and that it's perfect since she's in the arms of her first love. She tells him she loves him and then she dies. Chris shows up to find his daughter dead.

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