Teen Wolf S3E24 (Finale) - "The Divine Move" Recap

Chris Argent coaches Scott on what to say to the authorities about Allison's death. Stiles is at Kira's house and Kira tells her parents that Allison was able to kill an oni before she died. Kira's parents tell them they need to make what's known as a "divine move" that will turn the game around. Chris and Isaac share a moment of grief, while the oni attack the officers at the sheriff's department.

The twins are at Derek's place and are thinking that the best course of action is running, while taking Lydia with them. Derek tells them that Lydia would never run. He tells them that they don't fight for a leader; they fight for a leader's cause. Scott fights even when all hope is lost. Scott and Lydia visit Deaton, who advises them to use the Nemeton to trap the nogitsune. They realise that the container that held Talia's claws was made from the wood of the Nemeton, and Deaton confirms this as he was the one who made it.

Nogitsu-Stiles heads to the hospital with some oni, on the hunt for Melissa. Havoc is wreaked, lights flicker, and there are plenty of casualties. The sheriff try to shoot the oni but their bullets don't do much good. Melissa is attacked by the oni, but Agent McCall fends them up. She's left with a leg injury. Isaac is trying to figure out what Allison was trying to tell Isaac to tell Chris. Together, they come to the realisation that the silver arrowhead was what killed the oni.

Lydia has a sudden rushing feeling, like they're running out of time. That's when Stiles and Kira show up and they realise that Stiles is inching closer to death. Stillinski and the other sheriffs have been abandoned by the oni, but they are being poisoned by their wounds. Stiles, Scott, and Kira head to Beacon Hills high. When they open the door, they find themselves in the snowing Japanese garden that the first oni encounter occurred in.

Derek and the twins meet with Nogitsu-Stiles with the Nemeton box. The Bandaged Man and some oni fight the group in the garden. The Bandanged Man tells them that he's captured nearly every spot on the board, with Deaton being one of the last ones. Deaton fights off some oni in his office but ends up wounded. By the end of the fight, Stiles will either kill himself or have Scott do it for him. Scott and Kira fight the oni while the Bandaged Man stands back and Lydia and Stiles crouch down together. Stiles grabs a sword and prepares to run himself through but he looks at the reflection in the sword and begins to see past the illusion of the snowy garden.

Derek and the twins aren't doing too well with the oni but it's then that Chris and Isaac show up. Chris is armed with silver arrowheads and begins taking out theoni while Nogitsu-Stiles runs off. Stiles tells Scott and the others to stop fighting and to understand that it is an illusion. Scott and Kira are both cut by the oni but they keep moving forward towards the Bandaged Man and it's then that they crash through the doors and find themselves in the hallway and unharmed. It's then that they're attacked by Nogitsu-Stiles. Scott bites Nogitsu-Stiles, making him both a fox and a wolf and Kira stabs him with her sword. The fly flies out of his mouth, which Isaac catches in the Nemeton box. Nogitsu-Stiles turns to dust, smoke, and disappears.

Unfortunately, Aiden is fatally wounded from the oni that he killed and his dying breath is used to worry that Lydia won't believe he was a good guy. Lydia runs out and sees it and immediately turns into Stiles' arms. Everyone else recovers from their oni cuts, which really doesn't explain why Aiden had to die. Malia is now shown to be beginning attending Beacon Hills high. Scott begins coaching her on how to use her powers. Ethan prepares to break up with Danny, saying he doens't think he can stay. Danny reveals he was about to break up with him, listing Ethan's many good qualities, but saying he doesn't think he could date a werewolf. They kiss goodbye, and how the hell long did Danny know about werewolves? Will he finally get upgraded to a series regular???

Finally, Derek tells Stiles about a bad dream he had. But then Stiles advises him to count fingers and Stiles is shown to have more than five on one hand. Derek realises that he really has been shot, by Kate Argent, who is not dead, and is some sort of creature we've never seen before.

Teen Wolf will return on MTV for Season 4!


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