The Big Bang Theory S7E10 - "The Discovery Dissipation" Recap

Sheldon is interviewed by Ira Flatow on NPR's Science Friday. When Flatow repeatedly talks about how incredible it is that though he made a mistake, the element was still found. Sheldon might win a Nobel Prize in Chemistry, which is interesting since he is a physicist. Sheldon is uncomfortable with the attention and storms out of the interview. Amy enlists the help of Wil Wheaton to help him deal with the unwanted fame.

Raj's apartment building is being fumigated, so he has made arrangements for him and Cinnamon to stay with Howard and Bernadette. When Bernadette comes home from work, Raj offers to get her a glass of wine and says he'll cook dinner. His repeated mindfulness makes Howard look bad by comparison.

Leonard tells Sheldon that he disproved the existence of Sheldon's element and that someone in the Chinese lab merely faked the results. Sheldon is then upset since he had now learned to deal with fame. Sheldon now misses his one claim to fame. When Barry Kripke insists on relentlessly teasing him, Sheldon goes so far as to make fun of his speech impediment. Barry feigns hurt, only to go around and continue making fun of Sheldon.

Bernadette and Howard begin arguing over the fact that neither of them are as thoughtful as Raj. They begin blaming Raj for their fighting and promptly throw him out. He goes to spend the night at Leonard and Sheldon's. When he begins giving Sheldon advice on appreciating Amy, she is happy but when he tells her to not force intimacy on Sheldon, she tells him he should probably go.

Sheldon and Leonard are guests on NPR's Science Friday and begin arguing. Amy and Penny listen in embarrassment.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.

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  1. Ira Flatow shares many personality traits with Sheldon but lacks the brains that might justify putting up with it.
    Ira is a DICK!!


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