The Big Bang Theory S7E11 - "The Cooper Extraction" Recap

Sheldon heads to Texas to help his sister with her home birth. After a video call with Sheldon, the group begins to develop theories on what their lives would be like if they had never known Sheldon. Amy says that none of them would know her, Howard wouldn't know Bernadette, and Leonard wouldn't be dating Penny. Leonard tries to deny this but they all tell him he would have been too scared to ask her out. Bernadette tells Howard she would not have gone out with him because she would've thought he and Raj were a couple. Leonard speculates that Penny would be living with Zack.

Amy and Bernadette suggest that Penny would have tried to make a pass at Sheldon. Howard says he would have still been caring for his mother when she was dead in a Norman Bates-like manner. Raj suggests that if he and Leonard had become roommates, Leonard would have become fat, due to Rah's cooking abilities and Leonard's trying to fill the girlfriend-less void with food. Amy says that without Sheldon, she would have been sad alone (she wouldn't have friends, either).

Sheldon calls and lets them know that the baby has been born and it's a boy. Amy advises him to be the intelligent role model to his nephew that he never had as a child. Following the call, Raj tells Amy that she had a strong impact on him. She doesn't believe him but Leonard assures her cares for her more than she thinks. He shows her that a photo of her is Sheldon's screensaver, to which Amy gleefully replies, "He is so into me!"

Sheldon returns from Texas and admits to Amy that he would have preferred that she had been in Texas with him or instead of him.

An obese Raj and Leonard are having dinner with Sheldon. Leonard finally gets the courage to ask for Penny's phone number and she reveals that she has a boyfriend, after which Stuart walks in. We then see that it was all figment of Stuart's imagination.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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