The Big Bang Theory S7E13 - "The Occupation Recalibration" Recap

Sheldon is angry that the university is forcing him to take vacation time for a few days. Leonard goes to visit Penny after their argument in the hopes of reconciling. She tells him she doesn't want to break up and that he was right in turning down her emotional proposal. She tells him she has quit her job at the Cheesecake Factory to focus all her time on her acting career. Leonard says he supports her, though he has reservations about her doing so.

Bernadette goes to the comic book shop and asks Stuart for help after accidentally damaging one of Howard's comic books with a curling iron. He asks for a few days to track a replacement down but she's pressed for time. She offers to hook him up with medications since she works for a pharmaceutical company.

Bert, a geologist, brings Amy a pretty rock while Howard and Raj are visiting. The boys tell Amy that Bert is hitting on her and she realises it's true after she tells them that he brings her a pretty rock every day.

Amy is about to go on errands when she runs into Sheldon, still moping in the stairway. She asks if he wants to come with her and he happily comes along.

After making some calls, Stuart informs Bernadette that the comic she is looking for is available at Capital Comics, a rival of his own store. Stuart expresses a hatred for the store, saying that the owner always makes him feel bad. He accompanies Bernadette to the store to ensure she doesn't get ripped off.

Leonard accidentally reveals to Penny over the phone that he thinks she is making a huge mistake quitting her job. She is furious and asks Sheldon if she is making a mistake. He says that the best way to accomplish a goal is to devote 100% of one's time to it, just as he did when pursuing a career as a physicist.

Bert invites Amy to a mineral and rock show and Amy takes that opportunity to tell him she has a girlfriend. Despite this, he guilt trips her into accepting his invitation.

Stuart and Bernadette arrive at Capital Comics. The owner Jesse (Josh Peck) is rude and insulting towards Stuart. Bernadette tells him off and leaves with Stuart without buying the comic.

Leonard and Penny make up after he tells her he is proud of her being able to take such a massive risk.

Bernadette returns to the store and tells Jesse off again before buying the replacement comic.

Amy has Howard and Raj talk to Bert to get her out of the outing. When he lays a guilt trip on them, they end up accompanying him to the mineral and rock show.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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