The Big Bang Theory S7E18 - "The Mommy Observation" Recap

Stuart visits the gang (minus Sheldon and Howard, who are still in Texas) and appears to die after eating something. It's revealed to be a stunt set up by Raj, who wants to have a murder mystery dinner. Most of the group isn't keen on doing it but they participate anyway. Raj gives them envelopes of secret facts on themselves, including one of them receiving the information that they are the murderer.

Howard gives Sheldon a Buzz Aldrin bobble head as a reward for not heckling him during his speech.

The group searches for clues and Bernadette finds a receipt dated twenty years in the future. This means that one of them came back from the future to murder Stuart. Raj has them "travel to the future" and then gives each of them another envelope with information on their future selves.

Sheldon and Howard arrive at Sheldon's mother's home with flowers and pie (purchased by Howard) and when they approach the house, Sheldon spots his mother having coitus in the living room through the window. They then head to a bar and have a beer. Howard advises Sheldon to not say anything to his mother but Sheldon insists on confronting her. Amy won the Nobel Prize in Physiology, then used the money to buy Stuart's comic book store and close it down so Sheldon would pay more attention to her. Penny is a famous actress living in London and Leonard is a professor at Stanford. However, they drifted apart as they became more successful. This leads them to get into an argument over whether one of them would give up their dream if the other became more successful, saying that the success would mean the other would be finally supported.

Sheldon returns to his mother's and tells her that he saw her saving naked sex. When he calls her a "demented sex pervert," she demands an apology. He refuses to give one so she sends him to his room.

Stuart chimes into their tiff to tell them he thinks they'll still be together in twenty years and that they are the best couple he knows, much to the offence of Bernadette and Amy. He tells them he thinks they make each other better, with Penny having brought Leonard out of his shell and Leonard making Penny think more deeply about the world. Penny then accidentally spills the beans by saying she feels bad about murdering him and Raj is upset about her spoiling the end of his game.

Howard comes into Sheldon's room and tells him that his mother had started seeing someone a few years after his father died and he drove the man away by mistreating his mother regarding the relationship. Ever since then, she has been alone. Howard advises Sheldon not to get in the way of his mother's happiness. Sheldon then apologises to his mother, saying he will accept her choices outwardly and condemning her internally. She says that this is very Christian of him (HA!) He then begins lecturing her on safe sex. Oh, Sheldon.

Leonard proposes to the group that no matter they end up in the future, they reunite in exactly 20 years at 8PM to have dinner like they always have. They all put it in their mobiles, except for Stuart, who has to write it on his hand, as his outdated device doesn't have a calendar. Fast-forward 20 years and Stuart is the only one to show up.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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