The Big Bang Theory S7E2 - "The Deception Verification" Recap

Sheldon and Penny return from their run to the grocery store and when she gets back to her apartment, she finds that Leonard has surprised her by returning early. He hasn't told Sheldon yet so they can spend a few days alone together.

Sheldon asks Stuart for help getting a welcome-back present for Leonard but tells him it's not supposed to be a gag gift when he suggests an Aquaman statue. Stuart tells him it's a rare piece and he would rather sell it to a "real collector," and Sheldon then becomes interested in it. Howard has become moody and emotional, having recently begun a diet. Meanwhile, Sheldon pays $1200 for the Aquaman statue but surprises Stuart by having decided he wants the statue for himself and has yet to pick a present for Leonard. He decides to get the Batman squirt gun and Stuart begins coaxing him into thinking it's rare to jack up the price.

Sheldon encounters Penny when she has just paid for some pizza delivery and hears the toilet flush (it's Leonard). He insists on coming in to help fix the toilet after she claims she doesn't have company and that the toilet has merely been acting up. He then spots two wine glasses on the table and other signs that she is not alone but agrees to leave anyway. On the way out, he reveals he spent $200 on the Batman squirt gun.

Howard returns home and is upset to learn that Bernadette has made brownies, despite the fact that he is trying to lose weight. He is still moody and emotional. He asks Bernadette if she can get more of the ointment for his mother (which he has been applying to her back because "we've got a deeply unhealthy relationship"). When she looks at it, she tells him that it's really strong oestrogen cream and he admits he hasn't been wearing gloves. She tells him that the oestrogen is what has caused him to bloat and be moody. He says he'll use gloves from here on out and she lets him know that it will take a few weeks for all the oestrogen to get out of his system.

Amy is showing Sheldon the rules to a made-up language she has recently created. He reveals that he is worried that Penny is being unfaithful to Leonard and tells her about how it was clear she wasn't alone in her apartment. Amy says she doesn't think Penny would cheat. Sheldon says that Penny once clapped to make him blink in a staring contest, and that it's only a small leap from that to cheating. When Sheldon says that there were Chinese food containers in the trash can, Amy says, "Poor Leonard." They go to Penny's door to listen in for signs of infidelity. Amy says it sounds like Leonard but Sheldon doesn't believe that Leonard would come home and waste time kissing Penny when he could be spending time with his best buddy. Sheldon then uses his key to burst in and finds Leonard with Penny. Penny is angry at him for bursting in so he goes back outside and does his signature triple-knock-"Penny". Sheldon is angry at Leonard and refuses to accept his apology even after Leonard gives him his sailor cap. Sheldon is still upset after checking his reflection and says, "This changes nothing... except the Halloween costume I'm wearing this year." She also tells Penny that she will be Olive Oil.

Raj comes over to visit Howard. Howard tells him he has been reading up on the side effects of oestrogen, lifts up his shirt, and asks Raj if his boobs look bigger. Raj has him jump up and down to see  if they jiggle, and then shimmy. He says that they might look bigger but that his probably do the same and lifts up his shirt and mimics the action. Raj then puts a hand on one of Howard's and one of his own to compare the two and then Howard begins to do the same. Bernadette walks in and watches the strange display from the back of the room.

Things are still tense between Leonard and Sheldon, who acts as if he no longer trusts even the simplest things Leonard says. He asks Leonard to admit that he was wrong, which he does, but then he doesn't believe him. He's also mad at Penny. When Leonard continues to hold his grudge at lunch with Raj and Howard, a still-emotional Howard tells them to stop it and reminds them that they are best friends. He tells Leonard that Sheldon is mad because he missed him and Sheldon that he should be happy that he has love in his life. They agree to put aside their petty differences.

Later, the group has dinner together and Leonard is amazed to learn that Raj can now talk to womyn without liquor in his system. Howard becomes emotional over the fact that they all forgot to tell him.

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