The Following S2E9 - "Unmasked" Recap

Joe and Micah watch Carrie speak on the news about Joe and Lily Gray. She talks about how Lily's psychopathy is more complex than Joe's and Micah says that he wants to make a splash like Lily is and Joe did. Joe asks to use a phone to call in help for her plans and he calls Janna to tell her he might be needing her help again.

Ryan meets with Carrie and tells her he still hasn't found Joe. He will feed her information in exchange for her keeping her mouth shut. She invites him to dinner, but he refuses. Max and Mike are also investigating the leak.

Joe has Micah film a video about his mission and he's wearing a Halloween mask. Robert and Emma show up, having been tasked to be Micah's first messengers. Micah wants to add Lance to his messengers. Lance is a killer that has been in the cage after slicing a girl's ear off because he didn't like the way she looked. Joe speaks with Emma in private about his getting sick of Micah and not being happy about the last-minute change in plans. He asks Emma if she's ready and when he points out that the mission will be dangerous, Emma says, "So am I."

Max and Mike tell Ryan that they're looking at Gina for the leak. she accessed Debra Parker's e-mail six times in the previous year and when they discuss her background, they also mention Janna, her partner from whom she recently separated. Ryan believes she is innocent and Mike tells him that they should prove it. Ryan visits her and questions her about Debra Parker's e-mail. She says she didn't do it and she is furious at his accusation of her being the leak. Gina becomes paranoid and Max watches her, while Mike and Ryan trace her from the tracker Max planted on her. She skips using her car and hops in a taxi. Ryan and Mike follow. Gina heads to a house in the suburbs where she tells Janna she needs to talk to her. She insists on speaking with her alone.

Joe goes to the cabin after the trio of messengers has departed. He finds Micah praying about Julia. He says he was seeking guidance from god. He doesn't know what to do and says that since he indirectly killed his wife, he's not the best person to seek advice from. Micah says he could never harm Julia and Joe says he understands but... I'd still wager that Julia is in danger.

Gina talks to Janna in the garage, bringing up Janna's episode after her baby was born. Janna insists it was post-partum depression but Gina says that they only said that because of work and it was actually a psychotic break. She even killed the neighbour's dog. Gina realises that Janna is still crazy and has gotten involved with Joe Carroll and used her security clearance. Janna snaps and stabs Gina, kicking her, spitting on her, stealing her gun, and fluffing her hair before walking back out to offer her guests more pizza.

Ryan and Mike get to the house. Janna tells her guests that Gina is in the garage after a spat they had and then says she has to run upstairs, asking them to watch her baby. She goes up and begins packing a bag with a secret stash of cash. The doorbell rings and Ryan and Mike ask to see Gina. One of the guests lets them in and they head towards the garage where they find Gina bleeding on the ground. The woman calls the police and Ryan tells the other mother present to grab the children and get them outside. Janna comes downstairs and pulls out her gun while Mike and Ryan point theirs at her. They ask where Joe Carroll is. She admits to knowing where he is and after taunting Ryan, she shoots herself in the head.

Micah has his guards bring Julia to him from the cabin he had her locked in. She asks him why he has turned everyone against her and says that Joe is manipulating him. She says that they are not killers nor monsters. He tells her that he and his faith are evolving and she should too. She says that she will support him but then she grabs his gun which he put on the table and when she goes to fire it, she finds that it is empty. He is saddened by her betrayal and then Joe comes in with a wire which he uses to kill her. Micah thanks him for doing what he could not.

Local law enforcement and an ambulance arrive at the house and Gina is taken to the hospital. Mike sends the files from the computer to Max before wiping them and swipes Janna's mobile so they can search for clues. The trio of messengers arrive at their destination, a book store where Carrie Cook will be having a book signing.

Max breaks the encryption on Janna's phone and find that her history is flooded with Carrie Cooke. They realise that she is a target. Cooke arrives at her book signing while Max tells Mike and Ryan about the book signing. At the signing, Emma is disguised and in the queue while Robert and Lance are on the upper level. Emma reaches the front and tells Carrie that the autograph is for a friend. When Carrie asks for the friend's name, Emma says, "Joe Carroll." Carrie looks up and recognises Emma, despite the disguise. Robert and Lance begin hacking at the people in the bookstores, slitting throats and stabbing them wherever. Emma swaps her disguise for a mask to match Robert and Lance's. Emma and Robert corner Carrie and give her a flash drive, warning her that if she doesn't share it with the world, they will come for her and everyone she loves. The police are coming and Emma and Robert leave without Lance. Luke removes his mask and pretends to be another victim in the bookstore. You can't deny that that's clever.

Ryan, Mike, and Max arrive on the scene and Carrie hugs Ryan. She leaves and when Luke tries to leave, Ryan realises he is one of the killers by the blood on his face. He takes an officer hostage but ends up being shot dead. Emma and Robert have returned to the base and Micah prepares to watch his video message be broadcast to the world. Joe serves the group wine and they toast. Carrie comes on the news and reveals that she was forced to show the message. Ryan also watches the live broadcast. The message is not from Micah but Joe, revealing that he is very much alive. Micah dies watching the broadcast, having been poisoned by Joe. Joe's message states that more blood will be spilt, nowhere will be safe, and "this is the age of Joe Carroll."

Ryan is angry that Carrie didn't tell him about the video but Max, yet again acting as the voice of reason, points out that she was likely threatened into showing the video. Mike receives a phone call and heads out with Max, saying he has something to do.

Joe tells Robert that Micah has gone come and that what he did freed Micah, who has now received life's greatest reward. Joe is tremendously skilled at using Micah's mythology but twisting it to fit his own purposes. He tells Robert to deliver the glorious news to the others and has Emma go after him to ensure he doesn't waver.

Robert has a funeral for Micah and Julia and tells the room, "All hail the prophet Joe," and the group begins to chant, "Praise Joe."

Carrie visits Ryan at his apartment and is prepared to discuss Joe's video. She apologises for lying but he echoes Max's sentiment about her being threatened. He has food for her - they will have the dinner that he had previously turned down. Afterwards, right as they are about to say good night, Ryan shuts the door and kisses Carrie.

Mike gets into an unmarked SUV in a parking garage. He is given a bag to put over his head and driven to an undisclosed location. He is brought inside and led to a room where Claire, Joe's not dead but now brunette ex-wife, is waiting for him. Did he know about this the whole time?

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