The Musketeers S1E10 (Finale) - "Musketeers Don't Die Easily" Recap

A drunken Athos holds Milady captive and reveals to the group that she was his wife and is the Cardinal's spy. Milady pleads for help form D'Artagnan and he's forced to admit that she was his benefactor and they slept together once. The Musketeers are angry and D'Artagnan won't let Athos kill Milady. D'Artagnan is shot in the scuffle, ending up wounded on his side.

Charlotte pleads for her father's life and tells the King that executing him would cause tension with Prussia and Sweden. The King tells his private council that there is more to the story than meets the eye. Captain Treville says that the note could have been forged and when the Cardinal presses for Count Mellendorf's execution, the King tells him off.

Outraged, the Cardinal berates Milady for her antics with the Musketeers. He feels that he may be found out and orders her to kill the Musketeers. She tells him Musketeers don't die easily but says she will get it done. He warns her that this is her last chance.

Milady visits the injured D'Artagnan and asks if she can trust him. She finds that the his wound grazed his ribs and attempts to drive the wedge further between him and the other Musketeers. She says the Cardinal could be his patron but he says he hates him. She tells him things are finished between him and the Musketeers and also attempts to employ her powers of seduction to bring him to her side. He asks what really happened between her and Athos.

Constance learns from Aramis and Porthos about D'Artagnan's fight with Athos over Milady and blames herself for driving him into her arms. Aramis tells Porthos in private that Constance loves D'Artagnan and that you only have to look at her to see it.

Milady tells D'Artagnan about how Athos' brother Thomas lusted after her and she had to kill him when he attempted to force himself on her. She says she did it for love and that Athos was blind to the truth after learning that she had once been a thief. She reveals her neck wound and says that it is what Athos did to her. She wants him to murder Athos but D'Artagnan doesn't want to murder his best friend. Captain Treville comes to visit D'Artagnan and tells him the dissent in his ranks cannot continue. He kicks D'Artagnan out of the Musketeers, saying Athos is the finer soldier and cannot lose him. Angered, D'Artagnan tells Milady to be in the town square in midday and he will kill Athos.

D'Artagnan visits Aramis and Porthos and things become further prickly when Athos comes out. Captain Treville orders them all inside where they will settle things.

Milady pays a visit to her old mentor, Sarazin, who is delighted and entertained when she kills a man he had just ordered to kill her.

Once inside, the Musketeers all laugh and reveal that their fight has all been part of a plan to get to the Cardinal. D'Artagnan tells the group that Milady wants him to kill Athos. Then, he will have won her trust over.

Milady wants Sarazin to help her kill the Musketeers. His feelings are hurt after she ran away to work for the Cardinal so she offers to pay him for his services. He says that the only payment he wants is for her to come back and work for him. She says she has outgrown him but he points out that she wouldn't be there if she wasn't desperate. She has no choice but to agree.

The Musketeers execute their rouse of D'Artagnan seemingly kill Athos while Milady watches from the shadows. A young girl approaches Constance and tells her D'Artagnan has just killed Athos and needs his help. D'Artagnan asks Milady to arrange a meeting with the Cardinal. She kisses him and when she doesn't believe his passion, says that he is in love with Constance. He denies it and she agrees to take him to the Cardinal. Constance follows the girl, who had tricked Constance in order to get her captured by Sarazin.

D'Artagnan wants protection but the Cardinal wants to have him executed. D'Artagnan holds Milady at knifepoint. He tells the Cardinal that Captain Treville has a letter that could incriminate the Cardinal and offers to get it for him. He advises the Cardinal to use him as bait to get the letter back. They think that the remaining Musketeers will want D'Artagnan so they can avenge Athos' death. D'Artagnan asks for safety in exchange as well as a commission in the Red Guard.

When a bottle rolls to Constance, she breaks it and uses a piece to saw through her restraints. She slashes the face of the girl guarding her but when she reaches the door, Milady and Sarazin are there. Milady knocks her down with a blow to the face.

Bonacieux confronts Aramis and Porthos, demanding to know where constance is. They don't know and tell him that there's no way she is with D'Artagnan. Sarazin sends the girl away, telling her she'll never be beautiful again and therefore is no longer useful.

Aramis tells Porthos they cannot tell D'Artagnan about Constance or else it will distract him. A messenger delivers them the message from the Cardinal regarding the exchange for D'Artagnan. They head off to meet the Cardinal and before handing off the letter, they confront him about what he wants. They goad him into revealing his motives. The Queen is barren and without an heir, the kingdom will fall. They hand over the letter and the Cardinal finds that it is blank. The Queen steps out and having heard everything, says that the Queen might not believe the Musketeers' word but will certainly believe her. Everyone bows low and the Cardinal tells her his motives were for France. She tells him she will spare his life because she believes his devotion to France and that the betrayal would break the King's heart. "You have been warned, Cardinal."

The Musketeers tell the Cardinal they want Milady and he gladly gives her up, saying she is no more use to him. D'Artagnan learns of Constance's abduction and is highly worried. They ride off to meet Milady, who says she has already won since Athos is dead. Seeing their smiles, she turns around to find Athos standing there, very much alive. They hold her at gunpoint and she warns them that her death will lead to Constance's death. She arranges a meeting to give up Constance in an hour, saying only the Musketeers may come. Athos warns the others that it will be an ambush and she has no intention of letting them live. They prepare for battle and say the famous Musketeer chant: "All for one, and one for all."

Harrison puts Constance in the middle of a square and then walks back. Armed men are surrounding the area, preparing to ambush the Musketeers. With the help of a covered cart, the Musketeers begin an ambush with guns and hand bombs, taking many of the men out. They being their move forward and continue to take out their enemies. The fight shifts from guns to swords/knives and the Musketeers display their impressive set of skills. All the men have been taken out but now Milady is holding Constance at gunpoint. Athos moves forward and pleads with Milady to stop. Constance uses one of D'Artagnan's moves to get free from Milady, running to him and tearfully telling him she didn't mean any of what she said. Athos tells Milady it's over and orders her to kneel. She removes her collar and tells him to kill her. The Musketeers tell Athos he doesn't have to do this and he changes his mind, telling her instead to go to another country, threatening to kill her if she ever returns. She tells him neither will have peace until they are both dead and walks off.

D'Artagnan tells Athos he is glad he saved her and Athos says that perhaps he was saving himself. D'Artagnan and Constance share a public kiss, enjoying their love. A woman runs up and tells Constance that her husband has tried to kill himself. She returns with D'Artagnan and finds her husband pathetic and broken. He tells her that if she leaves him, he will kill himself because his life will be worthless. He says his life will be on her hands. Constance shows D'Artagnan out and bids him goodbye, saying she cannot leave him like that.

The Cardinal is summoned before the King. He looks worried, as the Musketeers and Queen are both present. The King then reveals good news - the Queen is present. (Fairly certain that's Aramis' baby). The Queen has asked that the Count's life be spared and the King has granted her wish. The Queen asks to speak with Aramis alone - because that's not suspicious at all. She tells him she is certain it will be a boy and that he will have his father's courage. He vows to watch over her son and guard him with all his strength and heart. He will lay down his life for him if necessary. The Cardinal walks in at the end of their exchange and from his expression, it would appear he knows that the Queen's child is fathered by Aramis.

The Musketeers enjoy a quiet moment. Athos is still the only one who knows about Aramis' affair with the Queen. The others know there is some affection but nothing about the baby-making. They reflect on the fact that though they don't have glory, money, or love, they do have honour.

Series 1 of The Musketeers will air in June 2014 on BBC America.
The Musketeers will return on BBC One for Series 2!


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