Viking Recap S2E4: Eye For An Eye

Rollo leads Ragnar’s family to a remote village. The Princess does not find the accomidations acceptable. She wants somewhere more inviting and comfortable looking. Siggy tells her that they will survive it, that it will make them stronger, and her sons stronger too.

Jarl Borg tells the conquered people that he will be a fair ruler, that by breaking their agreement, Ragnar forfeited his right to rule. Furthermore, he wants Ragnar’s wife, children and brother, and whoever delivers them will be paid their weight in silver. Ragna is now decreed dead to these people. The soothsayer watches Jarl’s speech.

Jarl Borg goes to see a soothsayer, he asks if he foresaw what happened. He replies that he only sees what the Gods allow him to see, and only tells what he is allowed to tell. Jarl Borg asks for his own future. He sees an eagle that hovers over him, and that he is an eagle. Jarl believes that the Eagle is a good sign. The Soothsayer tells him that it is, and that the Eagle is his destiny. The Soothsayer puts his hand out, and Jarl licks it. That has to be the grossest custom ever.

In the Kingdom of Wessex, King Ecbert’s advisors discuss with him the Vikings. Since the Vikings wish to talk, he decides that they should talk. He plans to trade hostages to ensure a safe meeting. King Ecbert will hand over his son, Erlendur, for a hostage of equal value. He asks for his son’s blessing and agreement, which he gives willingly.

Rains sweep the land, and the building in which Ragnar’s family is calling home leaks badly. Ragnar’s children run amok, and the Princess isn’t coping well, worried more about the dirt, than their safety. Siggy tells her that they will manage, but she insists that the boys will fall ill in this place, and she will not stay.

The Vikings approach, and a group of King Ecbert’s men move to meet them. Erlendur disarms, preparing for the trade. Ragnar is traded for the prince, and really King Ecbert got the better deal. Ragnar is taken into the keep and he looks around, taking it all in, admiring the artwork. He asks who made the sculptures, and the man tells him that no one knows, some say giants use to live on the island. Ragnar is brought before King Ecbert, who seems to take an unusually high number of baths. He invites Ragnar to join him. Although an odd request, Ragnar strips down in an awkward display, with King Ecbert watching. Now equal, they can chat. King Ecbert asks why he does not go home. By staying he is opening himself up to a large attack. Ragnar does not care about treasure he says, he care more about the land, and wants to know about farming, Ragnar is a farmer after all. King Ecbert wants something in return for a land offer. Ragnar and his warriors could help him to fulfill his ambitions.

Ragnar reports his findings back to King Horik, but he’s suspicious of King Ecbert’s intentions. One of King Horik’s ships draw near, but it isn’t a social call that brings Thorvard calling. He delivers the bad news to Ragnar, his lands are lost, and his family missing, all by the hand of Jarl Borg.

Ragnar packs his belongings, with his family missing, he is off to find them. King Horik plans to stay behind, wishing to continue the negotiations. He wishes to have Athelstan stay and translate for him, and although Ragnar says that he is free to decide, he’s disappointed to hear him say he will stay, having been practically family himself. Athelstan points out that Ragnar has always thought these contacts were important. He asks if he really wants to do this, and that if he changes his mind his friends will be leaving soon. Athelestan watches Ragnar and his friends leave him behind. A scout sees half the forces leave.

Bjorn brings Lagertha news of Jarl Borg’s attack, of Siggy and Princess Aslaug fleeing with the children. Bjorn urges her to help Ragnar when he returns to take back what is his. It is not her new husband’s quarrel, so she does not think he will help, but Bjorn thinks she should ask him.

Rollo comes with news. He’s been talking with nearby families, trying to rally people. There are too few to take Jarl on head on, but Rollo thinks it is enough to make Jarl feel insecure, if they raid his supplies, and not meet him head on, but do sneak attacks. Siggy is overjoyed by the change she sees in Rollo. With his brother’s forgiveness he is a new man. He knows Ragnar will return, and that he has always loved his brother. His self hatred was corrupting him. Siggy makes a move on Rollo.

Lagertha wishes to talk to her husband, but he does not want to talk about Ragnar. He doesn’t want to discuss the man who use to own her body, now that he owns her. Perhaps being a sister wife would have been better than being saddled with Sigvard. She tells him that it would be his interest to intervene. She tells Jarl will bring his relations to his doorstep, that he will be next. Sigvard, tired of talking throws his wife to the ground and tries to rape her. She throws him off her. Bjorn hears her tell him to never treat her that way again, that she is no whore. She finds him outside her door, prepared to attack and sends him to bed telling him that Sigvard will not harm her.

Athelstan watches as King Horik’s men get frisky with the nuns. He hears their cries as he goes into his tent. He turns to the tome stolen from the monastery, and one of the images of Christ bleeds, covering the page in blood. Athelstan throws the book away from him.

King Ecbert prays before the alter when news comes of Ragnar’s leaving. With the forces divided, King Ecbert thinks that his prayers have been answered.

Princess Aslaug tries to draw her son away from Siggy as they watch an animal slaughtered. He refuses to go and the pampered princess cries about it. As she walks away she sees Ragnar in the distance, she closes her eyes, and he was nothing more than a vision. Helga spies ships, Ragnar really has returned. She knows where his family is, but urges him to rest. She goes to attend Floki. The sea was rough, they lost some ships, pulled down in turbulent waters.

In the Forests of Baer, the Vikings use their boys to hunt game, but find themselves the hunted. Athelstan makes it away, barely, while many others fall. Out of the trees he hides out in the grass, perhaps the only survivors. He stays there through the night, and eventually the English find him. He’s surrounded, and he surrenders.

In the rain, Helga leads Ragnar to his family. Ragnar races ahead, and Siggy is almost surprised to see him. He finds the children well and safe. Aslaug tells him that she knew he was coming back, she foresaw it three days previous. He greets her with a gentle kiss, and looks upon his youngest Son. He asks the name of his child, Sigrid Snake in the eye. She had warned him of the eye, but he tells her it is a blessing. They tuck the children into bed, he feared he would never see them again, but Aslaug knew he would. He tries to get reacquainted with his wife, but she tells him that they cannot for three days, yet another prophecy. Rollo arrives, and Ragnar goes out to meet him. Ragnar wants to attack Jarl Borg immediately, but Rollo cautions him. With so many men lost at sea, they don’t have much of a chance with a head on battle. Rollo warns with the news of Ragnar’s arrival and Jarl Borg’s bounty they aren’t safe for long.

News of Ragnar’s return reaches Kattegat and Jarl Borg. He’s pleased to learn of Ragnar’s return. He tells his people that the Gods will reward anyone who takes down Ragnar, they reward anyone who pretends to be a God himself as Ragnar has. Jarl proclaims that he will kill Ragnar.

In Wessex, Athelstan is bloodied and beaten, and is being prepared for crucifixion. He could have gone back home with Ragnar. Instead he finds himself nailed upon a cross, crucified and left to die as the English rejoice. The bishop proclaims him crucified in the name of Jesus Christ. King Ecbert sees the crucifixion, and asks if they must really kill the former priest. The Bishop believes he should be, but King Ecbert orders him to be cut down.

Floki spies an army coming, and sounds the alarm. He believes them to be Jarl Borg and his men come to finish them off. Ragnar goes out and meets them alone. It’s not Jarl, Its Lagertha and her men. She heard of his troubles, and brought warriors to help, including his son Bjorn. He embraces his son, glad to see him, but never thinking it would be under these circumstances. He gives his son a once over, he is a large strapping boy. Bjorn tells him that if his sister had lived she would have been strong and wise as well. Bjorn tells him that for a long time he carried nothing but memories, but with his father and mother by his side, he feels reborn. It looks like he isn’t the only one that feels that way, as Lagertha releases the breath she was holding.


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