Vikings Recap S2E2: Invasion

Princess Aslaug walks the streets, and Floki gets a warm welcome, he's been missed as he rebuilds the fleet. Floki asks where they'll be raiding this coming summer, its heavy on many minds. The ships have been built, and heirs replaced, a lot of time has passed. England has been targeted, and King Horik and Jarl Borg will join them for a longer sorjorn. Ragnar tells his people that they must band together.

Siggy isn't feeling so banded. She leaves and finds Rollo asleep outside in the snow flurries, and wakes him with a bucket of half frozen water.

A new handmaiden catches Ragnar's eye, and although Aslaug wished to be a sister wife to Lagertha, she doesn't appear to have the same desire with the girl. She warns the girl off. In private Ragnar points out that she is acting strangely. She tells him that she does not appreciate his straying eye. He blames her erratic behavior on her "condition." She tells him that she sees things that others cannot, shes insulted at the idea that he would want to sleep with the slave girl, even as he claims he does not. She tells him that she will bear him another son, and gives him further prophecy. Her father killed the dragon, and his son will be born with the serpent in his eye.

He goes to a soothsayer to find out what the future holds for his sons. They will go down in the history books, one will marry a princess, one will sail around and discover a sea with no tides. They will have more fame than their father. He asks about Bjorn, if he lives. It was his future he had told.

Siggy tells Rollo that he is a disgrace, as she sticks a blade into the fire. She has lost everything, her sons, husbands and daughters. She refuses to lose anything more. She tells him that his brother plans to go west, and she thinks that he should go with him. She gives Rollo a choice go speak to his brother, or martyr himself on her blade. He takes the red hot blade in hand.

Ragnar wrestles with his son, one of two, when Rollo and Siggy comes to see him. Aslaug takes the children away. Siggy is forced to leave as well, while Rollo sits to chat with Ragnar. Ragnar make small talk, asking where Rollo has been. He's been drinking into oblivion and cursing himself and the Gods. Ragnar points out that he fought against him, but brothers often fight. Rollo asks for a chance to regain his respect, but not forgiveness. Ragnar doesn't give him an answer, yet. Many suffered because of Rollo's action, and Ragnar's heart was broken by his betrayal.

Ragnar trains with the rest of the able bodies, men and women alike. Athelstan is not the man he was when Ragnar first found him. He wants him to accompany him when they raid England, and tells him that they'll need the help of all the Gods, including his. Although Athelstan has made much progress, there is still much to be done. He tells him when the time comes to kill, not to hesitate.

King Horik arrives and embraces Ragnar like a brother. He's come by horse, his ships still needing time. He felt the need to leave immediately, even before the ice melted. King Horik comes face to face with Jarl Borg, but King Horik does not embrace him with open arms. It's been four years since their scuffle. When Rollo arrives King Horik looks even less thrilled. Ragnar accepts him back, acknowledges him as his brother, but forbids him to raid with them. Rollo accepts the judgment.

The dining hall is lively, everyone seems to be in good spirits. Rollo watches his brother like a hawk. King Horik compliments Aslaug, while Ragnar talks with one of Horik's sons. He is about the age of Bjorn. King Horik tells him that he does not want Jarl Borg to raid with them for the same reason that Rollo cannot, he does not trust him. Ragnar is left with the task of breaking the news to him.

Ragnar and Floki watch as King Horik's ships arrive, but Floki isn't jealous being the superior boat maker. Jarl Borg eagerly awaits the raid, but Ragnar tells him that it will not happen. Jarl Borg and Ragnar had an agreement, but unfortunately he has to break it.

Siggy knows much about King Horik, his strengths and weaknesses. She's vying for a position, but King Horik isn't sure she's trustworthy.

Jarl Borg and Rollo lament over Ragnar's injustices. Had Rollo stayed stronger during the battle, none of this would be happening now. He tells him to abandon his brother, that he will find nothing here so long as Ragnar stays in power, but Rollo tells him by staying he will find himself. Jarl Borg mocks him, and Rollo punches him.

Siggy sleeps with the King. If he thinks that proves her loyalty, he's way off.

Ragnar says goodbye to his young children and gets all teary eyed. He says goodbye pregnant wife, and she believes that he will have a safe crossing.

The sails are hoisted, and the ships are off. Rollo watches the other sail away. The waters are calm, nearly flat. The men are on edge. They should have been near land by now, but there is none in sight. They send off a bird, and wait.

The sea turns from utter stillness, to stormy, and wild. One of the sails rips, and worse they hear the sound of waves hitting rocks. Ragnar tries to steer away from it.

Aslaug summons Siggy. She wishes to makes friends with Siggy, since Ragnar has forgiven Rollo. She knows Siggy's history with Ragnar, and knows that friendship will not be instantly, but she certainly does not want to be enemies.

The ships have gone wildly off course, and they aren't quite sure where they are. Their numbers are down to five, but land has been spotted. On shore, someone watches the men disembark. They head up the beach none the wiser as the armored soldier is off on horseback. They make it deep into the woods, and Ragnar choses to make camp. As they rest, arrows begin to fly, the first one striking one of King Horik's sons before they can get their shields into place. They're surrounded. King Horik makes quite the Braveheart speech and tells the men to meet their attackers head on. The armored men attack the masses of shields, and the Vikings fight fiercely. Athelstan sees that Horik is in trouble, and he moves to help him. The shieldmaidens put up quite a fight along side of their men, Ragnar is saved by Athelstan as the battles tide begins to turn in their favor. The Vikings are victorious.

Ragnar notes that Athelstan did not hesitate and rewards him with bracelet. He takes it. Athelstan goes to question two survivors to see where they are. They're not in Northumbria, but in Wessex. And their king has enough of a reputation for Athelstan to know of him.

A soldier goes to see King Ecbert, interrupting his bath and warns him that the Vikings have arrived, that they've defeated a large force. He is not pleased at all.


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