Vikings Recap S2E5: Answers In Blood

Lagertha is brought into Ragnar’s home. She is the last person Rollo expected to see, but a very welcome sight. Rollo is overjoyed to see his nephew, and Lagertha embraces Siggy warmly. Floki cannot be happier to see Bjorn. It is a tense greeting with between Lagertha and Princess Aslaug, but Lagertha makes the most of it. Lagertha sees the babe’s snake eye, and she looks grim. With the pleasantries out of the way, Ragnar and company look to drive Jarl Borg from Kattegat. Rollo suggests making food scarce, and Ragnar assigns himself and Bjorn to the task.

A former nun comes to see King Ecbert. She hesitates to show her face, but Ecbert insists. Her face is mutilated by her husband, who claimed she was unfaithful. She tells the King that she was not. He asks for Athelstan’s council on the matter. If she were a free woman, they would make judgment on her behalf. The King tells him that as her husband he has dominion over her, but Athelstan tells him not in Pagan laws. Pagan laws are not always superior, but in this case they are. King Ecbert finds in her favor, and saves her from the brand.

A group led by Ragnar and Bjorn draw close. Ragnar sends the others in to distract the keep so that he and Bjorn can slip in and complete their mission. As a child Bjorn constantly asked to join his father, and now he gets his chance. The men creep in, sounding their horn, which makes the dogs go wild. It sounds like far more are approaching that there really are, and Ragnar and Bjorn creep inside with little worry. The men though find enough trouble, and a few of them are lost in bloody skirmishes, where they take down more than their share. As Ragnar struggles to light a fire to destroy the food stores, one of the men arrive. Although wounded, he says he is fine, and Ragnar and Bjorn burn everything. They help get their man out of the keep as it all goes up in flames.

Jarl Bjorn considers hunting down Ragnar, but his pregnant wife does not want to left alone. He leaves her anyways. Over the river and through the woods, they hunt for Ragnar and his men. Jarl Borg spots his company, taking only a small group forward when he spots one of Ragnar’s men. The man stands half naked, and he’s nothing more than a dead prop. Jarl knocks him over. Floki taunts him across the field. He sounds the horn, and Ragnar, his men and Lagertha come out.

Princess Aslaug sees the bloody battle between Ragnar and Jarl Borg’s forces. While Bjorn, Lagertha, Rollo, and the others are in the middle of the fray, Jarl Borg hands to the outskirts. Ragnar gets him in his sights, and Jarl Borg signals a rush. Many of Ragnar’s men are taken by surprise, and Bjorn loses his weapon for a moment, before recovering. Lagertha is holding her own, as is Floki. Rollo is in all out beast mode. Ragnar is rushing headlong to meet Jarl Borg. He throws his ax at Jarl Borg, and Rollo rushes for his back. A retreat is called, and although blooded, Ragnar can call this a win.

Ragnar and his men march back to Kattegat, and the people rush out with open arms. Floki is ready for celebrations, and many are happy to see Lagertha as well. Funny, no one is rushing out to greet Princess Aslaug.
King Ecbert’s son, Aethelwulf, asks about his history if Athelstan was really taken in North Umbria. He was. Aethelwulf thinks to take him back, but Athelstan no longer sees the point, his abbey and all he knew are gone. Aethelwulf asks if he’s a pagan now, and suggest that he go to mass. Athelstan has a vision of Mary, its actually the woman with the abusive husband. She wanted to thank him, and she bestows a kiss upon his cheek. Athelstan is losing his marbles just a bit, he should have gone home with Ragnar when he had the chance.
A sacrifice is to be made for the victory over Jarl Borg. Rollo prepares to behead the man, but Ragnar stops him, giving Bjorn the honor instead. In the presence of the Gods, and in their honor, Bjorn beheads the man in one stroke. Floki wipes the sacrificial blood on his face, and Rollo honors Bjorn blooding him as well. Lagertha doesn’t look pleased with the result, but she’s soon surrounded by friendly faces again.
Ragnar goes to see the soothsayer to talk about the women in his heart. He does not want to choose, he wants them both. The Soothsayer tells him a story about a woman who could chose any man she wanted, but she had to chose the man by his feet. Ragnar doesn’t see the correlation. He tells him that it matters not. That he should not chose by their feet, or faces, for in the end he’s only fooling himself if he thinks it’s his choice to make.
Athelstan attends mass, and the visions continue. Flashes of war, and King Horik come before him as he takes mass before the people like a good catholic, but he is not a good catholic any longer. He does not swallow his bread.

The rain pours down, and once again Ragnar is warm is his former home. Bjorn plays with his younger brothers, and Ragnar enjoys the sight. Aslaug remains fearful of her prophecy. She asks what he plans to do about Lagertha. He tells her that it is her decision, he’s never had much say in the matter. Aslaug wonders if he likes Lagertha more, since she in more like him, a warrior. He admits that he does not want either woman to leave. Aslaug needs reassurances of his love to stay, which he gives.

Ragnar comes to Siggy’s home, Rollo and Siggy head out into the rain to give Ragnar and Lagertha some space to speak. He asks what she plans to do in regards to their son. She’s unsure, since Bjorn is happy there. Ragnar suggests that he should stay, they both should. She points out that his wife would be unhappy, which he cannot deny. He agrees with her.

Siggy sees that Ragnar is still in love with Lagetha, and she wonders if Rollo is as well. A part of Rollo may be, but not this part of Rollo he tells Siggy.

Athelstan prays to God for guidance, to be filled with the holy spirit, but he doesn’t feel it. Something runs by, and Athelstan grabs his candle to see what it is. It streaks by again, and when he’s finally able to get a good look it’s a mouth of monstrous teeth. He pulls away, before going in for another look. There’s nothing left under his bed. His devils are plaguing him.

Ragnar holds court over his people in the keep with the princess on one side, and his young sons on the other. Tovas brings news about King Horik being attacked. Ragnar asks about Athelstan, but he knows not of him. The bad news has taken far too long to reach him. Lagertha and Bjorn arrive, and Lagertha has something important to say. Ragnar asks if it should be said in private, but Lagertha wants it known before everyone. She knows that Bjorn wants to stay with his father she says, she gives her permission for Bjorn to remain with his father, but she has to go back to her husband, though it is clear that she does not want to go. She is leaving her son in the village’s son. She tells Ragnar to look after Bjorn, that he is all she has left and leaves. Ragnar puts a comforting hand on Aslaug’s arm, but she doesn’t look happy. Aslaug thanks Lagertha for what she has done, but Lagertha tells her that the debt has already been paid. Her strapping son Bjorn helps her onto her horse, and he tells his mother to “not take any more shit,” before she rides off. This isn’t the last we’ve seen of Lagertha, not by a long shot.


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