Vikings Recap S2E3: Treachery

In Wessex, England Ragnar and his men come across a large Christian Church. Athelstan tells them that not only is it a place of great pilgrimage, it will also hold a large treasure.

King Ecbert has been preparing for the Vikings since they came ashore through Northumbria. He’s seen them before with some of his travels, and he is ready to deal with the ruffians, the pagans head on. He assigns his son to rally the nobles, and others as spies. He believes that the Vikings will stay close to their ships, that they will avoid a large confrontation.

Lagertha watches a hawk. She looks well, and has a new husband. She refuses to allow her new husband to insult her son. He claims to love her son, but Lagertha believes otherwise, and tells him. He back hands her and then asks for forgiveness. With that sort of attitude, he’s likely to wind up with a knife in his belly. He tells her that he’s loved her and that he does love her son, and if he’d be willing to meet him half way, he’d ensure the boy had a good future.

Ragnar’s men draw close to the church, ever vigilant, as they creep through the field, a friar spots them and sounds the alarm bells. The people try to get to safety, as the soldiers move to defend the church, but they are greatly outnumbered. The Friars take everything of worth and move to hide it. The men approach what looks to be a deserted keep, before the soldiers charge. It’s hardly fight, and the Vikings make it through the gates. As they approach the gates, Athelstan warns that it could be a trap. Shields up they proceed with caution, but find no trap. The place is empty of everything, including treasure. Flocki asks where the treasure is, and Athelstan tells them that it is at the altar. King Horik sees nothing more than an empty table, but below, there is much underneath. They break open the floor and find treasure and tombs. Athelstan tells Ragnar of his saints, and the beliefs surrounding htem.

King Horik goes through the church, and discovers a hidey hole, and slaughters the helpless people inside. Athelstan finds a great treasure of his own, some scrolls. A friar tries to stop him from adding to the scroll, and Athelstan kills him. A bishop sees what he’s done, and Athelstan tells him to hide, but he sees that he use to be one of them. He tells him that one day he will be caught and burned for his actions. Floki overhears the bishop and chooses to take him as a prisoner. Floki takes him to King Horik who chooses to punish him for preaching against their gods, he orders the man tied up for a bit of fun. Athelstan asks after the bishop. Horik shoots an arrow at the bishop.

Ragnar searches the kitchen and finds more treasure. He spies a child, and rather than exposing the child, covers him safely.

Floki takes aim at the Bishop and fires. Ragnar watches. Four arrows protrude from his body. Before another can be fired, Athelstan puts an end to the games, and gives the bishop his last rites. He slits his throat and sends the man off to death.

Bjorn is all grown up, and he’s grown to be very handsome. Bjorn asks why Lagertha would let Earl Sigvard, her husband treat her so. He asks if he’s hit her before, if she’ll let him do it again. Lagertha tells him that it will never happen again, and Bjorn vows to kill him if it does. He asks what Ragnar would say, and she tells him he would say nothing. He reminds her that she was Ragnar’s wife and she should always be proud.

Siggy goes to see Princess Aslaug’s newest child, another boy, just as she prophesized. His name is Sigart, and also as she prophesized he has been born with a snake in his eye. This worries Siggy.

King Ecbert has heard of the attack already, as well as the bishop’s death. The lack of protection has been brought up, but King Ecbert has a very large kingdom. Now he knows where the pagans are so the sacrifice was worth the price. More sacrifices will likely be made.

Floki comes to taunt Athelstan more, he gives Floki a book. He doesn’t believe that Athelstan has converted to their fate. He gives him a holy hand as well.

Ragnar asks King Horik how he is enjoying himself. King Horik finds this a very rich land, but Ragnar is looking at more than just the gold. He tells him that the land is rich as well, there are plenty of opportunities for farming on good land that could feed all their people. King Horik doesn’t think the Saxons would relinquish their land as easy as their gold.

Götland, Scandinavia. Jarl Borg takes a new bride. His first bride died shortly after the wedding due to poisoning of the wine. Borg orders the wine to be poured, and asks who will test it. His new bride offers to be the sacrificial lamb, but Borg could not bear her loss, and he tests the wine himself. He announces to his guests that they’ve all been insulted by being forced to sit out of the raids. Although he blames King Horik for the insult more, Ragnar will pay the price. With Ragnar gone, they will raid and take his lands, and repay Rollo’s treachery with the axe.

A group of horsed soldiers and priests come to meet with Ragnar and his men. He’s been sent by King Ecbert, and asks how long Ragnar has decided to remain in the kingdom. Ragnar tells him it depends on his offer to leave vs. his offer to stay. Ragnar wishes to stay and to make peace. King Horik cannot let the messengers go peacefully, and kills the Bishop’s escort.

Bjorn boycotts dinner, he doesn’t feel like eating. Earl Sigart asks what he can do to make the boy happy, if he should raid a neighbor so that Bjorn can show off. The others laugh at the prospect, but he truly does not want the boy unhappy. He asks that the Earl let him go off and live alone in the woods without someone doing everything for him. He wants to know what is essential to life, what is important, the prospect makes Lagertha happy, but the Earl turns him down flat. He tells him that it will make him look bad. He uses his pledge to Lagertha as further reason to refuse.

Kattegat. Viking ships draw close. Siggy runs to warn Rollo of the ships coming. Rollo tells them to rally the troops, they’ll soon be under attack. Rollo tells Princess Aslaug that Jarl Borg is coming back to attack them since Ragnar broke his agreement. She asks his plan, and he plans to fight. All of the best fighters are gone, Siggy grabs her shield. She’s no Lagertha, but she wants to fight. Rollo begs her to take Princess Aslaug and her children and hide them in the mountains, and await on the Gods’ decision. The Princess and her children follow Siggy off, headed to the mountains. Rollo and the fighters prepare for war. Rollo stalks the beach keeping Borg in his sight. The men disembark from the ship, and Rollo gets to work slaughtering as many as he can. The warriors of Kattegat put up a fight, but many fall in the struggle. Borg sets his sights on Rollo, as he calls for the men to fall back. Borg and Rollo go head to head, before they’re pulled a part. Rollo pulls all he can back towards the mountains, but as Borg’s men draw closer, they see it’s a trap. The fighting is halted. Borg calls out Rollo telling him that he cannot win, asking for his surrender. Rollo with little prompting goes, his first duty is to protect Ragnar’s sons. The last stand is made, and the rest fall, but Rollo and Ragnar’s family is safe out of Borg’s hands. Borg may have Ragnar’s keep but it’s a shallow victory, one that he should enjoy while he can.  


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