Walking Dead Recap S4E13: Alone

Bob looks a little rough, out in the woods. He's not completely alone as a herd of walkers pass on behind him. He shuffles his feet in a gait that mirrors theirs. He finds a sewer drain and drinks his nightquil, before heading out and climbing atop the a semi trailer. Time passes, walkers walk, and still Bob is there, alone. He climbs down, and Daryl rolls up with Glenn. Bob tells them that he was with two groups, but neither survived. This must have been pre-prison. The ask him some questions, and eventually invite him to join them. He tells them that it doesn't matter who they are, he'll go with them.

Maggie, Sasha and Bob sit in a fog bank with Walkers all around them. As the walkers draw close, they fight them off, working in a formation to fight them off. A zombie grabs Bob but Sasha shots it. Maggie goes down, and Sasha shoots him off as well. Sasha checks over Bob worried that he was bitten, but he was not.

Daryl tries to teach Beth to track. She can identify a walkers tracks, and the pair follow them to a walker feeding. Beth gets caught up in a trap, and botches her kill. Daryl handles the walker, and releases Beth.
They’re compass is broken, but Bob tells them that once the sun comes up they’ll be fine.

Daryl carries Beth across the graveyard, and they lay flowers on a father’s grave. Not her father, but it’ll do. Beth grabs

Maggie, Bob and Sasha come to the community sign. Bob has heard of Terminus. “Those Who Arrive, Survive.” Maggie thinks that they should go, that if Glenn saw one of the signs he would go to it, knowing that Maggie would go there. Sasha isn’t so sure it’s a good idea, but Bob refuses to split up. They chose to go to Terminus.

Daryl and Beth find some pretty nice digs, it’s a mortuary, there is a body on the table. It was a walker at one point, but it was still taken care of still taken care of as if they were a person, and Beth finds it beautiful.

Sasha and Bob hash out the situation. Sasha sees the situation as hopeless. She thinks that Glenn is dead, that they’ll all be dead soon. When they find a town, Sasha wants to set up shop, get to higher ground and just survive.

Daryl and Beth hit the jack pot. In the kitchen they’re peanut butter and jelly, pigs feet, clean water. Daryl tells her they should take half the food and leave the other half for someone else. Daryl sets the traps, and Beth plays the piano. He climbs into a casket and finds the most comfortable bed he’s had in years, as Beth sings Daryl gets some rest.

Sasha wakes up, and finds that Maggie is gone. She’s left without Bob and Sasha. He wants to chase after Maggie, but Sasha hesitates, but only for a moment.

Maggie is following the tracks racing towards Terminus. As she’s about to carve a message a walker comes up behind her. Maggie’s got some ink to work with.

Sasha and Bob follow the train tracks. They find Maggie’s note to Glenn, telling him to go to Termiunus.

Something triggers Daryl and Beth’s alarms. It’s doggy, but he refuses to come inside.
Sasha and Bob watch over the quiet night. Bob finally asks her why she thinks Tyrese is dead, why she’s so afraid to find out. He thinks that Tyrese would go to Terminus if he were alive.

Beth writes the people of the mortuary a thank you note. They may come back, they may not, but she wants to tells them thank you anyways. Daryl suggests that they could think about staying there, and that they could make it work if the people do return. The dog comes back around making noise, and Daryl goes to let it in. Unfortunately there are a bunch of walkers too, overwhelming him. He tries to get her away, as he leads the zombies down to the basement. Daryl uses a single arrow and kills the group. Beth is no where in the house, Daryl searches the woods and finds her stuff as a car pulls away.

Bob and Sasha continue to find Maggie’s notes to Glenn.

Daryl runs through the night, following the road. He finds himself on the tracks, at a crossroads.

Sasha spots a good spot, and ever after spot, but Bob isn’t stopping. She insists that they are, but he refuses to stop. He plans to find Maggie, to help her. Sasha tells him that she made her own choice and she left them. Bob will find her, he will go to Terminus, and not be afraid. Bob kisses her goodbye. She tells him that he doesn’t have to be alone, he won’t be. He leaves Sasha behind. Sasha goes to search her perfect spot. Inside the building, its large and empty and could be perfect. She spots Maggie sleeping in a pile of dead bodies. Sasha breaks out a window, but can’t warn her in time. There are a lot of walkers coming. Sasha races towards her. Sasha uses her big stick, and Maggie uses a street sign. The girls sit back to back and kill all the close by walkers. Maggie asks where Bob is at, but Sasha tells her that Bob is out looking for her. Maggie was out looking for a walker, but got more than her share. She heard what Sasha has said about finding a town, about Glenn being dead. She was waiting for Sasha and Bob, because she can’t do it alone, because she needs them both. She realized that she isn’t asking Sasha to just risk her life for Glenn, and together they could get there. The girls plan to find Bob and head to Terminus.

A group od men find Daryl sitting on the ground. They approach him with guns raised. He overpowers the leader, and the leader is interested in having a man like Daryl on his side. He introduces himself as Joe, and a new partnership is forged.

Bob continues down the tracks. Sasha calls to him, and he’s happy, and pleasantly surprised to see Maggie is with her too. It’s a happy reunion and the trio continue down the tracks.

Glenn sees the sign for Terminus.

Everyone is converging on Terminus, just what will they find when they get there?


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