Walking Dead Recap S4E15 : Us

Eugene ponders that this current infection killed off the dinosaurs, not that he believed it, but thinks it would be an interesting idea. He’s chatting up Tara, who found a penny, and she gives it to him. He chatters almost nonstop, and when they make camp that night she takes the watch, but Abraham doesn’t trust her with Eugene’s life. He tells her to get some sleep, she hasn’t slept since they’ve all been together.  He thought Tara was in love with Glenn, but he knows that her interest lies elsewhere with the way she’s been checking out Rosita. He asks her if her guilt is about something that she did or didn’t do. It was something she did she confesses, but she doesn’t explain. She asks instead what to do when the mission is over. The next morning, Eugene continues to yak about batteries, when they spot one of Maggie’s signs. It’s signed Maggie, Sasha and Bob. Glenn takes off running down the tracks. With Maggie so close, he can’t stop.

Daryl’s little group gets a visit by a walker who walks straight into their trap. They take care of him quickly, but it was enough to wake them all. They see that Daryl is gone, but not for long, he left his stuff.

Rick notices that their supplies are running low, as Carl and Michonne play games on the railroad tracks. Carl wins the game, and Michonne’s candy bar, but he shares with her, which puts a smile on Rick’s face.

Daryl is out hunting rabbits, when Len takes a shot at Daryl’s hare. He lies claim on Daryl’s rabbit, and threatens him. Daryl maintains that it isn’t his, and Len thinks that it’s a girl that has him messed up in the head. He’s partially right, but he says that the little ones don’t last long out here. Daryl pulls his knife, and Joe breaks them up before it turns ugly. He explains that they group uses the word “claimed” to claim their stuff to prevent a fight. Len wants Joe to punish Daryl for not following the rules, but Joe points out that it isn’t fair to punish Daryl for a rule he didn’t know about. Joe halves the rabbit this time.

Abraham sees a tower, and wants to stop for the night. Glenn doesn’t want to stop now that he knows Maggie is close, but Abraham insists. A trust fall walker makes a leap for the party, and Abraham knocks down Tara in his effort to save Eugene, injuring Tara’s knee. They kill the walker, and Tara is fine, but limping. Glenn is ready to press on, and Tara says she can still walk. Rosita points out that Tara will do whatever he tells her because she thinks she owes him, but he can wait a few hours so she can rest. Glenn wants to go to sundown, and he’s willing to give Eugene his riot gear to keep him safe which is Rosita’s and Abraham’s main objective. Rosita wants to argue further, but Abraham intervenes, if Tara says she can walk, they keep on.

Daryl makes it clear that he doesn’t plan to stay with the group. Joe wants Daryl to stay with them. Says that they don’t have to be friendly, or brothers in arms, but they have some simple rules to live by. The hardened men can stick together and survive. Daryl tells him that there is no us, but he isn’t leaving yet. The group finds a building to stay in for the night. Joe tells him that there isn’t anything sadder than an outdoor cat who thinks he’s an indoor cat.

Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene continue their trek. They’re catching up Glenn says. Maggie’s latest message is still wet. Abraham wants to take the day and make a detour around the death tunnel, but since Maggie went in, Glenn plans to as well. This is where they part Abraham tells them, too worried about Eugene’s safety. Abraham gives Glenn some rations, and Rosita says her goodbyes. Eugene has a little crush on Tara, but she tells him that she likes girls, which he knew. Abraham advises that if they get in trouble to turn back, that they’re going back to the road to look for a ride. Tara and Glenn head into the tunnel. Glenn tells her about when it all started when he first lost his family he was numb. Tara opens up about Brian. Telling him that finding her girlfriend, her family dead it all wasn’t as bad as what he did to Maggie’s father. Brian had warned that they may have to kill people, and Tara was on board, but she wasn’t prepared for that.

The group open up the garage, it looks all clear. The place has been empty for a long time, all the gas is long gone. The guys go around and claim all the vehicles to sleep in. Daryl makes himself comfortable on the ground.

Glenn and Tara come across some walkers trapped by a recent cave in. Glenn inspects the faces, none of them are Maggie. They kill the walkers on their climb to the top. The tunnel is full of walkers on the other side of the cave in. The walkers begin to climb the rubble, and Tara panics, but Glenn is relieved. Since Maggie isn’t among the walkers it means that she made it through.

Abraham, Rosita and Eugene find a few cars on the road. Abraham kills a walker, and finds a working car. It needs to be aired out, but it runs. Rosita takes the time to figure out a new route. Eugene insists on being the navigator, cajoling her until she finally gives in. She hands over the map, and makes it clear they’re headed North.

Glenn sets his light to shine on the walkers distracting them so that he and Tara can sneak by, but she slips on some rubble which traps one of her feet.

Abraham sleeps while Rosita climbs. Eugene gives her bad directions she thinks. At the tracks he yells at her to stop the van and realizes that he lied to them. This was his plan all along. She asks what the hell is wrong with him. He figures that if Tara and Glenn survived, then they should be around there. Rosita tells him that they are not the priority, but he doesn’t want to leave Tara and Glenn behind. Abraham awakens and bickers with Rosita, until Eugene interrupts them with something he sees.

Len accuses Daryl of stealing his half of the rabbit. He wants Daryl to empty his bag, and Joe intervenes again. Daryl says that he didn’t take the rabbit, but Len insists that he did. Joe empties the bag, and the rabbit is inside. Len wants Darryl punished. Joe points out that either Daryl is lying or Len is, Joe orders Len to be punished for lying. He saw him put the rabbit into Daryl’s bag, and he let Len play out his plan. The group kicks the crap out of Len, and Daryl gets both halves of the Rabbit, karma at its finest. Maybe that’ll teach everyone not to mess with Daryl.

Tara’s foot is good and trapped, and she tells Glenn to leave her behind, yells at him to do so, but he refuses. He uses what bullets he has left against the incoming zombie horde, but its not enough. Just as they close in head lights appear, and a group opens fire on the zombies. With all of the zombies dead Maggie goes running into Glenn’s arms. Awww. Reunited with Maggie, Glenn cannot be happier. Rosita tells them that the tunnel is secure. Glenn introduces Maggie to Tara, but doesn’t tell her of her prison involvement. He tells Maggie that he met Tara on the road, and she did everything she could to help him, because she’s that kind of person. Maggie warmly embraces her. Sasha freaks out a little after Abraham tells her that Eugene knows what caused the outbreak. Abraham thinks they should head to Washington together, and Tara wants to go to. Eugene thinks it’s a bad idea, they had an armored vehicle before, and now he thinks that they should go to Terminus, and regroup. Sasha and Bob agree, and plan to join him after they see if Tyreese is in Terminus. Even Abraham finds logic in his thinking. Maggie and Glenn came back together against all odds, and Maggie finds the picture Glenn has carried of her sleeping this whole time. She goes to burn it, but Glenn stops her. But she tells him that he won’t need a picture of her, because he’ll never lose it again, and he helps her burn it.

Daryl awakens the next morning, and the group heads out, one less than the day before. Len’s body was dumped out back like the trash he was, and Daryl considers stopping to cover it for a second. Joe shares a drink with Daryl. He hasn’t been up this early since everything fell apart, but Joe thinks things are falling together. Daryl sees the sign for Terminus and they’re getting closer to it. Daryl asks if he’s seen it, and Joe says that its not the sanctuary he thinks it is. Daryl asks if they’re headed to Terminus, taking an interest in the group’s direction Joe thinks. But Joe tell him that they aren’t there, they’re headed after Rick for killing one of their own in a house, and leaving him to turn on them, which he did. Joe didn’t get a good look at Rick, but they found his trail leading to the tracks easy enough.

Glenn, Maggie and the rest finally make it to the gates of Terminus. They pass through the gates and there’s a garden. They better hope that Carol doesn’t make it there, there are far too many flowers in front. Don’t look at the flowers! They pass through another gate, and all seems quiet and peaceful .This place is too good to be true. A single woman is outside cooking, Mary welcomes them with a friendly smile. Don’t trust the smile, the Governor had a nice inviting smile too, and we all know how that turned out.


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