Walking Dead Recap S4E16: A

At the prison Carl and another open the gate, while Maggie, Glen and Rick return. Maggie kisses Hershel, and Rick checks in with Carl. Rick goes to help clear off the fences.

Now, Rick sits shaking and bloody watching.

Michonne sits in from of a fire, before they set off to check the snares. The plan is to rest for a few more days to heal up. They’re close to Terminus. Carl asks if when they get there if they will tell the people of Terminus the truth, but Carl isn’t so sure it’s a good idea. Rick plans to tell them who they are. Michonne kills a walker, and Rick collects a rabbit from his snare. He shows Carl how it works for the future. They hear some cries for help, and Rick takes off after them. Rick grabs Carl as the man screaming for help is over taken. There are too many walkers to take on, and the trio make a run for it. They find themselves between two groups of walkers, and they take on the smaller group.

Past. Hershel wakes Rick too early. Since he gave Glenn his watch he doesn’t know the time anymore. Beth takes Judith, and Hershel takes an unarmed Rick.

Now the trio kill the track walkers, and keep on trucking hoping to find some houses or somewhere with food. They find a SUV, with a single goblin of a walker nearby. Michonne takes care of the zombie, and Carl takes shelter into the SUV to rest in. Rick and Michonne camp out outside, and wonder the legitimacy of Terminus. It sounds too good to be true. Rick asks if she would let people in, and Michonne points out that they did. 

Joe surprises Rick and holds him at gunpoint, telling him that he screwed up as Joe's men surround him. Um, no, Joe you just screwed up. Joe tells him it’s the day of reckoning. They were thinking of turning in for the night on New Years Eve when they spotted Rick and Michonne. Daryl arrives, and sees that they have Rick and Michonne held at gunpoint. He tells them to hold up. The group doesn’t want to talk, but Joe lets Daryl say his piece, how very diplomatic of him. Daryl tells him that the people are good people, and they should let them go. Daryl tells him if they want blood to take it from him. Joe looks perplexed, he tells him that Rick killed their friend, and Daryl’s claim that they are good people is a lie. The pack turns on Daryl for his "lie," and one of Joe’s thug’s pulls Carl from the car. Rick tells Joe that it was just him so take him and leave the rest. Joe tells him that first they will beat Daryl, kill him for his lie, then they will have the girl, then the kid, and then kill him. Rick goes into Rick mode, and beats at his captor. Michonne breaks away, and Carl fights back. Joe grabs Rick thinking he has the upper hand, until Rick tears out his neck with his teeth walker style. Michonne gets a gun and starts shooting men, and Daryl manages to kill a few scumbags too. Rick takes his time stabbing the one that held Carl as Michonne holds Carl.

Past.  Hershel proposed planting and domesticating horses and pigs. Rick agrees that it’s a good idea, but Hershel cannot do it alone. Rick tells him that they need him. Hershel tells him that Carl needs Rick to show him the way, that they need to decided what their life will be. Hershel owes Rick a great deal, and they have an opportunity to make things better. Rick thinks that changing things inside, doesn’t change the outside, it doesn’t but they can have a life.

Back to rick sitting outside the SUV bloody, and shaky. Inside, Michonne sits with Carl, watching him sleep. Daryl returns with a bottle of water, tells Rick to clean up. He admits that he didn’t know what the group was, that he was with Beth for awhile after the prison, until she was gone. After that the group found him, he knew they were bad, but they had a simple code, and he thought it was something, enough. He knew they were looking for a guy, he was planning on ditching them, when he saw that it was Rick, Michonne and Carl. Rick tells him that it isn’t on him, and that being back with them now is everything. Rick tells him he’s his brother. Daryl tells him that what he did last night, anyone would have done. Rick knows that not everyone would have. He will do anything to keep them safe, and that’s all that matters. Rick and Michonne walk together, Carl and Daryl take up the rear. She looks at him, and he tells her that he’s okay, and she knows, because she’s okay too. They find another sign, they’ll be there before sundown. Rick sends them into the woods to scout the group, since they know nothing about them.  They sneak around back, spread out to see what each see before heading back. Carl chooses to go with Michonne rather than stay with Rick. She tells carl that he never asksed how Andre died. They went to a refugee camp, and it got worse and woese, people were giving up all around. When she returned from a run she saw that the fences were down, the moaning all around. Mike and Terry were hiding when it all happened, she could have stopped it, but instead she turned them into her pets. They kept her safe, hid her as a monster umong them, She was gone for a long time, but Andrea brought her back, Rick brought her back, even Carl did. She tells him that she sees how he looks at his dad, ,and assures him that he doesn’t have to be afreaid of her or her dad. Carl tells her that his dad told him the other day that he was a good man, and he tries, but he still has bad thoughts. He doesn’t think that he is what his dad thinks he is, he;s a monster too.

Rick difs a hole and gides a cache of guns. Daryl watches in silence, and Rick tells him its just in case. The group climbs the fence and sneaks in. Daryl sees a woman doing the terminus broadcasting, and the group inside isn’t exactly surprised to see them inside, Albert is on perimeter watch they lament. Gary asks if they’re there to rob them, Rick says no they just wanted to check them out. Gary understands that they’re nervous, tells them that they came for sanctuary. They ask to see all the weapons before they take them for interviewing. They lay down their weapons and allow them to be searched. ____ tells Daryl that he’d hate to see the other guy, and Rick says that he would. Adam asks Carl if they deserved it, and he says they did. After the little pat down, they get their weapons back. Adam tells them a little about Terminus. It’s been there since almost the beginning. Adam brings them to Mary, who’s grilling up some food. Rick notices some familiar things: Glenn’s backpack, his riot gear, Daryl’s poncho that Maggie was wearing, and Hershel’s watch. He grabs Adam at gunpoint, no one takes Hershel’s watch, or messes with his friends

Past. Good old Patrick builds with some legos. Although they were grabbed for Carl, he’s more than happy to build with the child’s toy to get his mind off things. Carl cleans his gun. Rick tries to get his attention, he needs his help h tells him, and asks him to leave the gun behind.

Rick wants to know where he got the watch and the other items. Adam tells them that they got the watch from a dead guy, and had stories about where everything came from. Rick isn’t buying it, because it doesn’t match up with what he knows to be true. Someone gets twitchy takes a potshot, and Rick shoots Adam as all hell breaks loose. The foursome hold their own as they move to get away, but they find themselves trapped. Making it through the building they get outside, but the sniper isn’t all that good, or rather they’re leading them somewhere. They pass a pile of bones that are laid out in the sun to dry. Oh, they’re so leading them through their little mouse trap. They come to a room full of candles with names on the floor, the victims perhaps. Michonne doesn’t think that the Terminus people are trying to kill them. The foursome come to a fence full of people with guns, the chase is up.

The rooftop sniper orders them to drop their weapons, and have them surrounded, they really have no choice. Rick drops his and the others follow suit. He tells Rick to go to the train car, and that if he cooperates, the boy can go too, otherwise he dies, and Rick goes anyways. Rick heads towards the train car, they tell Daryl to go next, followed by Michonne. They stand before the door, but they don’t go in. Rick wants his son, and finally they tell Carl to go. Rick wants to wait for Carl, but the sniper wants Rick to lead the group in. Rick opens the door, and they file in, with Carl bringing up the rear. The train door is closed, and its happy reunion time. It’s Glenn, and they see it’s also Maggie, Bob, Tara, Sasha and three they don’t know: Abraham, Earl and Rosita. Maggie tells them that they’re friends, they helped save them. Daryl tells them then they’re friends of theirs too, Abraham agrees for however that will be.

Rick shows Carl how to farm, but gives his hat to Beth when it gets in Carl's way. Hershel tells him that it can be like that all the time, it’s a happy time.

Rick tells the group they’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out. Find out what Abraham asks. They’re screwing with the wrong people Rick answers. Looks like rick is ready to unleash a monster, but we’ll have to wait until October to find out. Did you all enjoy the season finale as much as I did?


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