Wizard World Sacramento 2014

Wizard World Comic Cons have been sweeping the nation for the last couple of years, and they finally landed in Sacramento this year. While not crazy mad house of San Diego comic con, it does boast a smaller, but still impressive roster and lots of cosplayers.

This year brought con staples and legends, Stan Lee and my personal favorite Bruce Campbell. Some of the other highlights included: Chris Hemsworth, Norman Reedus, WWE® Superstar Sheamus®, Julie Benz, William Shatner, Michael Rooker, Billy Dee Williams, Chris Claremont, Michael Golden, Josef Rubinstein, Joe Weems, Danny Fingeroth, James Marsters, Michael Rosenbaum and so many more.

One thing is nice about the Wizard World conventions is the option to do a VIP experience. They're pricey but they're pretty all inclusive. While there is still a long line for pictures and signings, there is no crazy camp out to get into the panel room with the experiences.

We opted for the Norman Reedus experience for the little one, and she could not have had more fun. The autograph line was insanely long, the longest I've ever seen at any convention, but Norman Reedus took a lot of time with every person who came by to see him. He even stopped to take pictures of a few of the little one, and he came around the table to bestow hugs, handshakes and sign her shirt.
Another neat thing about Wizard World is that while the guests will take selfies with those who want them, they also have professional photo ops available. The photo ops are very quick, so don't count on having long conversations when purchasing one, or even more than a hello. But if awkward prom pictures are your thing, the photo ops definitely deliver.

With Wizard World Conventions visiting more and more cities, if there isn't one nearby now, there may be one soon, and its certainly a show to visit. The guest lists may be ever changing, but the fun is always present. With the success of Sacramento's first show, they've already announced that they will be back in July 2015.

Wanna see more pictures from the convention? Check out our Flickr account!


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