The Devil’s Due DVD Review

Not into pregnant women displaying he-man strength, priests bleeding from their orifices, ravenous appetites for raw meat? The Devil’s Due may not be the movie for you. It doesn’t have a new premise, with so many of us are familiar with the 1968’s “Rosemary’s Baby,” the grandaddy of all flicks about hell spawn, but to give credit where credit is due, The Devil’s Due does deliver on it’s promise of creepy situations and some very convincing performances. The one real drawback is some unstable camera work.

After a story book wedding, newlyweds Zach (Zach Gilford) and Samantha (Allison Miller) head to their honeymoon in Santo Domingo. An overly friendly cab driver takes them to an underground party in a seedy part of town, and before you can scream don’t get into that cab, things start to quickly go down hill from there. They drink too much, party and pass out. When they awake in their hotel room, they have no memories of how they got there.

The horror demon spawn movie checklist continues from there. Mysterious lost night of a honeymoon, check. Earlier-than-planned pregnancy, check. Dog suddenly freaking out, check. First communion ceremony going horribly wrong, double check. Hulk out mommy moment, oh yes.

The couple recording everything for posterity, the husband begins to notice odd behavior in his wife that they initially write off to nerves. As the months pass, and her behavior becomes more erratic and downright creepy, its clear that the changes to her body and mind are of a much more sinister origin.

On the DVD the extra’s are pretty standard fare. There’s deleted scenes, audio commentary, and a few featurettes: “Director’s Photo Album”, “Music Index”, “Ashes to Ashes” and “The Lost Time”. There are also two prank clips for “Roommate Alien Prank Goes Bad” and “Mountain Devil Prank Fails Horribly”. Lastly there are some deleted scenes and theatrical trailer included. The best extra is easily the featurette “Radio Silence: A Hell of a Team” which goes behind-the-scenes.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of the found-footage phenomenon. It makes me nauseous, and gives me a headache, and this film is all home movie style, which is a shame, because the acting isn’t half bad. The plot device that causes the unsuspecting husband to remain clueless through all the weird happenings, and doesn’t notice the oddities until the final arc when he reviews the shot footage is too obvious and really very silly, but it’s not a horrible offense. While there seems to be a genuine sense of dread enveloping the couple as the film progresses toward its inevitable climax, it doesn’t quite ever deliver a real scare, which is the most unfortunate thing of all.

The Devil’s Due is available on DVD now.


Legends WonderCon Press Room

During WonderCon MuseLed Blog attended the press room for the upcoming TNT TV show Legends. Creator David Wilcox gave some insights to just what a "legend" is, and the premise of the show. He was cast: Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings), Ali Larter (Heroes), Morris Chestnut (American Horror Story, Nurse Jackie), and Tina Majorino (Grey's Anatomy, True Blood).

Sean was asked about his character, and death toll on film, Ali about her badassery, Morris really didn't know too much about his character and Tina about some differences between her character in Legends and another of her well known characters.

Legends – New Series Premiere: Wednesday, Aug. 13, at 9 p.m.(ET/PT)
Screen Actors Guild Award® winner Sean Bean (Game of ThronesThe Lord of the Rings) stars in LegendsTNT's new, suspense-filled drama based on the award-winning book by master spy novelist Robert Littell. Bean plays Martin Odum, an undercover agent working for the FBI's Deep Cover Operations (DCO) division. Martin has the uncanny ability to transform himself into a completely different person for each job. But he begins to question his own identity when a mysterious stranger suggests that Martin isn't the man he believes himself to be. Legends also stars Ali Larter (Heroes) as Crystal Quest, a fellow operative who has a history with Martin; Morris Chestnut(American Horror StoryNurse Jackie) as Tony Cimarro, a smart, quick-witted and charming DCO agent; Tina Majorino (Grey's AnatomyTrue Blood) as Maggie Harris, the newest member of the DCO team; Steve Harris (The PracticeAwake) as Nelson Gates, the director of the DCO Task Force; and Amber Valletta(Revenge) as Sonya Odum, Martin's ex-wife; and Mason Cook (The Lone Ranger) as Martin's pre-teen son, Aiden.Legends is being produced by Fox 21, with Howard Gordon (Homeland24), Alexander Cary (HomelandLie to Me) andJonathan Levin (Charmed) and Brad Turner (24) serving as executive producers, along with showrunner David Wilcox(Fringe). The Legends pilot was written by Jeffrey Nachmanoff (Traitor), who developed the story with Mark Gordon(Criminal Minds) and Mark Bomback (The Wolverine). The pilot was directed by David Semel (American Horror Story).


Supernatural Recap S9E20 Bloodlines

Chicago, Illinois. A couple has dinner. She wants to know why they’re there, when Mr. Ross gets up, asking the Maitre De to put a engagement ring into a glass for him. He’s interrupted by a pair of men, one being a Mr. Lassiter, who take away the Maitre de’s attention. Their reflections show them to be some kind of wraiths. The maitre de takes the pair to a secret door, a hidden club. They’re greeted by Mindy who remarks that she liked him better as a blonde. He runs his hands over his hair, changing into a blonde. The club is full of monsters, all mingling together. Sal follows Mindy to the bar, when Julian approaches him, a werewolf. Sal tells him that he just wants a drink, no trouble, but Julian doesn’t take his little son of bitches comment well, and the two fight. Sal gets the upperhand, as Julian growls before the two are pulled apart. Sal taunts asking him if that’s all he has, but he has more he says. The power is cut, Mindy’s lizard tongue flicks out tasting the air. A hooded man with metal claws walks in, and no it’s not Freddy Kruger. He begins slashing at supernaturals everywhere.

Ross drags his girlfriend out of the restaurant, saying that place isn’t for them. He drags her to a ferry stop, it’s the first place he saw her. He’s getting ready to propose to Tamara when Sal stumbles downstairs stabbed through the stomach. Sal crumbles at their feet mumbling something to David, apologizing, as Kruger comes running out. He throws Tamara against a wall, killing her, and finishes off Sal.

North Chicago University. A professor comes back by his office, his assistant thought he was done for the weekend. When he gets to his office he turns into David Lassiter, the dead guys little brother. He’s there to steal the answers for a test. His sister, Margo calls him, ordering him home. She tells him that their brother is dead.

Ross talks with a detective, who doesn’t believe what he saw to be true. He’s sure that the thing he saw had claws, big silver ones. He tries to reason with him, that maybe it was a banger with a knife. The Detective worked with Ross’s father, but Ennis is sure he knows what he saw. Sam and Dean come in flashing badges. The boys get the detective out of the room in a hurry, and get Ennis to recap the story again. Sam is sure that there is nothing that he could have done, but it doesn’t make Ennis feel any better. Dean and Sam set out to find their monster.

Margo meets with the detective, she’s not calling down, she wants to know if the ghouls are with them, you know for when the Jets take on the Sharks. He isn’t sure, and maybe isn’t good enough. She doesn’t pay Freddy for a maybe. But with Sal gone, the ghouls are concerned. Margo plans to play hard ball, and bend them over backwards if she needs to. David arrives, and Margo is surprised to see that he came. Margo fills him in on Sal’s death. Julian and Sal had words. The Ghouls circled around, and then Julian clawed out Sal’s heart. She plans to make him pay for it. Margo is armed to the teeth, they’re going to war, and if he doesn’t like it the mob princess says to talk to Dad. Their dad is hooked up to machines. David had no idea it was so bad. Still, David wants proof before this drastic measure. Margo says that there is an eye witness, but David still isn’t so sure that the werewolves did this. Margo cannot believe that he’s still jumping to the werewolves defenses, just like old times. She throws it in his face that Violet is getting married, part of some negotiation. David isn’t unwilling to fight, he just wants to make sure it’s the smart move, but Margo points out that he left to be a human, and he should go back to it, and walk away from all this.

Julian has a drink. His tattooed friend wonders if the shifters will really make a move against them, Julian thinks so. Violet asks for a word with Julian. She just heard that Sal Lassiter died, but Julian is showing no signs of remorse. She asks if he killed him, but he did not, nor does he care. She asks about the Jinn, the tattooed guy, and he’s there because Margo wants him dead, she thinks he sliced up her brother, and he’s not telling her any difference. There is a war coming, and they need the Jinns on their side. Violet tries to stop him, and he puts her in the place. She’s the bitch in the pack, and her only job is to look pretty.

Ennis walks the streets, headed home, but he looks lost. He goes into his closet, into his father’s things, and takes out his gun, beneath it he finds silver bullets with symbols carved into them. Ennis watches over the crimescene as the police collect evidence, the scene replays in his head. He breaks into the back door, where Sal came out of. He takes his flashlight into the empty room, looking for clues and finds claw marks and broken glass, before he can investigate further someone comes in to clean up the room. He hides, but Maitre de smells him out. He draws his gun, and the maitre de drops fangs. Ennis shoots off multiple rounds, but the bullets have no effect, luckily Dean’s big bowie knife does the trick as he chops off the monster’s head with Sam by his side for support. Dean suggests that he leaves, but he’s not going anywhere without some answers. It’s up to Sam to give him the lowdown. They’re hunters, and they kill stuff. Dean finds some souvingieres, some sort of monster trophy room. Ennis wants to join the hunt, but Sam tries to talk him out of, wanting to give him a way out before its too late.

Ennis looks at pictures of his girlfriend, silver bullet in hand. Freddy comes in to talk to him about what he thinks killed Tamara. His story sounds crazy to someone who doesn’t believe. Ennis checks his phone, and his partner is showing signs of being a wraith or something, his eyes are all glowy.  He corners him, and he shifts. His name is David Lassiter, and he’s a shapeshifter. David is there because he read the police report, but Ennis doesn’t want to talk about it. David tells him that basically his city is divided by five monster families. They police themselves, keep the peace, and human casualties to a minimum. There is one guy trying to stop it, and he urges him to stay out of it. He tells him that the guy who he thinks is guilty can’t be, a werewolf wouldn’t have claw. David distracts him and makes a run for it.

Ennis fires up the internet to start. Sam and Dean are busy on a stakeout, and Ennis scopes out the same place. Violet walks past David, but his disguise doesn’t fool her. She thinks he should be there, but he’s come about Sal. She gives her condolences. David knows that, and he knows Julian didn’t do it, but Lily knows he won’t do anything to stop the war. The past between the two is rocky at best, she could have run away with him, but instead she caved to pack pressure, and stayed. Someone attacks the pair from above. It slashes David, but takes Violet before David shoots it. Sam and Dean arrive too late, the girl is gone. Ennis knows how to track her, but David refuses to help unless he gets to come along. For now they’re all partners.

Violet awakens chained up. There’s a serial killer’s board full of baby pictures. He tells her that he’s not a freak  like her, just a man with some toys. I don’t think that’s much comfort to her.

The four track Violet by her cell phone signal. Ennis and David are on shaky ground. Ennis tells him that his brother spoke to him at the end, saying “David I didn’t have a choice.”

The man tortures Violet because her brother and Sal tore his son apart. Violet tries to reason with him that it wouldn’t have happened, because Sal and Julian hate each other. She realizes that its all a lie, he’s trying to start a war, not thinking of the fall out. So many more children will die when the war starts.

The group splits up, Dean and David, Sam and Ennis. Dean continues forward, but David is distracted. He sees something, but never bothers to warn Dean. The human grabs him too, and strings him up next to Violet. He thinks its sweet, almost human how David sticks up for Violet. He slashes at David, and Violet lets her beast out. He tells them they can look human, and act human, but they’re still monsters. Violet springs on him, but David stops her from killing him. Dean, Sam and Ennis arrive, and the human admits that he killed Tamara. She was in the way, but reasons that the others are just monsters. Ennis shoots him, he’s the real monster in the room.

The next morning David walks Violet home. They’re both looking a little rough. David tells Violet Sal’s last words, but he doesn’t understand them. She knows. That night at the train station, Sal met Violet before she could meet up with David. He didn’t want to fallout of them running away together, knowing the shifters would be blamed. Sal gave her a choice. She could walk away, or he could kill her and dump her body. Either way the result would be the same. She told Sal that he she loved him, but it didn’t matter. Violet doesn’t reveal any of this to David, but instead of turning and walking away she passionately kisses him, and then turns tail and practically runs.

David goes to his father. His sick father tells him that his sister wants war, that she has to stop her. He brings the human’s claws to her, taking war off the table. She wants to know if they’re done, but they aren’t. He tells her that he wants back in, and she puts on a show of welcoming him back into the fold, but her face behind his back is clear he needs to sleep with one eye open.

Sam and Dean take Ennis back to his home. Dean gets a call that sounds important. Castiel called warning that lines have been drawn, the angels are going to war. Sam wants to call in other hunters, tell them what is happening, but Ennis thinks he can handle it. Sam tries to persuade him otherwise. He lest the boys drive off, but there is no way he’s going to just walk away. This is his city, and he’s in the middle now. He goes back to the serial killer board, looking it over. An anonymous caller, his father, asking him what he’s doing, warning that the monsters will kill him.

So that’s the preview of the new spin-off bloodlines. I’ll watch it, but I’m not sold on any of it, but at least the next episode looks phenomenal with the angels warring and the demons out playing.


Fargo S1E3 - "A Muddy Road" Recap

Deputy Molly Solverson is on the case of the frozen dead man and tracks him back to his office where she watches grainy surveillance footage of Malvo dragging him out of the building by his tie. The man's name is Phil McCormick and we see that he had plead to Malvo about paying some money back but ended up in the boot of Malvo's car. Meanwhile, Malvo is shown to be hijacking the blackmail scheme against Stavros, forcibly recruiting the trainer Don Chumph to work for him.

Gus Grimly runs the plates he had jotted down when pulling Malvo over and finds that the car belonged to Lester Nygaard, which proves suspicious given his recent wife's murder. Lester is show to still be struggling with the guilt of his actions and the fact that they resulted in the murder of the police chief. He later has to visit Hess' widow to deal with the life insurance claim and then she begins serving his whiskey and climbing on top of him. Her sons are shown to be rough housing outside and the men from Fargo are also spying on him, causing Lester to sink down and hide.

Malvo kills King, Stavros' dog and when Stavros finds his bloody body in the snow, there is a new blackmail note near it. Malvo had also snuck in to put some Adderall in his prescription.

Lester's hand wound isn't doing so well. He is visited at work by the Fargo men who enquire about his visit to Sam Hess' widow. They're quite certain that he's not as innocent as he claims to be but their questioning is interrupted by Molly who comes in claiming to want information about buying insurance. She clumsily drops some of her files and Lester spots a photograph of the footage showing Malvo's face.

Stavros tells Malvo about the new ransom demand and his dead dog, demanding that Malvo find the culprit. Malvo uses this opportunity to ask to move in until he can find them. Malvo also asks him if he is Greek orthodox because of some stain-glass windows in his office and Stavros is cryptic in answering the question.

Molly tries to show her new evidence to Chief Bill Oswalt but he still won't listen to her. She is visited by Gus Grimly who tells her about his letting a driver go in Lester's car and recognises Malvo's face from her surveillance photo. He tells her how Malvo had threatened him (somewhat). She is thrilled to learn that Lester's car is in the shop, thinking that it will help his investigation.

Lester asks his brother which of his guns makes the biggest hole, no doubt looking to defend himself against another visit from the Fargo men. He and Lester head outside with a large machine gun and have a bit of fun shooting it into the night. Malvo's voice is heard telling the story of Moses while Stavros steps into the shower and beings screaming when the water turns to blood.

Fargo airs on Tuesdays on FX at 10PM.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1E20 - "Nothing Personal" Recap

Maria Hill is on the phone talking about the woes of Congress regarding what happened at the Fridge. She knows she is being followed but all of a sudden, she sees they have all been knocked out. May shows up and wants to talk. Hill says they're privatising global security and May tells her Coulson needs help. She needs her to go tell him about Tahiti and Hill says that Fury took his orders from very high up and is now dead. May doesn't believe it and authorities show up to take Hill in.

Coulson and the team are reviewing footage of Ward and Skye leaving hand in hand. They're trying to make sense of why they left and where they're headed. FitzSimmons head off to make some food but then Simmons discovers Koening's body while Fitz finds a message left by Skye: "Ward is Hydra."

Skye is trying to find a way to contact Coulson but Ward is subtly keeping her from doing so. Skye tells Ward that the drive is geo-locked to a diner in Los Angeles and she says it was the place she first met Mike Petersen. Ward takes a gun off of Skye saying it's to avoid getting pinched on a concealed weapons charge.

Simmons determines that Ward killed Koening and Fitz throws a fit. Coulson gets everyone to focus and that Skye clearly has a play, which they need to figure out. He sends Fitz to fix the coms so they can track the Bus. Meanwhile Skye and Ward are headed to the diner and Skye tells Ward that it will take time to download the content of the drive.

Fitz and Trip realise that Garrett must still be alive while Agent Hand must be dead. They realise that Ward must have returned because he needed Skye to decrypt the drive. The coms are put back in and they are able to track the Bus to Los Angeles. An alarm sounds that lets them know that there troops headed for them outside Providence.

Ward is sitting with Skye who finds that the location for the geo-locking is incorrect. Ward asks her about her nerves and she plays it off by talking about what happened to Mike Petersen. Coulson and his team are preparing for an attack but they then find that it's special forces led by Col. Talbot. Coulson asks how he found Providence and then Maria Hill reveals herself, saying she told him.

May crawls out a grave in a cemetery with a tombstone that has Coulson's name on it. She has retrieved a drive with classified level 10 intel. Talbot interrogates Coulson's team but Simmons snaps at him that this is a waste of time when they should be going after Ward.

Hill tells Coulson that she made a deal to turn over Fury's base in return for leniency, leading Coulson to realise that Hill is still protecting S.H.I.E.L.D.'s secrets. He is offended by her making him feel like a liability because of T.A.H.I.T.I. He tells her that she was too worried about him instead of actual problems and now Garret and Ward, who are both Hydra, will have Skye and the drive. Talbot enters the room with soldiers planning to tear the room apart but Hill and Coulson take them down. Hill tells him to get his team and prepare to go.

Ward is getting shifty about the cops sitting in the diner. Skye asks him how long he's ever been deep cover and begins passive-aggressively taunting him about Garrett's betrayal. Ward wants to get Skye out because of the increasing number of officers but then she reveals that she tipped them off to Ward's being a fugitive. Officers attempt to arrest them but then Ward begins attacking them. Skye runs outside and tries to get officers to arrest her. Ward comes out and shoots them and she tries to get away in their car. Deathlok then shows up and jumps onto the hood of the car.

Back on the Bus, Deathlok scolds Ward and says he was ordered by Garrett to shadow Ward because he knew he had a soft spot for Skye. Deathlok steps out and Skye furiously attacks Ward, landing a few good punches and a head butt. Ward cuffs her and tells her it wasn't personal. She tells him he is a Nazi since Red Skull was a Nazi and founded Hydra. She asks how many people he has killed for Garrett and he tries to insist that his feelings for her are and always have been real. She replies that she is gonna throw up. Ward says none of this has been easy for him and he is a survivor. She tells him he is a serial killer and that he was right about her not liking the real him. He tells her someday she will understand but she tells him she will never give him what she wants.

Deathlok tries to decrypt the hard drive but fails. He is given orders to move on to plan B, after which he heads to the hangar with Ward to question Skye. She tries to talk him out of it, attempting to remind him of who he was. Deathlok replies that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been taken over, meaning that his son is now with Hydra. Skye doesn't believe Deathlok will hurt him and he agrees, but then fires a weapon at Ward. He says that it will stop Ward's heart and he will die unless she gives him the information. She then relents and says that the geo-locking is based on altitude and she has to perform the hack and have it unlock at 75,000 feet. Deathlok brings Ward back and uncuffs Skye, telling her to begin the hack.

Hill contacts the Bus and tells them to stand down. She threatens to shoot the Bus out of the sky but Ward says he knows Coulson won't do that. The Bus takes off and Hill doesn't fire on the plane. Coulson has snuck onto the Bus and Skye warns him that Deathlok is on board. Deathlok pursues them in the hanger and Coulson has Skye get into Lola. Coulson fires on Deathlok while Skye puts a parachute on. Lola's jets were hit so the flight is rough, as is the landing.

Ward tells Deathlok he wants to land and go after Coulson and Skye. Deathlok says those aren't their orders. Ward is also furious about Deathlok's attempt on his life but Deathlok says it wasn't personal and he was just following orders, echoing his earlier words to Skye.

Coulson and Hill speak in a motel room. She reminds him there is no backup, as S.H.I.E.L.D. is gone. She tells him that going after Garrett and Ward is a personal vendetta, which he's more than welcome to do but afterwards, he should disband his team. She tells him he could work for Stark but Coulson says that isn't his style.

FitzSimmons are at the pool talking about Ward. He asks her to say she's not Hydra, simply needing to hear it. She says he's not and he says the same. They share a nice moment together while Skye is nearby talking with Trip. Coulson comes out and tells them to live a little for tonight before they'll get back to work. He says they will get Ward and Garrett. Skye tells Coulson that she left a little present when she decrypted the drive that should help them.

Coulson returns to his motel room and finds May waiting for him. She shows him the information she found in his grave. Specifically, she plays a video of him resigning from T.A.H.I.T.I. He goes on to say that the project was designed to resurrect fallen Avengers but the side effects were too great. He tells them that the only way they were able to deal with the side effects was to use memory replacement and formally recommends that Project T.A.H.I.T.I. be shut down.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


STARZ’ “DA VINCI’S DEMONS” Season 2 – Seventh Episode Premieres on Saturday May 3 at 9PM ET/PT

STARZ will premiere the seventh episode from season two of its historical fantasy original series, “Da Vinci’s Demons,” this Saturday, May 3rd at 9pm ET/PT

Airdate: Saturday, May 3rd 
Leonardo and his allies are threatened by death at every turn in their quest for the Book of Leaves. Carlo aids Clarice. In the East, Lucrezia intrigues the son of the Sultan.

Airdate: Saturday, May 10th 
While Leonardo and Riario await death, Zoroaster and Nico plot their escape. Lorenzo continues to seek an audience with the King of Naples. Bayezid arrives in Rome seeking diplomacy.

 “Da Vinci’s Demons” Online
Twitter:@DaVincis_Starz; join the conversation at: #DaVincisDemons

Clip: “Entering the Vault” featuring Tom Riley (as Leonardo da Vinci), Blake Ritson (as Count Riario) and Carolina Guerra (as Ima)

Clip: “Mysteries” featuring James Faulkner (as Pope Sixtus IV)


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes WonderCon Press Room

Fox brought a block of movies to WonderCon that fairly wowed the crowd during the panels with some trailer footage. Before the panel Museled Blog sat in on the press conference for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Andy Serkis talks about what its like meeting a dub actor.

Director Matt Reeves talks about taking on the sequel, and how he humanizes the apes, and there are no villains in the story. While getting the story direction he wanted, the filming schedule was very short. He also touches on where the story will continue on in subsequent sequels.

Gary Oldman talks about character, his colony and the human state of mind going into the film. And all of the cast talk about the joys of filming in New Orleans.

Release: July 11, 2014, in 3D

A growing nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar is threatened by a band of human survivors of the devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier.  They reach a fragile peace, but it proves short-lived, as both sides are brought to the brink of a war that will determine who will emerge as Earth’s dominant species.

Check out photos from this press conference and more at WonderCon here.


The Following S2E15 (Season 2 Finale) - "Forgive" Recap

Joe is still threatening to kill Mike if Ryan doesn't come out but ends up shooting Preston dead instead, having grown tired of his crying. He goes on to say he knows about Claire being alive and suggest Ryan call her since she's probably at the inn. Ryan calls her but then Luke answers the phone. Claire is tied up. Luke tells Ryan to bring Joe to him to an address in New Jersey in exchange for Claire.

Ryan calls Max and has her help him formulate a plan that will allow him and Joe to get away from the FBI so he can save Claire. Ryan then reveals himself to Joe and knocks out the live feed allowing the world (and the FBI) to see inside the church. Ryan tells Joe about the twins having Claire and shows him the photo Luke texted him as proof. Joe is skeptical but finally agrees to cooperate with Ryan and follow his lead out.

The power is cut by the FBI and gunmen with night-vision goggles come in and start taking out the armed followers. On their way out, Joe spots one of his followers and gives him a signal to follow them. Ryan heads out in a squad car with Joe in the backseat and Mike and Ryan promise to follow as soon as they can get away without being noticed.

Luke and Mark make preparations for another family dinner, except for once the guests they are expecting will be alive. Meanwhile, the follower Joe had signalled causes Ryan to crash and the car to flip over. Joe crawls out and the follower cuts him free from his restraints. Joe scolds him for nearly killing him and asks for the man's gun. He shoots the man, Jim, dead and helps Ryan out, calling him "old friend."

Joe and Ryan arrive at the meet-up place and both enter the house armed. They follow a trail left by the twins that leads them to Claire who was bound and hung from a hook. They get her down and she is horrified to see Joe with Ryan. The twins arrive and throw a gas canister to knock them all out and they wake up tied to their chairs for a dinner party. The twins want to play a game called "Truth or Kill Claire."

Luke begins interrogating Ryan and Joe and lets them both know of his plans to kill them slowly once this is all over. Joe reveals to the twins of how Ryan had hunted down his father's killer, killed him, and has been seeking redemption ever since. Mark becomes intrigued by this, asking Ryan why he wants redemption. Ryan says he wants to be forgiven but no one can forgiven. His self-hatred becomes evident and Mark appears mesmerised by this, calling him a "remarkable man." Mark declares that Ryan will be allowed to live and they will kill Mike and Max instead. However, Mike and Max have showed up and begin shooting from outside.

Joe has cut himself loose during the chaos and run off. Luke still has Claire and tries to put her in a closet but she fights him off and runs away. Mike and Mark end up in a scuffle, during which Mike reveals that he was the one who killed Lily, while Mark had been under the impression that Ryan had done it. Luke attacks Mike, saving Mark, and they're preparing to beat him to death but Max shoots Luke dead. Mark drags Luke's body out while Max tends to Mike.

Joe catches up to Claire, apologising for all he has done and begging for forgiveness. She says she would rather be dead than be with him and refuses to forgive him. Ryan arrives and attacks Joe, who is promptly surrounded by him, Max, and Mike, who all have their weapons drawn on him. Joe taunts Ryan, telling him to do it, but Ryan decides to spare him and tells Mike to call it in.

Joe is arrested and though his senior officer is displeased that he wasn't let in on the plan, he is happy with the fact that Joe is now in custody. Ryan also assures him that they will find Mark. Mike asks Ryan why he didn't kill Joe and Ryan tells him that this needs to end. Ryan checks on Claire and she tells him he did the right thing. He offers to pack a bag and come back with her but she tells him that she is his past and they both deserve a future and need to move on without each other.

Max and Mike finally act on their feeling for one another and share a kiss. Joe is escorted out and tells Ryan he should have killed him. He asks Ryan to visit him but Ryan refuses, telling him he will die in prison and fade from him memory every day. Joe tells him, "Good luck with that" before being led into the high security van.

Ryan returns home to an empty apartment, and quietly has dinner before going to bed. He then has a nightmare of Luke's bloody body being in his bed, and Mark telling him he is a dead man. Following that foreshadowing thread, we see Mark pull Luke's body into an SUV and tells the unseen driver, "Thank you for coming. I didn't know who else to call."

The Following will return on FOX for Season 3!


Star-Crossed S1E11 - "Give Me a Torch" Recap

Give me thy torch, boy. Hence, and stand aloof.
Yet put it out, for I would not be seen.
Romeo and Juliet, Act 5, Scene 3, Lines 1-2

Emery runs into Roman in the school hallway and enquires after his well-being. He reminds her that she was the one to break up with him. Julia tells Emery that she should focus on the upcoming school dance. Julia doesn't have a date but then Eric comes over, bluntly asks to go with him, and kisses her before walking off.

Teri tells Roman she wasn't trying to hurt him but he tells her that she needs to tell him what the Trags are building if she really wants to earn his trust back. Drake tells Roman that his mother refused to work with the Trags and they discuss the fact that they need to stay united if they are to win against Castor.

Sophia finds Taylor crying in her car after spotting Drake in the hallway. She gives her a flower to ask her to the dance but then she notices that Taylor's tears are glowing blue. Sophia heads to Emery to tell her what she has just witnessed and explains that glowing tears are a sign of an Atrian pregnancy.

Roman speaks before the leaders regarding Castor's betrayal but Castor feigns ignorance. Saroya is nowhere to be seen and he and Drake need her to back up their story. Castor has taken the flight recorder so there's no proof. The council remains skeptical, saying they want to trust Roman but he had deceived them with his relationship with Emery. The council declares that the accusations are serious enough that they will be making enquiries.

Grayson tells the new Red Hawks that their only focus is the Trags and to sit tight until his Atrian source provides information. Vartan comes to visit, telling Grayson he wants in but Grayson doesn't want him involved since he thinks he is too dangerous. Vartan wants to go after Emery, whom he calls a "race traitor," but Grayson warns him to stay away from her.

Drake sneaks into the Trag base and is caught by his mother. He is angry at her for lying to him about agreeing to build the Suvek. Emery visits Taylor to tell her about her tears glowing and that this means she is pregnant. Drake tells Roman about his mother building the Suvek and that it's not finished yet. Roman is reverse-pick-pocketed and he checks his bag right after and finds a bomb inside. He takes off running, throws it into a dumpster and warns people to take cover as it goes off.

Emery warns Taylor to keep quiet about her pregnancy as she may be in danger from the Red Hawks. Sophia comes over and begins telling her about Atrian pregnancies, including an increased thirst for water, and perhaps consuming less salt as Atrians do not react well with it.

Teri examines the nearly-completed Suvek and Vega tasks her with finding an Iksen key which will be used to control the Suvek. She says Castor is hiding it somewhere and she must find it.

Lukas offers to take Emery to the dance as friends. Emery asks Eric if she has seen Grayson but Eric says he hasn't been speaking to him and has started up with the Red Hawks again. He also tells her to not get him involved as he doesn't want anything to do with the organisation. Emery spots Drake and Roman come in and asks Drake about Roman's injuries but Drake stays quiet about them.

Teri sneaks into Castor's place but is caught by him and his lackies. He tries to manipulate her insecurities regarding her relationship with her mother and offers her an opportunity to work with him. He lets her go and tells her to think about it.

Roman and Drake realise that Castor must have a stash of bombs hidden somewhere, which they could use to blow up the Suvek and frame Castor for it. Roman's mother pleads with Castor not to turn against Roman, saying he needs his guidance. Roman and Drake locate Castor's stash of explosives and abscond with a few of them. Meanwhile, Teri spots them doing this from a surveillance bug she had planted in Castor's place.

Taylor expresses sadness over the fact that not only is this pregnancy dangerous, she really liked (or likes) Drake. Emery admits to Taylor that she and Roman never had sex during their relationship.

Teri listens in on Castor discussing her many strengths, but I can't help but wonder if he knows that she is listening and is doing this just to further manipulate her. He later discovers that someone has been in his stash of explosives. He corners Roman and demands he get his explosives back, not sure why he would even use them since he doesn't believe him capable of taking him out. They get into a scuffle over Roman's bag but when Castor gets it, he finds it is only full of empty cans. Drake successfully plants explosives on the Suvek and blows it up.

Grayson approaches Emery and tells her how he's just trying to go after the Trags and not Atrians as a whole. He also learns of her break-up with Roman. Vartan tells Grayson that Emery is pregnant with Roman's baby as his eavesdropping has led him to come to that conclusion, not realising that Taylor is the one who is actually pregnant. He expresses disdain over race-mixing, saying this is how it all starts. Grayson again warns him to stay away from Emery.

The school dance is underway. Lukas and Emery arrive and meet up with Julia. Eric tells Julia that he's going to go out and drink by the bleachers with some friends. She tells him he's going to miss her song but he tells her he's already heard her practice a million times and that she will do great. Taylor meets up with Sophia and apologises for not actually giving her an answer when she asked her to the dance. Taylor asks how she can like her but Sophia assure her that she has many great qualities.

Grayson asks Emery if she is pregnant and Emery tells him that she's not and even if she was, it's none of her business. She tells him that asking her such a question isn't doing much to prove to her that these new Red Hawks aren't so bad. Emery warns Sophia that they need to keep Taylor out of the spotlight lest she risk exposure. Unfortunately, Taylor then goes up on stage to hype up the students at the dance on the microphone.

Vega is furious about the explosion and believes it to be Castor since he used the same type of explosive device on Roman. Teri tells Vega that it wasn't Castor but refrains from explaining. Vega is furious at Teri for failing at her task and tells the Trags to arm themselves, as Castor will pay for what he has done that night.

Taylor introduces Julia to the stage to sing a song when she spots Drake and Roman walk in. Julia begins to suffer from stage fright and sings timidly. Eric watches from the audience and comes up on stage, joining her in the song. She gets her confidence back as Eric encourages her on the stage.

Vartan sneaks up behind Emery, knife drawn, and warns her not to move. He pulls her outside and is insistent that she is pregnant despite her protests to the contrary. He attempts to put her in his car but then Grayson comes from out of nowhere and attacks him. Vartan gets the upper hand and begins beating Grayson but then the other Red Hawks come over and pull him off of Grayson.

Eric tells Julia he was drinking with his friends but realised he would rather be inside with her. Taylor approaches Drake and tells him she is pregnant. He tries to talk to her but she would rather continue on her path to get over him and walks away.

Grayson apologises to Emery as Vartan is arrested. He says that Vartan had nothing to do with him or the new Red Hawks and she says she believes him. He offers to take her home but she asks him to go inside for a dance instead.

The Trags shot Castor and begin chasing him through the back alleyways of the Sector. Teri intercepts and helps him hide.

Roman assures Drake everything is going to be okay and reminds him of all they have accomplished recently. Drake asks what the point is and Roman tells him that even though being with Emery had its difficulties, he doesn't regret it for a second. Drake heads off to find Taylor. He tells her he only broke up with her because of a bad situation but only ever wanted to be with her. He promises to be there no matter what happens. Taylor becomes emotional and begins shedding glowing tears. They embrace.

Emery tells Grayson she's willing to help him as long as he's not against integration or for hurting Atrians. She wants all Atrians to be free. Grayson insists that they are only focused on going after terrorist Atrians who would want to harm humans. Emery attends a new Red Hawks meeting and Roman spies this from afar, horrified.

Teri is shown to be patching up the injured Castor and we see when he is alone that he is wearing the key around his neck. Roman's mother tells him about Castor's being no longer in power. The Suvek is shown to be fine, as Vega and Saroya had built it to withstand attack. Vega says that it will be introduced to the humans in just a few days.

Star-Crossed airs on the CW on Mondays at 8PM.


MASTERS OF SEX: SEASON ONE arrives on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital 6/24

"Masters of Sex is nuanced, intelligently acted, and swellegantly directed…I highly recommend it.”  
--Time Magazine, James Poniewozik

Starring Michael Sheen & Lizzy Caplan as Masters & Johnson


Available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital June 24

Bonus Features Include Commentary with the Cast & Crew,
Deleted Scenes & Five All-New Making-of Featurettes

CULVER CITY, Calif. (April 28, 2014) – Witness the start of the sexual revolution when 

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment releases the first season of the hit Showtime drama, 
MASTERS OF SEXavailable on Blu-rayDVD & Digital June 24.  The smart, stylish and seductive series, which premiered September 2013 to glowing reviewschronicles the work and after-hours lives of the science of human sexuality’s pioneers, William Masters and Virginia Johnson. 
Michael Sheen (Midnight in Paris) portrays the brilliant and renowned fertility specialist (Golden Globe®nominated for his role) and Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls) is the former nightclub entertainer who becomes his invaluable partner.  Based on the book by Thomas Maier, the first season also features a top-notch ensemble cast. Costarring in the series is Caitlin FitzGerald (It’s Complicated), Teddy Sears (TV’s “American Horror Story”) and Nicholas D'Agosto (Final Destination 5). Guest stars in the series include Beau Bridges (The Descendants), Julianne Nicholson (August: Osage County) and Allison Janney (TV’s “Mom”).

All 12 episodes will be available on the four-disc Blu-ray and DVD sets for MASTERS OF SEX: 

SEASON ONE, along with compelling special features, including deleted scenes and five never-before-seen featurettes.  The all-new featurettes explore the real Masters and Johnson, their contributions to the science of human sexual behavior, and the actors process in developing their characters, as well as the creative team’s efforts in making the show.

Masters of Sex stars Golden Globe® and BAFTA Award nominee Michael Sheen and acclaimed actress Lizzy Caplan, who portray the real-life pioneers of the science of human sexuality, William Masters and Virginia Johnson. The series chronicles the unusual lives, romance and pop culture trajectory of Masters and Johnson and the effect their research had on the family and colleagues around them. Their study ignited a sexual revolution and took them from a Midwestern teaching hospital in St. Louis to the cover of Time magazine. 

Masters of Sex also stars Caitlin FitzGerald, Teddy Sears and Nicholas D’Agosto, and guest stars two-time Golden Globe® winner Beau Bridges.

DVD Special Features:
• Commentary on the Pilot episode with Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan, Caitlin FitzGerald, Teddy Sears, Michelle Ashford & Sarah Timberman
• Three All-New Featurettes:

Making Masters of Sex – A behind-the-scenes exploration on the creation of the series – from inception through production.   

A Masterful Portrayal: Michael Sheen as Dr. Masters – Celebrated actor Michael Sheen discusses why he found Masters such a great character to portray, what he learned during his research into the role, and what the greatest challenges were in portraying Dr. Masters.

Ahead of Her Time: Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson -- Lizzy speaks in depth about her research for the role and the secret to playing opposite a ‘master’ like Michael Sheen.

Deleted Scenes

Blu-ray Exclusive Special Features:

All Bonus Content Included on the DVD, Plus Two Additional, Exclusive Featurettres:
The Real Masters: A Conversation with Thomas Maier –Masters of Sex is based upon the biography of Masters and Johnson by acclaimed biographer Thomas Maier.  In this featurette, Maier shares some of the most amazing discoveries he made about the lives of Masters and Johnson while researching them for his book.  Maier also talks about the extraordinary influence that Masters and Johnson have had on American culture in general.
Surprising Facts About Sex: The Masters’ Great Discoveries—In Masters of Sex, Masters and Johnson embark upon years of deep scientific research into human sexual behavior.  This featurette reviews some of the most surprising and shocking discoveries they made about sex.  

MASTERS OF SEX: SEASON ONE episodes include:
Race to Space
Standard Deviation
Thank You for Coming
Brave New World
All Together Now
Love and Marriage
Phallic Victories

Broadcast Year:2013

MASTERS OF SEX: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON has a run time of approximately 677 minutes and is rated TV-MA, for  ADULT CONTENT, GRAPHIC LANGUAGE, NUDITY.

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Game of Thrones Recap S4E4: Oathkeeper

Grey Worm is learning another language. Missandei is teaching him, and telling him how she remembers when she was taken as a slave. Grey Worm says that he remembers nothing before unsully. He doesn’t wish to learn anything, only to kill the masters. Dany looks on proudly, but lessons must wait, it’s time. In the dead of night, Daenerys’ men sneak into the city of Mereen dressed as slaves. The slaves are huddled, their trust in Dany is wavering. Grey Worm delivers steal to them, rallying them to fight, to take their freedom if they want it. They want it.  They kill the masters in the streets, and the next day is a celebration. Daenerys walks among the former slaves as they celebrate her. She has Jorah remind her how many children were nailed to mile markers. Barristan Selmy has a word with her, suggesting that all the people are now hers, and mercy may be the better answer. She chooses to answer with justice, crucifying the former masters as mile markers.

Jaime continues his training with Bronn. He’s getting pretty good until Bronn fights dirty, using Jaime’s own hand against him. Bronn asks Jaime if he wishes to fight pretty or survive. Jaime asks if he think Tyrion killed Joffery, but Bronn does not. He may have hated the child, but poison is not his style. Jaime has still not gone to see him. Bronn asks if he knows how he came to be by Tyrion’s side, he knows half the story, but not all of it. He reveals that Jaime was his first choice, and he only stepped forth when Lysa demanded that the trial happen that day.

Jaime goes to see Tyrion. He tries to make him feel better, telling him about his own captivity. Tyrion has little hope about his outcome. Jaime asks if he really did it, and although he doesn’t answer the question, he doesn’t need to he knows he didn’t. Jaime wants to help, but he cannot just free him. Cersei wants Tyrion dead either way, and he knows that Sansa didn’t kill Joffery either, even if she had reason. Tyrion knows she’s not a killer.

Sansa asks Littlefinger where he’s taking her. He’s marrying her aunt Lysa soon, and that’s where they’re headed. She asks if he killed Joffery. She knows it was not Dontos, and it was not Tyrion. Littlefinger reveals that it was Sansa herself. A stone from her necklace was missing, and it contained the poison. He risked everything that he wanted to get what he wants. While his friendship with the Lannisters was profitable, Joffery  was unstable, and he needed to die.

Olenna plants to depart, leaving Margaery behind before the trials start. She asks if Margaery has seen Tommen yet. Margaery has not. She isn’t even sure that the betrothal has been approved yet. Olenna reveals that she wasn’t intended to marry her grandfather, that he was meant to marry her sister, but she sexed him so well that he never made it downstairs. Olenna tells her to strike now, while Cersei is distracted with trying to get Tyrion killed, who is innocent. She made sure Margaery didn’t have to be married to that monster long.

Jon Snow trains some of the new brothers, to fight as the Wildlings do with two swords. He tells a pair of the brothers to take it slow, but one of them knocks out the other. Snow gets a dressing down. He shouldn’t be training, they’d rather him be cleaning. Mormont isn’t there to protect him, and Jon is still viewed as a traitor. The Commander is advised that Snow is more liked than he is, that he may want to rethink his orders, that they should march on Craster and possibly let someone kill Snow. Lock, the one who knocked out the other, introduces himself to Snow and gives his backstory. He was hoping he wouldn’t have to suck up to any highborn cunts in the watch, but he was wrong.

Cersei drinks herself numb. She asks Jaime how many guards are outside of Tommen’s door, only one is. Cersei has been wondering why Catelyn Stark set him free, and he tells her that he would return her daughters. He made a sacred vow to the enemy, but he reminds her that Catelyn is dead. She asks if she told him to hunt Sansa down, and bring her her head if he would. He doesn’t answer. He couldn’t do it. She’s also upset that he went to visit Tyrion. Jaime tells her that he is innocent, he didn’t kill Joffery, but cersei believes Tyrion would kill them all if he could. She tells him that she wants four guards on Tommen at all times, and sends him away.

Margaery sneaks into Tommen’s room. He wonders how she got past his guards. Margaery came to meet her new bridegroom, wanting to get to know him before the wedding. He worries that his mother would not like her coming to him. But she offers to keep it a secret, likely the first of many. Sir Pounce, Tommen’s cat breaks the ice between them. Joffery hated the cat, and threatened to kill the cat, and feed it to him. She’s glad to hear that he’s not cruel, because once they marry she will be his. She asks if she can come visit him again, and he agrees, she kisses his head before she sneaks away.

Brianne reads over Jaime’s passage, there is still plenty of room left to record more good deeds on is page. He hands her his sword, the one of Valerian Steel. He’s giving it to her. The sword was made from Ned Stark’s sword, and she will use it to find Sansa. He gives her a gift of armor as well. Brianne vows to find her for Lady Catelyn, and for him. He has one last gift for her a squire, Podrick. She does not want a squire, but Jaime insists that he’ll be good to her. Bronn gives Pod a parting gift from Tyrion, his axe, and Pod goes to ready her horse. Jaime tells her that the best swords have names, and she names her Oathkeeper. Jaime says goodbye, and watches Brianne ride away.

Sam thinks it was a mistake to have left Gilly in Moles, but they cannot go get her now. Snow worries over Bran. Sam wishes he had been able to get Bran to come back with him. Snow hopes that Bran didn’t find his way to Craster’s. Snow is summoned to Sir Allisters. He can lead a raid on Craster’s keep, but he will not order men to go with him. Snow announces that he is going to Craster’s keep, and asks for volunteers to go with him. Their survival depends on killing the mutineers before Rayder get them. If that is not enough, then perhaps avenging Mormont will be an incentive. He asks for volunteers. None rise for a moments. Slowly men around rise to join Snow, and before long there are many that have risen. Lock is among them, but they cannot allow a new recruit. Lock insists on saying his vows how so that he can ride with them.

The men at Crasters drink wine from Mormont’s skull, and use Craster’s wives harder than Craster ever did.  The men pick at eachother, the leader, Karl, drunkenly rants about his past glories in King’s Landing. The wives murmur give to the gods, as the last of Craster’s children are born, a boy. Karl asks what was done with the boys. He gave the boys to the God. The wives murmur louder, and he takes the baby and prepares to give him to the White Walkers. One of the men takes the baby outside, and leaves him in the snow. He returns back, and Ghost growls at him. He was sent to feed and water him, but he doesn’t and Ghost is not pleased by his actions. Ghost scares the man, and he falls back. The temperature begins to drop.

Jojen, Bran, Meera and Hordor hear a baby nearby. Bran wargs into Summer and goes to seek out the sound. Summer finds Ghost, but gets trapped. The group sneaks up to Craster’s keep. Meera sees that the men are no longer Night’s Watch and suggests that they leave now. Bran refuses to leave without Summer. A group surrounds them, and knocks out Meera. They toy with Hodor, and bring the other three to see Karl. He likes the look of Bran’s clothing, knows that he is no Wildling. He asks Bran where he’s from, but Bran remains silent. He slaps Bran, because he can before turning his attention to Meera. Jojen falls into a seizure, but Karl won’t let Meera go to him. Bran announces who he is, and Karl’s day just got interesting.

A Whitewalker rides holding the baby in his arms on his dead horse. The baby still lives. He rides through the snowy wasteland . The baby is placed on an icy pedestal. It likes the white demon he sees. The thing places a claw on the baby’s cheek and turns him into one of them.


Once Upon A Time Recap S3E19: A Curious Thing

A cloaked rider rides through the forest. Regina isn’t happy that Snow and Charming have gathered the entire kingdom together when there is a wicked witch out there waiting to pounce and she tells them that in front of Aurora and Prince Phillip. David thinks that there is nothing with rallying their people, but Regina finds announcing Snow’s pregnancy to be of little consequence compared to what they’re up against. The rider is Belle, she tells the others that Neil resurrected his father, but she thinks that Neil is dead, telling them that Rumpelstiltskin absorbed him to save him from death and the witch.  Zelena got a hold of the dagger. Aurora thinks that maybe Regina is right, but Snow doesn’t want to give into fear. They need to give the people hope, and David points out that they don’t even know what the witch wants, but they do. Aurora and Phillip tell them that Zelena wants Snow’s baby, that she thinks the baby is important. Zelena arrives and makes good on her promise, she turn the pair into flying monkeys, and they fly off. Zelena freezes Snow, and David when he goes to defend her. Regina steps in, wanting to put the fight between them, but Zelena freezes her too. She strokes Snow’s distended belly, the child will do just fine. She reminds Snow to take care of the baby and she flies off on her broomstick, unfreezing the trio in the process.

Eight Months Later. Grumpy arrives advising what he’s found. He’s been to see Blue and Tink, and has nothing to show for it. Snow laments, again she’s about to give birth, and again her child is in danger. Regina reminds her that last time she was after Snow herself, that everyone else was just collateral damage. Grumpy isn’t sure why they forgave her, but Regina is helping. She asks Snow how she got the upper hand last time. Rumpelstiltskin was tantamount in her victory. Grumpy doesn’t believe his ears, that they want to sneak into Rumple’s castle where he’s being held captive, and take on the wicked witch. Snow thinks that it may around stupid, but it may work. Regina asks Belle, since she was held captive there before, but she doesn’t know how to break in. Robin does. He’s a thief and he knows his way around the traps. Regina reasons that the traps can’t be more dangerous than her magic, but he knows they can be if they aren’t seen. She still thinks that he cannot be trusted, and shouldn’t come, but Snow outvotes her, and Robin is coming.

Now, Regina kisses Robin in the hall. She doesn’t understand what he sees in her. He figures it’s the same that she sees in her, a second chance. She can’t wait to see what it all is like when she has her heart back, she can still feel, just not fully. He doesn’t need her explanation; he has one for the both of them. Henry walks in on them kissing again, and she pulls away greeting him. He gives her little notice, and it breaks her heart a little as he goes to find her mirror. Robin pulls her back in for another kiss, wishing her good luck.

Regina meets with Snow, David and Emma, with a smile on her face. The others are a little surprised by her happiness. She brushes it off, and gets down to business. Emma tells her that they are waiting for Hook, but Regina doesn’t have time to wait, she gets started without him. They have to figure out how to destroy Zelena. Emma doesn’t think that all the pieces fit into place. There is no reason for all of them to be in Storybrook. Regina reasons that maybe something in this world is needed to cast the spell that has never worked in theirs. Regina is more puzzled by the fact that Zelena was able to cast the curse in the first place, to cast it she needed to sacrifice the thing that she loved the most, and there isn’t much that Zelena loves. Emma combats that theory with the fact that Regina was able to cast it before too. David wonders if maybe they found a way to defeat Zelena before, and Snow picks up the thought. Coming back to Storybrook without their memories was how she kept them from interfering. Getting their memories back is what they need to do. Last time all Emma had to do was believe in magic and kiss Henry to break the curse. Regina thinks that it’s Henry that needs to believe this time, that’s what’s missing. In this new life Henry doesn’t believe. Last time Emma started to believe because of the book of Storybrook that Henry had, and they need that again. The book got Henry to believe, and that’s what started him on his path. They need him to remember, and Emma doesn’t think that’s a gift. There were so many bad memories, but some good ones too. Although reluctant, Emma agrees.

A car arrives for Zelena. It’s Gold, and inside Hook is in her trunk. She caresses his lips with her rose. She asks why he hasn’t used his precious lips to take Emma’s magic. He wants to be countered he quips. Zelena tells him that if Snow’s baby is born before Emma loses her magic then she’s going to have to take more drastic measures, and start killing people that Emma loves, starting with Henry. Zelena throws the rose at him, warning Hook to take Emma’s magic or the next rose will be on the little brat’s grave.

Regina approaches a door, but Robin cautions her against it. Regina proceeds forward, not heeding his warning, and Robin fires an arrow into the door. He saves Regina from getting fried by a spell, but she’s less than grateful. Once the group gets into the room, they find that Rumpelstiltskin is back, but he’s lost his mind. Not lost he says but has two. Charming thinks he’s a lost cause, but Belle wants to try to get through to him. She talks to him, and he has a lucid moment, Rumplestilskin tells her that the way to defeat Zelena is with light magic. He tells them that they must seek out Glenda the Good, a witch from the south who would be able to help them on their journey.

The group sees that they have to find the book, they just have no clue where it is. It showed up in the past when they really needed it, more importantly when Henry really needed it, it was just suddenly in Snow’s closet. The group set out to check the closet, and Emma blows off Henry yet again. She refuses to really answer his questions, and uses the “because I’m your mother” as reasoning. He asks for her keys, having forgotten his own, and she gives him her before she runs off. Hook catches Henry trying to take Emma’s car. He has no good explanation for being there, and Hook knows that he’s running away. It’s too dangerous Hook tells him, but Hook is running too.

David, Snow, Regina and Emma search through Snow’s closet. Snow has lost of shoes, and sweaters. She finds the book. Regina and David go see what they can find from the book. Snow asks Emma what has been going on. Emma admits that she doesn’t plan on getting Henry’s memories back unless she has to, Henry had a good life, one that was less complicated.

David gives Snow a flower for good luck. Regina isn’t happy that the Charmings have stopped to smell the flowers. A door that leads to nowhere is in the forest. Snow goes through the portal without a problem, and David follows her, but Regina finds that she cannot go through. Only a person good of heart can go. Inside the door the Charmings find Glenda, but she says that her magic is not powerful enough to defeat Zelena, it never has been. Zelena was born of great magic, and Glenda gave her a pendant to focus her power. Her power now resides in the pendant, if they could remove it they could defeat her, but it must be someone with great light magic. Emma is one born of true love, she is powerful enough to do it, but she isn’t in that land. Snow thinks they only have one option, to invoke the dark curse.

Regina does not believe what she is hearing from the Charmings. There is no way for Regina to enact the curse, she would need to kill the thing that she loved the most. When Regina broke the curse so that they could escape Neverland a wall went up between the realms. The dark curse is the only way back. David reasons that Snow can cast the curse, she can sacrifice him to do so, but Snow refuses. They will find another way to save the world.

Hook introduces Henry to Mr. Smee. He’s going to New York, and he would be happy to take him Hook tells him. Henry doesn’t understand why Hook is helping him, when a flying monkey approaches. Hook holds off the flying monkey while he tells Smee and Henry to run. He kills the first few monkeys, but runs out of bullets. Luckily the cavalry has arrived. The group disposes of the monkeys in short order. Henry doesn’t understand why his mother has a sword, or anything that is happening. Emma confesses everything, handing Henry the book. She asks him to believe in her, and he does. He takes the book and he remembers everything. It’s a happy reunion until Zelena takes Henry, throwing Regina to the side. Because Hook failed her, she’s taking Henry’s life. She strangles Henry, and Emma uses her own magic against Zelena. Zelena is forced to release Henry, but Regina stays down.

Past. Regina mixes up the curse. It’s ready. Snow still believes that there is another way, but Regina knows that there isn’t. If there was another way Regina would have used it to get back to Henry. David tells Snow that there is no other way, and she worries about their baby growing up without a father. He tells her that the baby will know him, and his love every time she looks at him. Regina removes David’s heart, and Snow says her goodbye as she crushes David’s heart. Zelena arrives, telling them that they enacted the curse, and killed David for nothing. The curse cannot be stopped, but Zelena twisted the curse, added the forgetting spell. Without their memories, Zelena figures that they won’t know who or what the threat is, and have no way of stopping her.

Henry awakens Regina. She promises to never let him go, and she she kisses him, promising to never let him go, the spell is broken. They retrieve all their memories. It wasn’t Emma this time, it was Regina. They remember that they were the ones that cast the curse, that Zelena could be killed by light magic, and Emma had to be the one to do it. Emma asks if they cast the curse, and paid the price how are they both still alive.

Snow remembers David’s words. They have been of one heart since he awoke her. She asks Regina to split her heart and give David the other half so that he will live. Regina isn’t sure if that will work, but Snow believes, she knows it has to. Regina is reluctant, but she removes Snow’s heart. Snow lies back onto the ground next to David. She splits the heart in two, and places half in each of them. It takes a few moments, but David is back, Snow’s faith made the split work, and David lives.

Henry gushes to Regina about his year in New York, wanting to catch up on everything. She wants to hear all about his year, but he’s more interested in hearing about the guy kissing his mom. She tells him about Robin Hood, who just happens to arrive. They had a rocky year, and she found him more likable in Storybrook.

Emma confronts Hook about Zelena’s plan. He tells her that he did his best to thwart her plans. Trying to get Henry away was his idea not Zelena’s to keep him safe. He finally admits that Zelena cursed his lips, hoping to steal Emma’s magic. Emma feels betrayed, that he kept this from her. She can’t trust him, and the Charmings tell her that she definitely cannot trust him. The Charmings didn’t send any message to him either, and Hook has no clue who else could have sent it.

Zelena mixes up a potion, but Rumpelstiltskin tells her that she failed, but she’s planned ahead. She’s mixed up a potion to preserve her memories. She gives Rumpelstiltskin one too, caring not if he takes it or not. Memories are pain he says, but he chooses to take it anyways. Neil pulls out of his father’s body before he can take the potion, and sends it via dove to Hook on the Jolly Roger before he goes back inside of Rumpelstiltskin’s body.

Emma and Henry visit Neil’s grave. He really did sacrifice everything for them. Henry asks if it was hard to come back, and it was, but there was a voice that urged her on, and she had to listen to it. Snow goes into labor.


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