Almost Human S1E4 - "The Bends" Recap

Kennex and Dorian investigate a double homicide, including an undercover cop, that leads them to a new drug called "The Bends" that is currently causing problems on the streets of their city. There's some question as to whether or not Cooper, the cop, was dirty but Kennex is determined to prove he wasn't, as they were old friends. They find that a criminal called "Bishop" is the one supplying and distributing the drug.

The team decides to send Rudy in to infiltrate Bishop's crime organisation as a drug cook. They fabricate a criminal background to legitimise his cover. He's incredibly nervous when sent in and Dorian follows after him pretending to be his sidekick to help ease his nerves. Rudy is tasked with cooking up a batch of the Bends and concocts one that is 95% pure, thus earning him the opportunity to meet the 'Bishop'.

Kennex and Dorian briefly lose track of Rudy and through some savvy detective work, realise that Bishop is actually Alexio Barros, captain of the 25th precinct narcotics. He was thought to be investigating Bishop. Maldonado calls him when he was with Rudy, to give him a false update for the sole purpose of tracking his location. Rudy gets a bad feeling about his safety when one of Barros' men is called but doesn't pick up. He takes off running and ends up with a bullet wound on his arm before going into hiding. Kennex and Dorian arrive at the warehouse where Rudy is and a shootout ensues. Dorian fights an android while Kennex follows after Barros. Dorian appears to be outmatched but smashes a hook into the android's head and presses the button, which yanks its head off. Kennex fights with Barros, before shooting him. Barros begins threatening Kennex, who replies with a shot to the head, thus avenging his friend.

Kennex and Dorian head out to a strip club to celebrate and allow Rudy to tag along.

Almost Human airs on Mondays on FOX at 8PM.


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