Almost Human S1E5 - "Blood Brothers" Recap

Kennex comes to pick up Dorian who wash having his chest plate replaced. Dorian complains about being stuck in that room with all the other robots and wants his own room. He begins teasing Kennex about his attraction to Stahl. Maldonado is testifying in court at the trial for the murder of Doctor Fuller. A man named Ethan Avery is on trial for the crime; although there is no physical evidence to support this but two eye witnesses place him at the scene.

The first eye witness to testify is named Haley Myers. She does so via a projection since she and the other witness are in protective custody at a safe-house. When she begins her testimony, someone attacks the safe-house and shoots her dead while the people in the courtroom look on in horror except for Avery, who smirks knowingly. The other witness, Maya Vaughn escapes out the bathroom window and runs into the woods. Maya claims to be a psychic who can sometimes communicate with the dead.

Dorian and Kennex are called out to the safe-house and Dorian finds her hiding in the woods. Kennex collects evidence from the safe-house along with Stahl. They exchange a bit of flirty banter, bonding over the fact that they're a fan of the same sports team. Maldonado questions Avery in jail and he taunts her for being unloved, unimportant, alone, and having nothing but her career.

Maya gives her statement to Kennex and Dorian. She says that Haley told her she saw the killer after she was shot. Kennex tells her they don't get their leads from psychics. She says that she had a treatment done on her brain and it gave her the ability to communicate with the dead. She says that Haley saw Ethan Avery kiss her but Kennex dismisses this because Avery was in court during the time of the murder. Kennex and Dorian relay this information to Maldonado but then Rudy comes in and shows them a recording of the killer from the safe house and it is a 100% match for Avery. Kennex theorises that Avery has cloned himself, as Fuller was a fertility doctor and cloning is a branch of fertility. Also, they had never made a connection between Fuller and Avery.

Maya leaves the police apartment and Kennex and Dorian go after her to ensure she stays safe. She tells them Haley asked her to deliver a message to her parents. She gets in their car and after driving for a bit, the car is cut off by another vehicle and armed men come out and begin shooting at them. A bullet penetrates the bullet-proof glass and hits Maya in the shoulder. Kennex gets out and shoots one of the men while the others drives off. Kennex removes the man's mask and find that it looks just like Avery, minus 10 years. Maya is in surgery and Maldonado is concerned about the fact that if she dies, Maldonado may very well get off.

Maya makes it through her surgery and tells Dorian that she got the brain procedure to talk to her dead parents but their possessions were lost in a fire so now she can't communicate with them since she needs possessions in order to speak to a deceased person. Kennex realises that the Avery clones are in possession of a police communications device and that is how they've been able to know what is going on.

Stahl visits the home of the fertility/cloning doctor to search for clues. The house appears mostly deserted and finds photos of the doctor and Avery on a computer. She heads down to the basement and sees several beds. She hears a noise, comes back upstairs and is attacked and taken captive by three Avery clones. The clones call Kennex to tell him they have Stahl and demand a swap: Stahl for Avery. The exchange is to take place in the woods.

Maldonado retrieves Avery from prison and announces his being moved/released on the channel she knows the clones are monitoring. Kennex and Dorian arrives at the designated meet-up spot where the clones are waiting with Stahl. Rudy is hidden in Kennex and Dorian's van to project a hologram of Avery. The plan works long enough to get Kennex and Dorian close to the clones. When the clones realise they have been tricked, Kennex shoots two of them. The third attempts to flee in the van but Dorian chases after him and flips the van over with his bare hands. Nice one, robot man.

Maya successfully testifies against Avery, who is sentenced to prison. Maldonado taunts him in the way that he had done to her before he is taken away. Dorian gives Maya a box of evidence from the fire at her parent's house and she says hello to her parents upon touching a doorknob from the home. Stahl and Kennex share some bourbon at the station and watch a sports match together.

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