Almost Human S1E6 - "Arrhythmia" Recap

A man enters a hospital with a gun, demanding a cardiovascular surgeon and medical equipment. He falls down, apologises, and dies saying "They killed me." Kennex and Dorian are called in to investigate. The victim's name is Leonard Lee and he is found to have a bio-mac heart but there's no record of him ever receiving a surgery to obtain the organ. Dorian watches the tape back and hears Leonard say in Cantonese, "It's almost 9:18," which was his exact time of death.

Dorian takes another copy of himself along with him and Kennex for a ride-along. Stahl gets the location of where Leonard had his surgery from interviewing Leonard's mother. Maldonado tells her to start looking into Leonard's financials. Kennex and Dorian visit the company that produced the heart and find that the heart belonged to a woman who had died two years prior. Rudy finds something in the heart that was not in the original organ. They learn that the organs are meant to be destroyed when a patient dies and they are sent a document afterwards confirming this.

They question Henry Mills, the man who signed the document confirming he had destroyed the heart. Mills confesses he sold the organ and has sold maybe a hundred organs over the years to a man named Oscar. Rudy finds that the heart had been modified to shut down after 30 days if the person controlling it didn't re-set it. Those with these modified hearts are living on borrowed time if they don't make the payments.

Kennex has Mills call Oscar to give him a heart with a tracker in it. They follow Oscar to a warehouse which they raid right as a transplant is about to take place. At the station, the men involved are all questioned but none of them are the main person in charge. Apparently, they were hired by a woman named Karen. The surgeon who was performing the surgery was under the impression that the mods were for remote diagnoses; he was manipulated into doing the surgeries thinking he was doing good. He didn't know that they were used to extort more money from them.

"Karen" calls Mills and tells him not to reset any of the hearts since the police are on to them and they need to disappear. He feels guilty about the fact that people are calling in trying to make payments. But he agrees to meet her at home. People begin to die as their timers run out. Stahl finds that all the victims were rejected for lack of insurance by Pauline Rivera, the woman Kennex and Dorian had previously interviewed. The surgeon doesn't identify her as the woman who had hired him but instead recognises a photo of her assistant, Jesinta.

Kennex and Dorian visit Jesinta's place and find that her place has been recently washed. They realise there had to have been previous people who hadn't been able to make payments so they go back and cross-reference missing persons with the list of rejected applicants. They realise that Mill must have been the one to get rid of these bodies. They head to his place of work right as he was about to destroy another body. They bring him back to the station and Stahl informs Kennex that the company is going to replace the hearts of all the extorted people free of cost. Kennex says they're just trying to cover their asses but Stahl points out that the result is still good. Kennex agrees with the sentiment.

Dorian's copy goes back through the files and finds that he broke protocol and stormed a house during a stand-off to kill a man who had planned to kill his girlfriend's son with a shotgun. The little boy hugged him and the look he gave was the most human interaction he ever had. He thanks Dorian for allowing him to remember the moment he was most proud of as a cop. Dorian's copy is brought back to his place of work and has to have his memory wiped, but Dorian allows him to remember the little boy he saved.

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