"Archer Vice: Arrivals/Departures" - S5E13 (Season 5 Finale) Recap

The CIA decide to invade San Marcos. They had only been selling weapons to Calderone to monetise the cocaine in order to spend the rest of their budget, which they did by doing weapons transactions with Iran. The team realises that they had been unknowingly selling cocaine on behalf of the CIA and Lana, who is still in labour, tries to strangle Archer, thinking he knew about this the whole time.

Slater orders an air strike on the palace while Ray and Krieger are still unsuccessful in their attempts to disarm the nerve gas rocket. Mallory tells Cyril and Pam to steal the palace's valuables before they make their escape. Krieger comes up with the idea for them to just remove the nerve gas from the missile, which should make it far less damaging. Meanwhile, the air strike bombs Calderon's place.

They all head to the airport, still in possession of the nerve gas canister, where they meet Lana still in delivery. Pam and Mallory begin taking over the birth process, before which Archer had been attempting to be in charge of it while refusing to look directly at Lana's lady parts. Lana's baby is a girl and everyone boards Calderone's plane.

Lana tells Mallory she quits, still angry that Archer lied to her. Mallory responds by telling her that Archer had no idea about the deal, as she was the one actually responsible for fostering it. Mallory argues with Hawley and they strike up a deal. Hawley can seize the nerve gas, which will no doubt get him a promotion, after which he will reinstate ISIS as a private firm for CIA spy work. Hawley begrudgingly agrees to the deal.

Lana brings Archer over to see her daughter and tells him that she used some of his sperm sample before his cancer and Archer is shocked by the news, beginning to zone out. It takes him a while to understand what he has being told, but he eventually accepts that he now has a baby daughter named Abijean.

Archer will return on FX for Season 6!


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