"Archer Vice: Filibuster" - S5E12 Recap

Archer and the former president of San Marco have been in prison for three weeks while Cyril has taken over as president of San Marco. Cyril forces the former first lady to marry him and Cherlene ends up forced into prison. However, she has snuck a key in with her so she gets herself, Archer, and the former president out of their cells. They escape to an abandoned zoo, where Archer names a tiger "Shane." But then Cherlene releases Shane from his cage, who mauls the former President to death.

The Krieger clones are prearing to launch a nuclear missile but the orginial Krieger is having doubts about the plan. He gets into a scuffle with the Krieger clones that ends with them being dead, while original Krieger survives. However, one of the clones did manage to initiate the sequence which is set to take 190 minutes and original Krieger doesn't know how to stop it.

Archer and Cherlene make it to the rebel-held airport where they are captured by the army. Ray isn't able to stop the launch sequence, instead causing it to accelerate. Lana gets Cyril to see that they need to get Archer out of captivity, as he is their only hope. They head to the cell and find that their prisoners have escaped. They did however leave a note about joining the rebels at the airport. Lana heads off alone after them. Archer and Cherlene learn that the entire rebel army is actually made up of members of the CIA. Lana shows up, is captured and brought in, after which her water breaks.

Archer Vice airs on Mondays on FX at 10PM.


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